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And ghetto Belle is my mooooooood!

I have a home for Girls Can Do Anything! Four Communications who completely saved my ass by offering a free space for my last event when Library messed up have agreed to host my future events. Isn't God good? So I'm thinking to bring it back for the release of Sara's book Ticking off Breast Cancer that we're publishing at Hashtag Press. We have an idea for a great panel with AMAZING women and I think that would be amazing.

Now my schedule is super packed BUT I'm ready to take my career to the next level. I love and am so proud of how I have forced my way into publishing but I just don't want to be stuck in publishing. I love when creative people get to do other things in a different creative field and that's what I want to do. Then I had a dream that I was in a meeting with Helen but she was dressed like Kris Jenner! Securing the bag. It hit me! I've been working with different people for different parts of my career but really Helen is my Kris freaking…
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Guys I was like no not my type I was still trying to be nice. Why? Why am I doing that?

We are officially in July. That means summer, summer, summer time (but it's London sooo....) and it also means my birthday is next month and 31 is looming closer and closer. Going from the best Wakanda themed 30th birthday party to now turning 31, which is just a blah age, I honestly don't know what to do. I was thinking of a day trip to Paris but the tickets went from £80 to £150 pretty much overnight which is some next joke. So I don't know whether to try another city or just do some fun stuff in London. Oh Paris would have been the best. I wanted to go to that Cuban restaurant again!

This week has been a really good one. Hashtag BLAK officially launched on July 1st to do the best responses. I can't even believe that I have an inclusive publishing house! I just feel so damn proud that I'm actively making a differennce in publishing and will hopefully affect the shit statistics coming out. Merky Books (Stormzy's imprint) wished us congrats, which was really c…

I am a city girl through and through (cue Yung Miami and JT rapping)

I write this blog and I am sweating. I am sweating everywhere. It's I think 32 degrees outside and I can't find any form of breeze. Even my fan feels like it's blowing out hot air and I am not ok!
Now don't get annoyed with me but I'm going to change the way I do this blog. I'm going to blog weekly instead of monthly. Honestly, too much happens in one month so then to cram all into one blog is just so long. I'm going to stick to my weekly goal. If I don't do it, don't be too surprised.

The most exciting thing in my life happened to me. I SAW THE SPICE GIRLS AT WEMBLEY!!!!!! God knows how bad I've wanted to see them since I was a kid so to go with my sister and sing our hearts out was the best thing ever.  I was surprised on how modern the concert felt. The dancing, the lighting was so on point. Victoria really should have just sent a video saying high. It truly was better than Beyonce, Drake, everyone! Best night of my life. Then Geri apologised…

...but BRAN?!

Summer is almost here! This means that I am almost 31. Damn it. I don't know why this decade seems to give me a bit of anxiety. I feel like it's all about having the career, the husband, the kids. I've got the career part down so trying to look on the bright side but still—it doesn't take away from the pressure.

That Bank Holiday weekend was defo needed! I binge watched What If on Netflix and loved it! Then on Monday, me and Ebru drove to Stevenage. We almost took a wrong turn and was able to get in the right lane—bare in mind that Ebru said thanks to the driver who stopped for us. He then raced up the motorway so he was beside us and looked at us and I smiled. He then came up on the other side and when we looked over he gave us the finger! Lool we were so confused! The bbq was awesome. I ate and drank so much, I thought I was going to burst. The cocktails didn't taste that strong so I just kept drinking. When I was going to sleep I literally thought I was going t…

One word. Homecoming.

One word. Homecoming. Everyone that knows me knows that I'm obsessed with Beyonce. I just love her work ethic and that she commits 100% to whatever she does AND does it well. I saw online about her Netflix film and please believe, my break from work was re-living Beychella. Just the energy I needed for my day. I love that she dropped it around this years Coachella  - just to remind people how sick she was. But what I really love is how she is showing the world black culture and in it's best light. It just reminded me how far we've come but also how much harder we have to work to be seen in the best light. It just pushes me to do better.

Speaking of culture, there's a whole situation with UK YA authors and white authors trying to write stories using Black and Asian people's cultures. Listen it's 2019. How are people still confused about this? Stop trying to make money from other people's cultures! Black people have dealt with this for years but what I was r…

I do so much better in life when I just do my own thing.

Spring is finally here. I got to leave the house today to finally watch Captain Marvel (how cute was that Stan Lee tribute?) and I didn't have a scarf or my fur on!

It's been a very full on month. I finished my forth book!! AHHHHH!! When I typed the last sentence on my third Emily Knight book, I burst out crying and then I started dancing. Writing a book is so damn long. This has taken me over a year and sure right now it's un-printable but in a few months, it's going to be ready. I truly hate the editing process and the re-writes so pray for me. In a few weeks I'm going to start on my fifth novel. Can you believe that? Fifth! It's a book I started a few years ago but I don't know whether to make it YA or Middle-Grade. With the submissions of Beats, all these editors are like where's Abi's MG novels? I just can't with publishing. You write MG then they want YA as there isn't enough but now there's too much. Over it. I do so much better …

Regina won't she do it King!

So my friends are trying to get me to join a dating app. There are several reasons why I don't want to do it.
1. I don't have any issues meeting guys but I haven't met the right guy and will they be on Tinder? Meh
2. I feel like I would get caught up talking to different people and will lose track of who's who
3. I don't have space for another app on my phone
I am a little bit intrigued about Bumble as I like the fact that the ladies are in charge but everyone I know that has used a dating app, I don't feel like great things have happened for them. Maybe one day when I'm drunk or bored I'll try it and see. Actually maybe not when I'm bored cause that's when I do dumb things.

I got to film for Egmont Publishing! How cool right? Hilary who runs their publicity reached out to me and wanted me to do a short video about tips for their authors. Very cool.

I feel like every author is part of a members club. I didn't even know there were so many me…