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I do look back and think how did I do all this dancing?? No wonder I was so skinny.

It is so freakin' cold! My feet are literally frozen even when I'm in my house. As soon as the heating goes off, I feel like they're ice blocks. Well guys we're almost at the end of the year. The end of a decade. I swear if I told myself back in 2010 that this is what would happen to my life I legit would have said, “Are you on crack?” But look at God! And I can't wait for next year. My third book is coming out and I just can't wait to hold it. I was doing some more edits on it yesterday and I am determined to get through it before the year is up.

In preparation for book 3 I was thinking about the original Emily book and I decided it's time to let that go. I adore my first cover by Giles but the second edition is the one I need to focus on, plus I was still using the ebook from the original. I'm so grateful for that book cause that literally started everything but it just makes more sense for it to be under Hashtag. An ebook for book 1 will be availabl…
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Plus the guests was Emilia Clarke, Jason Momoa, Regina King, Camilla Cabello - hello is this not made for me?!!

It's officially winter time! Hello fur coat and scarves. I actually like this weather when it's crisp and the sky is clear and I was those annoying people moaning about the heat so I figured I should just enjoy the cold!

This month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and of course Black History Month! I did my annual post of the books that I have at home with a black main character written by a black author for children/YA and it has grown! There is way more to get but my to read pile is actually a joke right now. Actually my submission pile is a myth right now. I am literally whizzing through to make sure I don't miss any gems and I am reading a manuscript now for Hashtag BLAK and am really into it. Fingers crossed Helen feels the same!

Our book Ticking off Breast Cancer by Sara Liyanage became a bestseller on Amazon and Waterstones!!!!!! I am so so happy for her and I think this is our 4th bestseller so I am well chuffed for our little pub house.

We took part in #DVPit thi…

Apparently Adele is dating Skepta which makes this the best Nigerian news ever!

Happy October! I swear I blinked and we're here. I'm currently on annual leave—forced to take by Helen. I feel like I just need a day or two off, she said, “Take a week. Book a holiday!” I am trying very very hard to not work but it I am finding it difficult. Usually on my birthday I feel well rested during August but this August just seemed full on for some reason and I didn't feel like work slowed down at all. So I'll try to enjoy my time off.

I have a title for my third Emily Knight book. Are you ready? It's Emily Knight I am...Becoming. Yay!!!!! And I got my editors notes back and I dread editors notes. The email actually said 'Don't dread the notes. This manuscript is so strong.' Ya'll I almost fainted. I was reading through them and it's stuff that at the back of my mind I did think have I said enough about this? Should I have more on this character? And basically my thoughts were right. For once I'm excited to work though the notes b…

The Birthday Blog!

How has a year gone by so quick? Last year I was in Wakanda for my 30th and now I'm 31. I'm trying not to moan too much about it cause every time I say, “Uh! I'm 31!” I get a side eye from people older than me. At least all the kids keep telling me that I look 24. It's what a girl needs to hear!

For the first time, I think in years, I was so not excited for my birthday. The weather was on a mad one. It was either crazy hot or raining. What is the point of being born in August if you don't get guaranteed good weather? Luckily I have amazing people who planned the best stuff. Aleta and Alisha started it off first with taking me to this super gorgeous cake place in S. Kensington. The cake was everything!
On my actual birthday (6th) Helen and I went to Lille. See we were meant to go to Paris but the price doubled a few days after we decided to go. I had never been to Lille so I didn't mind going.
Helen brought a whole feast on the Eurostar including a birthday ball…

Ovie is going to have girls upon girls on him. Where's the cue?

The Lion King was EVERYTHING!!!! I swear me and Ebz were acting like we were in a sing along, a talk along, laughing too damn loud. It's visually such a gorgeous film  and there are a few different lines but it's still the same movie. I wish Rafiki was more fresh though. He was a bit more turnt in the animation and I wonder why Whoopi Goldberg didn't do the hyena's voice. Timon and Pumba are even funnier in this one.
Ebz: Oh my gosh, Timon is you!
(To be fair everything Timon said was defo something I would say)
Me: Does that make you Pumba?
We stayed to the end because you know that Marvel has programmed us to think that there is a bonus part. There isn't but the soundtrack is live! We were getting side eyes from the stewards but we didn't care. Hakuna Matata.

This is the look of a woman who's officially in Leo season. It''s my birthday in 7 days. Let bear month begin :)

The Open Pitch Day at Hashtag BLAK was ...interesting. First of all there was…

... but my knees really hurt. What kind of old age issue is this?!

Exciting news! In a few weeks I will be starting up a new blog on my website ( but this will be occupied on specific topics, mainly questions I get asked a lot like how to run a business, how do I juggle everything, career change like my Cosmo interview—yes I was in Cosmo!
Hopefully the blogs will help people on their journeys to inspire or just to get a kick up the ass which we all need once in a while!

I'm back in dance! No where near the life I was living before. I want to have the choice of filming myself for the Beats book and I figured if I give myself a year of training I will kind of, maybe where I was. I've made myself accountable to two people who I know will ask me what classes I've done so no excuses. So Monday came along and I was planning what classes to do for the week and Aleta tells me she's teaching back to back and I should do it. I'm not gon…

And ghetto Belle is my mooooooood!

I have a home for Girls Can Do Anything! Four Communications who completely saved my ass by offering a free space for my last event when Library messed up have agreed to host my future events. Isn't God good? So I'm thinking to bring it back for the release of Sara's book Ticking off Breast Cancer that we're publishing at Hashtag Press. We have an idea for a great panel with AMAZING women and I think that would be amazing.

Now my schedule is super packed BUT I'm ready to take my career to the next level. I love and am so proud of how I have forced my way into publishing but I just don't want to be stuck in publishing. I love when creative people get to do other things in a different creative field and that's what I want to do. Then I had a dream that I was in a meeting with Helen but she was dressed like Kris Jenner! Securing the bag. It hit me! I've been working with different people for different parts of my career but really Helen is my Kris freakin…