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My many names

I'm known by different names to different people. In the kitchen, my dad gave me a history lesson on my names. ABIOLA - given to me by my mum, it means wealth be on to her. Which I thought was v typical of my mum to think off. SERIFAT - given to me by my dad and is my Muslim name, even though I'm a born again Christian. My dad is Muslim, although he doesn't really know why and half my family follow Islam as well. I have a vague memory of it being Ramadan and this was my obsession with the Pokemon game phase on Game Boy. My dad came home and was well chuffed that I had fasted with him. In truth I had forgot that I had agreed to but I had been playing Pokemon all day and forgot to eat. I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. So every Ramadan as a kid, I had to fast. I was named after a girl from my dad's school who helped him financially throughout secondary school because my dad was a poor orphan. TEMI-TOPE - given to me by my Auntie Sade who is my Nan's sister. I'm not sure why my Nan didn't name me. It means Thank God for me or something like that. AYOKA - given to me by my Nan, my dad's mum before she died or disappeared or something. It was her name and means joy surrounds her. I told my mum THAT was a meaningful name from the heart. She turned up the volume to Judge Judy. BELLO - means beautiful in Italian.
Abiola Serifat Temi-Tope Ayoka Bello or Wealth, Dad's mate, Thank God, Joy, Beautiful. V interesting. Then of course there is CARE BEAR, which I gave to myself when I was 14 whilst in my first crew Poison Ivy. Somehow it stuck even though I was meaning to change it and now it's also BEAR, MISS BEAR, BEARY, CARE, CAREY, CB, BEAR BEAR and so on.

A really cool mate of mine called me a catch and that I deserve the best. That honestly made my day. It's interesting that you can go through stuff that really pulls you down and then someone can just say the loveliest thing out of the blue with no knowledge of what's been going on and say the perfect thing. Thank you Santa xxx

Two things I learnt recently about Fergie aka Bengal mad cat,
1. His v vain. He spent 10 min looking at himself in the mirror
2. He likes Skins and Michael Jackson.

Heard a busker at Angel Tube playing Salsa music on the Harp!!! You know, as you do.

Did a memorial show with Myself for a girl called Jessica. She died of sickle cell and was given the wrong blood transfusion. She was ten and she wanted to be a dancer. I love that I can use dance to bring so much joy to others and celebrate someones life. It was a v cool show.

OK so I have 2 weeks to put together a set for my kids. Please someone tell me why I thought I had a month?? All I can say is crap.


  1. Very interesting post and yes so typical of your mum to call u that lol! well its still good i should start calling you those things that are not as though they are and all that!! Until we see manifestation that is..not saying that your poor! Wealth surronds youuuu!! shanda shanda lol!
    Liked this post :)


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