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My mate and choreographer Kloe made this amazing solo earlier this year and now she's put it into movie mode! I'm so proud of her and her dedication to progressing herself. A lot of people should take note and stop waiting for life to start but just go for it and don't think about what other people say. I love this girl loads and I'd advise anyone who wants to see some real dance check it out on YouTube. She even does a headstand on the pavement!

It's been a challenging week but I feel like in my personal life my life has taken a U turn which is great but work is another thing. Sometimes teaching dance is so frustrating when people take your creativity and you invest so much time into them and they just disrespect you or you work for someone, training up more than 150 people and they disrespect you. But what I know is that I'm better than their poor attitude and I'm good at what I do so if they don't appreciate me, someone else always comes along that does. So now I'm most likely out of a dance job but I adore the kids that come and there so hungry for dance so hopefully something new and exciting will come along, where they can continue to grow.

MYSELF open class has started!! And it's sooo gd. It's attracted really nice, talented girls that are just on it in a way that gets me excited and Kloe's choreo is beautiful, so if you're available on a Monday night 6.30-8 at St Mary's Youth Club. Come on down. I feel like I haven't danced in ages, well I guess a month is long and my body's craving it. Rosa said dance is our drug and everyday I'm starting to believe her more and more.
I've always felt like I've fought against dance because it's a hobby and I don't want a career out of it but I've come to the point now where I know I can't not dance and I get so many amazing opportunities through dance that a lot of the time I feel like I don't even try for, it just happens. I'm starting to think I should stop fighting what's clearly part of me and just see what happens. Being a kids writer is number 1 but hey if dance gives me a banging figure, who am I to fight against it? :)

My work place attracts the most random people EVER. We had this lady, well I thought it was, come in to the store. She went downstairs, then came upstairs and shouted at me that no one was downstairs to take her to the fitting room. So I said, “Cool, I'll come down.”
 I went downstairs and she barged past this blonde lady who was being served at the till and then had the cheek to look back at her and give her a dirty look. The blonde lady, who looks really reserved, goes nuts. She's shouting out, "Lets go outside. I'm gonna bust you in your face.”
Then the lady who barged into her shouts—so randomly, "I'M A TRANSVESTITE! SO YOU CAN'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!" I was cracking up so much. Then my manager, probably because he realises she is a he tells her/him to leave the store and once again she/he screams "BUT I'M A TRANSVESTITE." Then the blonde girls Mum says, "I'd get a refund love." That was a fun day.

Got an email about an opportunity to write for Bliss magazine! I went out the next day and brought a copy. It's really changed since I was a kid because children these days are more fashion conscious and a bit more boy crazy! Fingers crossed they respond with some good news.

Channel 4 called me asking me to be a part of a series they were doing. I don't even know how they got my number but I said yeah and send me the details. They sent me all the promotional info for it and the series was about The Joys of Teen Sex!!!!! Seriously?

I hate those few days when you've got barely any money and pay days is in a few days but it seems so far away but you've agreed to over time so then you have to buy lunch and use up more money!! I've put myself on a strict budget as I'm saving up for driving lessons and a Mac but clothes just keep calling out to me. Honestly my love for clothes have just blossomed and I love beautiful clothes but my wardrobe is breaking from all the clothes so I must control myself and I need to learn how to work ebay! I did buy a playsuit because it was gorgeous and I don't own a playsuit and I've been waiting for it to come into work but it came back as a refund in my size, so not buying it would of been silly, right?
Went dinner with the ladies from work to Nandos and had a blast. I have the best co-workers. Sol introduced me to the nicest cupcake ever and Krisztina took me lipstick shopping as I own zero lipsticks cause I can't find the right shade and the wrong shade on my big lips will make me look like a clown. After about half an hour in Superdrug, we found the perfect one. Rouge casual, Sweet Kiss by Bourjois is apparently my shade and it looks really hot. She did good!!


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