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the bengal in the zebra weekender part 2

So it was that time again to take Fergie to the vets as there was a deal for £10 micro chipping for the month of June. Fergie gets in too many places so I thought yeah this is a great idea and booked the appointment. Now we all know how crazy it was last time with him biting the vet and just being an embarrassment so I didn't have high expectations for this one.
His appointment was booked on Tuesday. I got home really late on Monday night so getting up early to take Fergs before work wasn't appealing. I kept him indoors and he spent THREE hours crying in my ear because I wouldn't let him out and then as I put him in the bag and zipped it, I saw his little nose push the zip down and he escaped! I tried again, he did the same thing then he ran downstairs. There are four floors in my house so running down them, half asleep, desperate and irritable is not funny. I grabbed him, took him upstairs and shockingly he sat patiently in the bag. I threw his fav green teddy in - the one he stole from Naomi - for good measure. I got to zip the bag halfway and he ran out again.
This was the first time I had wrestled with a cat. Honestly, he thought it was a silly game and props to him, he was winning. So I cancelled the appointment and the lovely vet told me to try again on Thursday. I spent Tues to Thurs spraying Feliway (a cat hormone) in the bag and putting toys and food in there so he could start thinking that this bag was pretty cool. Come Thurs, he still didn't think it was nice and would not stay in.
I really just wanted too forget it but I thought its only a tenner, I can't. So I rang the vet and told them again he's not getting in. She laughed and very sweetly offered to borrow me a carrier, so I ran to the vet, grabbed the heavy thing, ran back home, put Fergie in it easily where he unsuccessfully tried to dig himself out of the cage and then I realised this carrier is too heavy for me. So then I had to get a cab to the vets, where Fergie howled in the car and would not shut up. He got the injection which took about 5 minutes and then got a cab home. I literally sweated out my work uniform and I realise now that I need a new plan to get him to the vets because his annual injection is in August and I'm already dreading it.

Dance has been very interesting lately. I've been asked to be a part of a new dance TV series starring Ashley Banjo from Diversity for Sky 1 and I was specifically asked, which is very cool. I also got asked to do some dance projects for Disney and BBC One. I don't know where there finding me but I'm glad they are!
 I did one show called Dance 2 Xpress and Chris and Wes, who won Got to Dance was there. They were nice but every time I walked past them they kept saying 'I love Myself.' I was like OK, I get it I'm in Myself!!! I also did a dance job with MYSELF in Reading where Twist and Pulse who won Britain's Got Talent were hosting it. It was in this private boarding school and they were doing their own version of Got to Dance called Have to Dance and they had all these lights and that man's voice that announces the judges on X factor. It was hilarious. After the show me, Tanya and Rosa had Chinese and experienced the worst customer service ever! When we finally got back into London, me and Rosa jumped out of Tan's car when we saw a tube station, ran and realised we had missed the tube so we were stuck in South Wimbledon of all places! Thank God for night buses. Didn't get in till 2 something, can you see now why dealing with Fergie the next day was not fun?

I've started to notice dancers who I know who have been on TV, some of them are getting beyond themselves and developing a bit of an attitude, and they didn't even win! I really pray that when MYSELF get TV time we don't get stupid like that.

I've almost finished my 2nd story and I'm so happy. I can't wait to send it out. If you want to read about the dance world, this is the must read book!

Just need to add - wasn't Beyonce amazing at Glastonbury? Some stamina! My friend who went there said when she saw her perform she thought of me. If that is not a compliment I don't know what is!!


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