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Great Britain - Really? No seriously really?

I feel like having a right ol' rant today about London and how annoying it is at the moment. What happened to the days when guys would let you get on the bus first? (and not just because they're checking you out). Did I miss the message that said, when an empty bus pulls up, push everyone out of the way and if you have a buggy, use it as a weapon and attack everyone's feet! Or as you walk past people, don't leave them personal space just barge them with your arms or bag, which ever's best. Oh and if your kids are screaming down the bus at say 8.30 am, don't feel the need to attempt to quiet them down or at least look embarrassed. Better than sitting there and ignoring your 8 kids because you have perfected the art of tuning them out. I haven't! And this weather!!! I've been travelling from north to south all day and the buses are on a schedule beyond words. I got the strangest looks because I was grooving to my ipod in an attempt to stay warm. I really need a car. At least I can groove with a heater on.

My plan is to move to Paris asap and of course get a beach house in Nice as no one from Paris stays in Paris come Summer. I don't know what it is about France but every time I go there, I just feel so at home. And I'm rubbish at directions. Really really crap. Even in West End, I'm lost going from Leicester Square to Covent Garden on foot but in France, I can get a map and I can follow it. It's an amazing thing to see. Aleta pointed out that Parisians are rude and they are, especially on the metro but compared to London, they act like royalty. So I'm praying that whoever I marry is like 'Yeah baby lets get on the Eurostar' or I marry a hottie called Pierre who's obviously French. But the weird thing is when I escape London (all the time) I ALWAYS get home sick so I'm guessing deep down, hidden in my big toe I do somewhat like London, even though the price of eating out is a joke and the portions of a main meal is the size of a starter in America. Don't even get me started on the nachos I ate at TGI'S the other day. The only positive thing I can think off is it's pretty at night and....that's all I've got at the minute.

My amazing debut novel Emily Knight I AM... is almost ready and I'm soooo excited. I've been hooked up with amazing people who are making my dream come true and I can't wait for everyone to read it and hopefully fall in love with these characters. A Twitter and Facebook should be set up in the next coming days so I can annoy everyone with my excitement. I just want to show off my logo made by King Arthur, it's very cool.

But one of the best news I've been waiting to blurt out is I finally escaped from retail! That's a party right there! On my last day, I was just so unhelpful to every customer and I loved it!

MYSELF got through to Breakin' Convention 2012!! For non dancers, this is HUGE. It's an international dance show held in May in Saddlers Wells and it's a brilliant, inspiring weekend of dance and they want us on the last day! AAHHHH can't wait for that. And thank you to everyone who has been attending classes and buying an I <3 MYSELF tee, you're brilliant!


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The Author School Day was incredible! It's such a weird process because Helen and I are always stressed out and then the day runs smoothly. The speakers were fantastic! The authors were chatty and asked loads of questions. I finally got to meet Katherine Webber author of Wing Jones. She gave me such a great quote for my Emily book and is so sweet in person. We saw each other and was like 'Selfie!'  Honestly, I just love The Author School and now we are planning our London Book Fair one and tickets are already on sale. Now we are doing a different ticketing scheme from tickets selling from £50 all the way to £70, so if you book quick you can get some really cheap tickets but if you leave it to the last minute, you will grab an expensive one. So chuffed that Lit agent Clare Wallace will be back to do a full class and do one-to-ones!! Book

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It's so funny because at the beginning of the year I said I wanted to be single and I have dated more guys this year than I ever have! A lot of frogs (no surprise) but I did meet a special American who has set the bar moving forward. I couldn't even go back to these waste boys even if I tried. So for 2018, ladies don't drop your crown especially for no frog.

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