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It will prove what I've always secretly known...I'm a superhero

I was actually scared yesterday when I went to Studio 68 and was ambushed by an army of commercial dancers. You know the look right? Skinny jeans/leggings - the more patterned the better, a fitted vest top, funky high tops and a denim or checkered shirt hanging around the waist. I don't know when this 'look' came into effect but it's spreading like wild fire. Add on some oversized gold earrings and a bandana and you're Aaliyah from the 90's. I can honestly say I have never done a class where Hip Hop dancers were the minority. This class was Kimberly Taylor's from Dance 2XS. I have been planning to hit her class for like...2 years now. It's not because I'm lazy or anything. First I was a bit worried about how hard it would be but then one of my friends went to her classes, showed me videos and promised me I would love Kim's choreo. That was about a year ago. Since then, well I just got caught up with life really and recently I was talking to Aleta about Jessie J and how sick it would be to do her video and she casually said, 'Kim's Jessie J's choreographer.' Light bulb! So I looked for her classes and I could only see the one's at Pineapple Studios and Pineapple prices are a bit too much for my liking and one Thursday as I was at Studio 68, getting ready to train, who do I see in the window but Kim! It was meant to be. The class was rammed. By the time I signed up I was number 32. I don't know if it was some of the dancers eagerness to get noticed by Kim by dressing very OTT (in my opinion) or by them rushing to the front and blocking me and Aleta's view, I mean if your tall, go to the back! But as soon as I walked in I thought if I get noticed that's a bonus but I'm here to train. The class was brilliant, she's a very good teacher and there was a good vibe, minus the people who would stand directly in front of me, for whatever reason or try and stand really close next to me to do the routine. I died alot and got the routine sometimes, I sweated out my clothes and was bloody tired but it's my new favourite training place. If you don't die in class, you shouldn't be at that class. Funny how the ppl who rushed to the front to learn the routine, where rushing to the back to showcase. How interesting.

So Emily Knight is almost ready to launch!!!! This has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do because when you think about it, this book is my business, it's my brand and sometimes it's so overwhelming. I can't wait to see how this sells and what people think about it. I do feel the way fantasy is going right now, that there is a level of maturity that the audience can now appreciate. I watched 'The Hunger Games' <3 it was so raw, edgy, the lead was a girl who could kick ass. Basically she was the white version of Emily Knight. All I thought when I was watching it was brilliant timing, you get the world prepared for this level of fantasy and BAM! Here's Emily! I'm planning the launch party and I'm going to launch a competition next wk called Warrior Challenge. If your aged under 16, I want to see your videos of you best warrior/fighting moves. Think Dragon Ball Z and the winner will get a free signed copy of Emily Knight I AM and I might throw in a few more things if I'm feeling nice ;) SEND all entries to including 30s/1 min video, name, age, shoe size, address and phone number and I'll upload my favourites so make it good.
Follow me on Twitter @EmilyKnightIAM (I follow back) and if u like my blogs, follow it damn it!

MYSELF won Nations Best Dance Crew!!!!! Well we came 1st so we're through to the final but I'm hoping coming 1st place actually counts towards final score. And ME.I, the youngerz got through to the final too on their 3rd ever performance. Amazing. So proud of my team. We're doing so well this year and getting lots of haterz along the way, which is always a good sign. We're making money and doing new shows and getting out of this underground scene, which is brilliant! We have a showcase on sat called Dance Lax, it's where the choreographers from LA like Brian Friedman (Britney's choreographer) and Laurieann Gibson are coming to UK and doing workshops and we get to show them our moves. So next stop after this is Breakin' Convention International Dance Festival. Phew! We're in dire need for a manager. Check out the MYSELF UK DANCE COMPANY Showreel below!

If I get through April without a breakdown, it will prove what I've always secretly known...I'm a superhero.

I have a feeling it's Fergie's birthday today cause he was born on Good Friday but it doesn't always fall on the same date does it? His vet registration says the 20th. Hmmmm well I'm being extra nice to him, not sure he appreciates it though. He scratched my toe.


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