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Emily Knight I AM...out June 2012

You'll be pleased to know I got through April without a breakdown, so I am of course a superhero. Thank you very much.

So as u can see by the title, my debut book will be out next month!!!! This is so exciting but has been so difficult. I've actually turned into a business woman in this process but I've learnt so much. I can't wait to show u guys my book cover by the AMAZING Giles Greenford. If u don't know, he did Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire cover. That's how I roll! And his captured Emily perfectly, like seriously he just knew what I wanted and when I saw it I thought wow that's her.
I should be getting a review from That Fantasy Blog soon so hope it's good. Need more reviews so if anyone wants a preview email and I'm starting up a school's list for my school tour, so get involved.

I really want to go shopping! I haven't shopped for months on end and I'm going crazy. I was in Topshop ironically waiting for my accountant and I was drooling. I just need to spend money, all this saving is making me twitch. God help me! And some of my dance jobs aren't paying me on time. One job I waited 8 weeks for money!! So when my stupid hot water burst on me (it was cold luckily) I couldn't even replace it. It got so bad that I couldn't get the tube home from work because I was minus 20p. I didn't even have 20p. So I had to wait 30 min for a bus because I just missed one. I felt very sorry for myself.

I did Breakin Convention with my crew MYSELF on the May bank holiday weekend. It was brilliant. I was so worried because Kloe was away for Blaze tour, which meant we only had 2 weeks to get it done and I all I could think was Sadlers Wells=BIG BLOODY STAGE. But it came together and we pulled through and we made a great set and got the best feedback from great dancers and choreographers and a free Breakin' Convention tee! I saw the most beautiful French male dancers and we were talking to them in the lift. Praise God that I'm moving to France in a few years, 'cause that accent! Woo! If anyone wants to book MYSELF for performances/ workshops email Get involved with these sexy beasts!

Thank u to everyone that entered my first competition, it's going to be hard picking winner and if u want an invite to the official Emily Knight launch party you've got to like the fan page! or follow @emilyknightiam

You know that feeling you get when you want to do something so bad but your so scared but in a good way for it to happen? I think I've been feeling like this for months now. I hope the world is ready for my book because it's breaking a lot of the conventions in kids literature. My main character is a black, female heroine. That's a first, I know, so I'm excited to see what people think. Some people are so damn unsupportive, what's their problem. Just LIKE my page! You really see people's true colours when you start asking for support. And this is just the beginning haters! Ha!

Very proud of my besties, one is booking fashion shows to show her collection and the other is going to Hong Kong for a month as part of a teaching degree. The only downside is Hong Kong chick may miss my book launch :( hopefully I can get everything together in time. I'm just so thankful that I'm surrounded by friends who are determined to shine in their careers and be more than average. It's take over time.

Hey if everyone that reads this blog and there's thousands of u! Twitter peeps and fb buddies buy Emily Knight I AM... I could make best sellers list! You guys know what to do - lets make it happen.

Fergie got into a fight with the big, fat cat again. My brother thinks his clocked where the cat lives so hopefully I can hunt it down and throw a rock at it. The cats were fighting, which is fine but it was in the rain. When I say rain, I mean flood rain and there was me, having to run out in my slippers, shouting at them and throwing a rake at the cat so it could go away! The things I do for Fergie...

Avengers. Amazing.


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