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'... u wrote a mutha f***ing book!'

Yes, I am officially a published author with a book that you can buy. To think only in November, I was walking the streets of Manhattan with Chelsea talking about just going for the book even if I had to do it myself and here we are. How insane is that? It doesn't even feel real yet, I think when the launch is over it will sink in much better. I don't know how else to express how I feel so I'll just do this - :D :D :D You can pre-order the book from Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones, WHSmith etc. It should be officially out by August. If you live in the UK and have liked or follow @emilyknightiam then ur invited to my launch! Check ur events or Direct Messages. Ahh can't wait, there's going to be a DJ and cupcakes...all that red velvet. (I'm grinning like a mad loon).
I've also been asked to write a blog entry about my launch party for London Writer's Club! Oh yeah!

After my stint on The Apprentice - still shocked that so many people watch that show, I was asked to go on BBC 1XTRA Radio for my book. It was called Right Track about talent in Hackney for lead up to the Olympics. There was meant to be a major author and I was the new one but dunno what happened because it was just me for the authors! And it wasn't at those stupid times like 2.39am it was at 9pm and was very very cool.

Very sad I couldn't get a ticket for Hackney Weekender. Stayed out of Hackney so I wouldn't hear the fun from my house. Watched the Dark Knight at Chelsea's to prepare for the Dark Knight Rises. I keep saying, 'Why so serious?' all the time now. Watched Hackney Weekender on +1. Jay Z was amazing and I usually don't like him. Rihanna... I did like her t-shirt. Wish I had HD Sky, then I could of felt like I was there.

My crew MYSELF got asked to film for Street Dance 3. We had to be there at 7am, me and Melissa had 3 hours sleep. Sadly, it was not because we were partying, it was because we had to go to her house after rehearsal to get her stuff, then she had to run back to the house twice cause she forgot stuff. We had to get up at 5 to leave at 6 but we got in a taxi. We were early to set so we had out 2 plates of breakfast (obviously) before we were driven to hair and make-up. I met the best make-up artist Cate Hall- we had a journey through the 90's music. It really should of been filmed, it was hilarious! There was Cate, this petite white lady telling us about her upcoming, dirty thirty birthday and then rapping to Q-tip, then Aleta doing the running man to Salt and Pepper. I was stuck in rollers all day and our scene got delayed as they were waiting on extras, so basically we stayed in hair and make up for 10 million years, having a good time, then got lunch (all the school kids got pushed in front of us and ate all the burgers so we were stuck with this bizarre curry - I gobbled it down - no one knew when the next meal would come along). We finally got to film but the girly piece we had got cut because it was too static so we just done the groove part and freestyled with one of the leads. The director was insane and loved us so we should def be featured. I hope we can come to the red carpet, all those Monsoon evening dresses from my old uniform can be put to use!

I dance with a girl called Rosie and I can't lie she is lovingly insane. She says the most random stuff like “Hey it was your birthday last year.” In rehearsal, there was a routine that was killing me and I was getting very annoyed. All I can hear is Rosie in my ear saying, "Don't stress about this routine, listen u wrote a mutha f***ing book!" Hahahahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing for ages and it worked, I did get the routine! At the end I thanked her and she said, "Writing a book is a big deal, I mean when I get stressed, I say Rosie you climbed a mountain and slid down it!"
She also told me she would be late to my launch because she had school. I asked, “Why do you have school on a Saturday?” And she said, “Oh it's on Saturday? I thought it was Wednesday. I'll be at the theatre!” I had to remind Rosie that my launch was in August and not this Saturday, as I knew she thought it was.

I went shopping. I went online and brought loads of stuff. It made me feel so happy but now I have N.I to pay by end of the month. Oh dear.


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