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Olympics, Bengal and other rants

The Olympics is over and I can honestly say that I had no faith that London could pull it off. I'm being serious, I thought it would be an epic fail and the weather would be wet and the transport would be a mess. All the posters about 'Can you work from home?' really annoyed me. Come on, if I could work from home wouldn't I be working from home? BUT Team GB did us proud. Still can't believe this was hosted in Stratford!! At least it doesn't look as mash up. I really liked that Jessica Ennis's face was on the grass so it was the first thing people saw when they landed 'Welcome to our turf #HomeAdvantage.' I liked the subliminal threat.
The opening ceremony was the best History lesson EVER. Saw a few of my friends dancing which was great to see and it made everyone appreciate how multi-cultural London is. Screw you BNP! Then when the flags came out, I had to stop and pause. Excuse me Puerto Rico had some hotties! I was definitely flying that flag. Finally got to see the legend that is Bolt and Nigeria skanking out with their shades on. But honestly this is the first Olympic Games, I really got into. The gymnastics was draw dropping - Gabby Douglas just killed everyone and the Jamaican relay...I have no words. I have learnt alot about myself since these Olympics.
I am officially a part of Team Bolt. That is an athlete with charisma. There was more times than once I thought about going to Stratford and trying to hunt out where he would be. But I do have my dignity so that's info I'll only share with you guys but there's something very attractive about the fastest man in the world who doesn't take himself too seriously. Kind of makes you look at other less talented people and think really? Was extremely funny when Bolt and Blake did their poses and the other Jamaicans just stood there - and they're the ones that looked silly.
I have a crush on Tom Daley. Have you seen him in those pants? Woiiiii, swimming never seemed so interesting and that stomach has set the bar for any potential boyfriend. Sorry guys.  Even Mo's pretty hot, although a guy with skinnier legs than mine ain't a good look.
This whole experience made me feel even more privileged to have done the BBC 1XTRA radio interview as part of the talent in the Olympic borough. I wish my Mum had pushed me to take athletics more seriously. I was a very fast sprinter but oh no she starts talking again about tennis - it's funny how she still thinks getting me one racket and not getting me a coach is still OK.
The closing ceremony was a bit crap - I just kept thinking is this the best British music. Really??? Couldn't help thinking if this was in New York it would be a Hip-Hop extravaganza. I'm sure some of the athletes who were stuck close to the stage agreed with me.
When I saw the black cabs I knew it was the Spice Girls but I couldn't help feeling a bit uncomfortable for them. Forty odd singing 'Spice up your life.' I could see why Posh looked so Posh about it all but the effect they had on people is unquestionable. I even saw Boris doing a shimmy, which hurt my eyes. But overall well done London Town, we did a fab job and now to prepare for Paralympics (got a ticket to power lifting, oh yeah!) Oh and start saving for Rio! THAT'S going to be craaaaazzzzzyyyy!!

This summer has been so chilled. Celebrated my 24th with a dinner and bar, extremely low key for me but I mashed up my knee so couldn't go Thorpe Park - which was poo but I watched Ted. If you haven't seen it, see it, it's as stupid as it looks but I didn't stop laughing.

My book give away is going very well. It's been RT to about 70,000 people! If all them people brought my book, life would be amazing. But hey if you know the answer to this question What is Emily Knight? a) A Vampire b) A Witch c) A Warrior email before September 4th to win a free signed copy. I'm just that nice. But big thanks to all the sexy beasts that re tweeted. When you see this image - buy the book!!!

Boys hit a new low for me this week. I was walking to my house wearing a summer dress that was not that short and this guy jingled his keys in my face!!!!!! The Hulk in me wanted to stomp on him but he looked like the type that would like it.

What is it with girls and wearing hot pants with half your arse out? It baffles me that they find that attractive and then they have they cheek to get an attitude when a guy moves to them. Dressed like that I'm shocked they're not throwing money at them.

Fergie had another epic fight. He was bleeding on one side of his body and every time I kept trying to clean him up he growled and hissed at me. I think he forgot that he was the one that was fighting. In the morning, he was lying under a chair and a few hours later he was gone but no one had let him outside. My mum kept asking, "Is he dead?" Do you see what helpful behaviour I am surrounded by? Anyway, she must of moved a bag and he was just staring at her which made her jump and me laugh. Cost £70 for the vet. Great


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