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2012 = A Legendary Year!!!

So today is the last day of the best year I have ever had. Honestly, I was told by my Pastor that this year would be like Days of Heaven on Earth and it really was. Just a few of my highlights
 - Releasing my first ever book, Emily Knight I AM
- Going to the Brit Writers Awards 2012
- All the amazing interviews I got to do for my book with BBC 1XTRA, Brit Writers etc and the recommended reads my book got as well as the free advertising! Cheers!
 - Having a launch party
 - Passing my driving test and getting a car for Christmas
 - Being promoted at work
 - Becoming a blogger for Brit Writers
 - Going to the Olympics
 - Booking Stratford Circus to host Myself's show Icon in March 2013
 - Performing at Breakin' Convention for the 2nd time
 - Filming Street Dance All Stars The Movie and filming BBC 1's The Apprentice
Woo it has been a great year for me and for the people I care about and I am so ready to see 2013!!!

My obsession with Taylor Lautner has slightly dulled since the ending of Twilight. I felt so emotional watching the last movie and I honestly felt like I had gone through a break up. Me and Chelsea stayed to the very end at the cinema, like the weirdos we are because we are 'true fans' as Chelsea put it and to drown my sorrows, she sent me the pic above. That is love. Just take a moment for that stomach.
It's funny the first time she forced me to see Twilight I was so against it. I was at the front of a very long cue with overexcited girls and barriers put around us, like we were at a concert and not going in to watch, what I thought would be a crap film but when the scene in New Moon of Taylor walking topless through the rain, I converted instantly.

So to sign of for 2012, I just want to thank everyone for their endless support and reading this crazy blog of mine. I will be blogging every other Monday so that's 2 blogs a month, you lucky things! I realised that a lot seems to happen so I need to fill ya'll in. Have a great new year beautiful people!!  Ciao for now xxx


  1. Ha hah! Fancy finding you! I was on Brit Writers checking out the rules in terms of what to do when it comes to sending off your book to the Dragon's Den - I mean agents - and I see this good luck message by Abiola Bella.
    I check out your site, see your picture and WHAM! It's you!
    Your message sure as hell inspired me.
    Keep going...Keep going...Keep going!!!
    (I still faintly remember the first story I ever read of yours, The Magnolia...something, help me out here! lol)


    1. Hey!! omg my random titles loool. I'm so glad it inspired you! How's your writing journey going? x

    2. Heya,

      Well, it's a little stagnated at the moment! I finished one of my many titles (the one I decided to take seriously) and am putting it to rest until June. I'll look at it again in summer, work on a synopsis, polish that along with a query then I dunno, collect rejection slips until I self publish lol? Who knows!
      The Jouney is long and winding...



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