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...showing off her 100 pack stomach!

First of all apologies that I haven't blogged in a while, disgraceful I know. It won't happen again. Any hoo I have loads to tell ya!

I went to the London Book Fair at Earls Court on Wednesday. It was very interesting. Technically everyone you need to help you with your career was in that one building but getting to talk to them was another problem altogether. Had a meeting with this great company who turn books into the best apps so I've sent them Emily and I hope we can work together. I really did try to network with the publishers but some people are just not that nice (I only made it as far as the receptionists) But I could tell they were thinking 'who is this little girl.' But funnily enough I met an old uni mate who works for a big publishing house! She took my details without me even asking. Felt nice to be on the other side. She asked me why I left uni early and that I was really good on that course - news to me! Was great to finally meet Helen, genius of PR and we came out with a great PR plan so Emily Knight 2 should be out by October!! EEEKKK

I found out that people were paying £30 to pitch to a group of agents for 5 minutes at LBF. I have no words.

My shopping spree for finishing book 2 went a little bit out of hand. I'm returning back most things now.

I started selling on eBay guys!! I have way too much stuff that doesn't look right anymore on me so feel free to buy it, it's dumb cheap. My eBay name is abel8353. I have some great pieces so have a look.

I know this is so silly of me but I had no idea there was an American Embassy in London's West End. Had to go there to sort out my W7 form. It was strange hearing so many Americans in one space, my accent started changing so I sounded like them. The women did give me a look, like 'are you mocking me?' I wasn't on purpose. Ended up walking around West End and it was so nice, I haven't done that in ages. Tried to find a present for my 2 year old Godson but shopping for a boy is just not that easy. I might just buy him a cupcake.

I've left MYSELF the dance group I've been in for 4 years. My last rehearsal was the last straw, it was just such a waste of my Good Friday evening. The highlight of the rehearsal was Tara wearing an 'I'm not gay but my friend is' t-shirt, which is what her gay friend gave to her because everyone thinks Tara is a lesbian. I said, 'It's the way you dress, you dress like a lesbian.' Everyone found it so hilarious but I wasn't joking. What really pushed me over the edge was putting someone who has been in the group for 2 seconds over me with the lamest excuse ever, I just thought this is a joke and I left. Everyone was very surprised but when I told them why it was a lot of I always thought she was crazy, type of responses. The girls, minus some who I didn't want to come, threw me a surprise leaving do and it was nice chilling with them. I don't miss the group, I miss a selected few but other than that I am good. It's been nice just going class to train and not having to remember the routines. I've been doing that since I was 14, it's time for a break. Everything is on my time now, I don't feel as rushed anymore. Like this blog, I'm writing now when usually I would be dragging my tired arse to rehearsals and slyly watching the clock.

I went to the hardest exercise class ever. It was a body conditioning class. I have this bad habit of under estimating a new form of exercise. OMG. I thought I was going to die. The instructor was lethal and she kept watching me so I couldn't even cheat. I hate when I'm the youngest one in the room and I'm the only one begging for a break AND the fittest woman always comes and stands next to me showing off her 100 pack stomach!

Had to tweet at Chelsea if she was alive 'cause that girl just goes AWOL.

Kim K- I love her but why does she look fat rather than pregnant? Heard Ray J's song about her. At first I though what a loser, then I heard it again with the video of picture snapshots and had to laugh. I do worry that some exes would sell out like that when I get more popular. I have asked one in particular, he said he would never do that. He's said a lot of things though.

I taught Zumba in a castle. No joke.


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