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My meeting with an agent

Those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning will know that I've been trying for years to get an agent. Well I have the best news...I HAVE A LITERARY AGENT!!!!!!!!
Omg I was in so much shock when they responded and it wasn't the rejection letter I was used too. You're probably wondering how did this happen right?

Remember when I went to The London Book Fair? My PR told me to go through the exhibition directory and message all the literary agents for a meeting. Whilst I was doing that, most of them had links to their sites so I figured why not submit for the thousandth time, you never know. The directory is super long so I got bored doing it and Helen (PR) kept emailing 'Have you finished it?' All I can say is thank Jesus that she did that because that's when I submitted to Raimondi and Campbell.

I got a response to read the whole of the novel. Now I've been at this position before and it usually ends there, so I sent the book in. Then another agency asked for the book so I sent to them too. I heard nothing from either of them for weeks and my Dad suggested sending a reminder email. What's funny is I only sent one to Raimondi and Campbell because I just had a better feeling about them.

I got an email from them a few days later. I opened it expecting a rejection instead I got 'we really like your book and Val (boss lady) is reading it.' I literally fell to the floor crying, thanking God. It's been 6 YEARS OF TRYING! A few days later Val asked to meet with me. I didn't know if that was a good sign or not so I googled 'I have a meeting with an agent help!' and I found lots of positive things that suggested if you have a meeting, then the agent wants you.

I was so nervous. I arrived 40 minutes early but when she came and we spoke, everything went well and I was signed.

Just like that.

And the best part is my contract with Trafford is an open contract AND I can keep selling Emily until a traditional deal comes through. This was the perfect time because I've been panicking about funding a second book and now I don't have to worry.

So check out my new writing family here and you can see my pic!!

Oh and I'm selling bookmarks and postcards of Emily only 50p so check out shopping on or on go to shop and shop!


  1. Just read this! Been following your posts!! Congrats!! I'm excited for you, make sure to let all us budding writers know all the pros and cons of the publishing world ;p xxx

  2. Thank you Sharena! It's been a long challenging road. How are your stories coming along? X

  3. Same old same old! Am hoping to start submitting by next year, that's my aim at least, right now though, I'm learning from people like yourself. ;p I'll be staying tuned x

  4. Ooh fun, well if u have anything to read, I'd like to have a sneak peak ;-)

  5. This is great news :) The hardwork has paid off. Well done!


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