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We call it Bear Day!

I have officially christened the 6th August as Bear Day because it's my birthday! I'm officially 25 now and I feel extremely grown up, even had a talk with my friend about mortgages the other day THAT'S how grown I am.

I've been trying to get into more schools on the book days, you know - Roald Dahl Day, Children's Book Week, World Book Day etc but I don't understand schools. You would think they would be gagging for writers to come to their school. I mean when I was at school, the only writer I met was Michael Rosen, who is fab but I never met any other author and I would of loved that. J. K. Rowling is never gonna come to the schools so be happy any writer does! Anyway after time spent sending out emails getting responses like yeah, this sounds good blah blah I'm now going to stop forcing the school thing. I have a website, twitter, fb even an instagram now so if people want me they can holla.

And someone did. A radio station called Colourful Radio wants me to come in tomorrow to give a LIVE talk for their book corner!!!! They messaged me via my website and I am so excited, I just hope I don't say anything stupid or swear....

Life is pretty good right now, everything that was stressing me out earlier this year has now flipped and is looking grand. Decided that I'm going to take more control of my opportunities after experiencing too many disappointments and false hopes sooooooo I have created a Saturday Arts School for young people called Co-Star Arts! Offering Dance, Singing, Fashion, Creative Writing, I mean everything so we launch on October 5th and I am beyond excited. We already have young people interested so this could turn into something amazing. The best thing is I'm doing it with my mates, it just clicked one day  - why are we chasing people to help them? We have the talent, they should be coming to us so BOOM here's Co-Star Arts. Check it out on or Twitter @CoStarArts and of course we follow back.

Went to a 31st birthday party which was a bouncy castle party. I don't have normal friends.

On to the 3rd book of Emily Knight. I just figured while I'm waiting on Raimondi and Campbell to get me a publishing deal, I'm going to just write as many stories about Emily that my brain can think off.

I'm teaching so many dance classes right now, I'm sure I'll drop a dress size. Win Win.

I finally saw Buckingham Palace. For some reason I thought it would be covered in gold. Almost got arrested for coming past the gates. Maybe there should of been a sign? Or even some rope? Silly policeman.

I know in my last blog I insulted the name North West. It is still a stupid name but she is soooo cute!!

The VMAS. Miley Cyrus. That is all.


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