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I don't like to call kids stupid, but they were stupid kids

It's been a busy time so apologies for lack of blog but...I'M BACK!!!

Wow, where should I start? Okay so the interview for Colourful Radio was very fun. They were so enthusiastic and welcoming. Was frightened I was going to miss it because I got a taxi there as I know I get lost going up the road but did the taxi driver not get lost! I can't be late for live radio for goodness sake. But praise JC cause we made it on time and the interview was fab.

Co-Star Arts first term is going amazing, so much better than I thought it would go but we have some real talent and more people coming every week. We even made a profit which is a shocker and I have more dance work in general. It's funny every class I teach, the head of the company always wants me to make them a performance group loool. I guess I just need to accept that I am good at training kids rather than fight it. Luckily for me, most groups are amazing but one class it literally took them 15 minutes to get into a straight line. I don't like to call kids stupid, but they were stupid kids.

Do not underestimate Aerobics. Omg I was sweating like crazy. It's these female black gym instructors - they must be straight out of the Army.

I got tickets to see Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!!!! It took 3 days, ready to buy at 9 am. They had the cheek to offer me tickets at the rear side and then ask me to pay £110. I mean, is he sleeping with me for that price? But on Day 3, took 2 times and bam I got my 20/20 tickets. Was the most stressful thing ever and they count down, I think it's about 10 min to get your tickets. Stress. Now, I have to get the other 20/20 so I'm not a sad fan making up the words.

I've joined the Apple crew. My laptop that I had from uni moves at a glacier speed and the battery was dead. The family laptop decided to break down with all my stuff on there so I thought screw it. There was a lady next to me, who had 10,000 dollars in cash to spend and couldn't understand why they wouldn't serve her. She claimed it was money owed to her over the years.

Then my beloved iPod broke. I've had this iPod since I was 18, given to me by Ebru and Naomi for Christmas. My loyal iPod and the bloody audio went. Apple told me they would order me one and it would take 3-5 working days. So there I am taking my mac up and down London, 3 weeks later - no iPod so I call up Apple in a rage, to speak to this silly girl who tells me it's coming by the end of the week and obviously she just said that. So I went down to Regents Street and got a lovely girl who tells me that they don't make the parts anymore but she got me a discount on a new iPod so I can forgive her for looking at my iPod in awe and calling it 'retro.'

I'm almost at 10,000 likes on Emily FB Page. Oh yeah!!

I now have an Instagram but most of the time, I have no idea what to take a picture of. 

Because a website I was doing a blog for, took the mick with my time so now I refuse to work with them, I will post a writing tip at the end of my blogs.

Writing Tip - Always finish a story. Even if you think it's rubbish, trust me there will be magic within it. So keep writing at it, until you find your flow and once done, dissect it and make it even more brilliant. 

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