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'I woke up like this!'

There’s a saying ‘Give honour, where honour is due’, so I want to give honour to Nelson Mandela. A true hero and light in our world. What he achieved in his life was so beautiful, if I could make a quarter of the difference he made whilst alive, I would be so honoured. I love how the world is celebrating his life - just full of bright colours, dancing and songs. Beautiful. It's funny, I have heard so much racism amongst black people, which is embarrassing for everyone. This black West Indian man was cussing Africans. He is obviously an idiot as he is cussing himself. It just shows the ignorance of people and their own culture. So sad.

R.I.P to Paul Walker. I'm not the biggest Fast and Furious fan but he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.

I have a major publishing company, like MAJOR reading Emily right now. The story to how this happened is so amazing but I will share and reveal publishers once I know what’s going on. Let's all pray for life changing decisions.

I went to the dentist after 4 years. I have no clue what prompted me to go but I did and I regret it so much. I had 3 cavities and it took 3 separate sessions to sort them out. They injected me like 6 times each session because I just wasn’t numb enough but I can say proudly, I am officially done. It was completed and I don’t have to go back for 6 months!! Wooo Hoo. I told the receptionist, ‘I don’t care if I’m bleeding from my teeth, you will not inject me again!’ To be honest, they may not see me in 6 months.

Can we just take a moment for Beyonce?  I was meant to post this last week and for some reason I felt like it wasn't ready and then the Queen dropped a secret album and oh my! I have always been a massive Beyonce fan. I honestly think she is the best performer right now and I find her very empowering but this album. I applaud her. The visual images, especially in 'Mine' with Drake is stunning. Yes, I am seeing more of her butt than I would like to but she knocks everyone out of the park. Aren't you just inspired? This lady is on a world tour, with a baby and has recorded and shot sick videos in-between. Haha and I thought I was busy. I loved the way she used Jay-Z in the vids (Kanye & Kim take note) and the black supermodels in 'Younce.' My fav song is 'Flawless.' Next time someone says 'You look nice today.' I will calmly say, 'I woke up like this. Flawless.' Ha love it!
I've seen lots of hating comments and to be honest, I don't see how you can hate and not be in awe of someone who can release an album with no promo and it goes to number 1 around the world. Kicked me up the bum for sure.
One guy wrote 'If there was an award for how much an album could be about sex, she would be double platinum.' Err.....isn't she married?? If you can't talk about sex when you're married, when can you? What's Rihanna's excuse?

So I am proud to say that I got tickets to Beyonce!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO. I'm so excited. So it's her, Drake and Mr JT. Yes for my life! I thought I would be nice and put up the password to her site so people could find tickets easier but there obviously was some confusion. People asking me bare questions. 'Are the seats good?' 'Is it cheaper?' "What's it in £?' I'm sorry, I didn't know I was Google.

I’m part of a Think Christmas, Think Books Campaign ran by the amazing PR Helen Lewis and it’s about giving books to less fortunate people for Christmas. So some lucky people are gonna get some warriors in their lives.

'Carrie' is the best film. I don't know if it was meant to be funny but my goodness it was hilarious. It's when the Mum causally says 'witch' as Carrie is making her float in the air. I don't remember the original being as fun. When I went to see Catching Fire, all these guys came in like about 10 of them and it couldn't of been planned but there was a pause in the film and one of them let out the worst, loudest fart.

Co-Star Arts is doing very well and we’re coming towards our Christmas show. Bless! So come on down, it’s free! 4.30-5 @ Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Road, Islington, N16. with the students doing their pieces and special guests Jared (Protocol Dance Company) CeCe (Slum Civilians) and singer Ebru. Excited much?

One of my jobs, the owner thought the kids, 7 year olds, were going to do a 20 min dance piece…I mean, I have no words.

Writing Tip: Listen to the funny, interesting things people say to each other and write it down. Will help with making dialogue more interesting.

And lastly, thank you all for reading and supporting my blog and my journey! Will see you all with more tales in 2014. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in case I don't write another blog before 2104) and Emily Knight is a GREAT Christmas present to get for people. Just saying!


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