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'...apparently BARBIE DOLLS cause insecurity'

I am so close to a book deal that it's painful.

Happy New Year my lovelies. I'm so excited to see what fab stuff happens this year. I actually got to a party on NYE - shocking. No Project X party but it was still a fun house party but driving home at 4am, with my eyes barely open ain't fun.

I have been working in a theatre bar for the past 6 months. I don't like or dislike it but it pays so who cares. Anyway, first day of 2014, positive energy and the boss lady tries to ruin my new year. Cutting my hours, giving attitude and as I was attempting to talk to her and diffuse an argument, which she was aiming for, I just thought, who cares? Like I said, it's a job I don't like or dislike, I was always planning to leave in New Year and this lady is actually trying to piss me off on the first day of the year. So I walked out. It felt amazing!

Do you remember the times when being skinny and lean was the 'look' and now it's all about big bums and boobs and curves. People like Kim K, Beyonce are the poster girls for our generation's body shape and I just think about time! I have got curves and it's great that this is finally seen in a good light, although I do still envy every girl that can eat whatever they want and not exercise and stay slim, whilst I have to run! Thank God I actually like to work out. Some girls I know, more on the skinny side, said they feel like they don't look the part for what guys like. The funny thing is in a few years, being skinny will be the 'look' again and we'll be the fat cows.

I had someone read over my 2nd Emily book and there was a description I wrote of a character saying that they were large and the person highlighted and said, 'Do you think this will cause self-esteem issues?' What?! If the character is fat, they're fat. Isn't it unrealistic to think that everyone is skinny? I was so confused. I read that apparently BARBIE DOLLS cause insecurity. I think people are crazy and need to sort themselves out cause that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. If you are unhappy with your body, change it instead of moaning.

Even Instagram. I'm not a big picture person and definitely not into selfies as I think it's quite ridiculous to have loads of pictures of yourself taken by yourself to get approval from others but each to their own. But when I'm hearing that people are getting insecure on Instagram and get upset if they don't get enough likes, I literally think people are insane. Simple solution: Get off Instagram!

One kid who's 10 that I teach has 900 followers on Instagram. Concerning?

I'm so happy that I have 2 new dance classes and Co-Star Arts is going well. We're even going to a 3rd location which is crazy how it's spreading. I feel like I'm constantly working but as long as I reach my overall goal and am successful then I'm happy. I do need to hit a party pretty soon. So pretty good start to the year.

Is it just me or does January just drag on?

Writing Tip: If you are serious about being a writer, then invest in an Editor. Trust me, worth every penny.

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