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Say heeeeeeeey Mrs Carter

Beyonce. Tuesday Night. Flawless. The Mrs Carter World Tour was amaze balls!
The amount of energy that lady has is incredible. There is something about Beyonce that makes you feel empowered to be a female. I honestly believe part of her calling is to make women be proud to be women. The joke is I don't even know what she does that makes females feel like that, maybe it's just her inner confidence. And when Jay Z came to join her on stage for 'Drunk In Love' it was extremely cute. It didn't even matter that Aleta and I tried to jump seats twice and got kicked out of them or that I tried to get other seats by complaining to customer service that I was afraid of heights (they didn't care) because when she started singing...Wow. She is probably the only singer in the world, who sings better live than on a record. Hearing her on a CD doesn't do her voice any justice. The amount of people that fainted and were being escorted out. To faint for another human....there are no words. There was one point when she pointed out a girl in V.I.P because it was her birthday. Then she asked the people in standing whose birthday is it? and everyone put their hands up looool. The only thing I could complain about is she didn't come on till 9pm and we were all there from 6.30pm and there were loads of breaks. I get that she is older now, so it wasn't as fluid as her Sasha Fierce Tour, which was incredible!!! It was really funny, cause she had this long wig on that kept blowing in her face constantly.

My dance school Co-Star Arts did their first show in a theatre. Considering all the things that kept going wrong with the venue, they did a good job. It was so good to see all these talented young people work so hard together. Very proud! And then straight after, I had to go and teach Zumba at a UV Zumba party. It was so fun!!!! It was for real the longest day ever but it was worth it. I happened to also meet a blast from the past...that's another blog but let's say that I haven't stopped smiling since.

I'm not one to blast people so I will keep this certain charity's name under wraps but I will never again in my life work for these people. So a few blogs ago, I was trying to get a few more dance contracts and I happened to get one at this primary school in Covent Garden. This charity, I think are hired from the school to provide an after school club. So my job was to obviously teach dance and have at least 10 kids there per lesson, which was fine and I done that. The condition of the job was that I would teach for a term, whether that be 6 weeks or 12 weeks. The week before half term, I asked the staff if I should come back the week after half term and I'm told there's an insect day, so to come after that. Then I'm asked if I was told about the class carrying on longer than a term, I said I hadn't heard anything so the lady kindly calls up her office to find out what's up as she feels it should continue but then I'm told that dance may not carry on because of a financial issue. Now bear in mind, I'm teaching so I'm not going to make a scene in front of the children, but I'm thinking the term ain't up so I don't know what they're talking about, also I still haven't been paid for any of the sessions.
I contact the man over the half term and ask about the sessions. He takes days to get back to me because clearly it was a hard question and says that they have hired someone else in house to teach the dance sessions cause it works out better financially for them. I am fuming. So basically these people hired me based on my credits to start a class and as soon as it was successful, they thought lets drop her and get someone in that is cheaper. They used me! I then contact the guy who I originally made the contract with and he says something completely different! He seemed to have no idea about this other teacher, he thought dance was ending, even though I still have 2 weeks left to teach. What kind of stupid people breach their own terms and conditions?
So I file a complaint against the charity and who do they get to sort out the complaint? The same idiot who is replacing me as a teacher! I email back the charity and explain that the complaint is against him, so give me another contact. Do you think I've heard anything since? Joke. Then I get another email from the idiot because my pay is over due and he says me a message saying 'fyi' and it has the forwarded email from the finance people saying they are gonna pay my money. Fyi? I didn't know me and the idiot were friends. I email him back and explain to him that he is 40+ and at his age, I would think he would know that saying fyi is unprofessional. I have been paid now but I'm not going to let this go.

I've been asked to be a sponsor at a media party in the Summer so that should be fun and a good way for more people to know about Emily Knight.

Still waiting on a publishing deal. Feel like I'm going to have a J.K. Rowling moment and get signed after a few rejections. But hey, if I have a career like hers then it's all good!

I got another review for Emily via Goodreads. It was good one but I have mixed feelings about being compared to Harry Potter. I feel like no-one can write a book about a young kid with powers, who goes to school (keep in mind that kids have to go to school by law!) without being compared to Harry. The context of my book and J.K's is different so it really frustrates me when it's pigeon holed in a certain way, but on the other hand, Harry Potter is a great book and I have been getting 4-5* reviews.

I'm planning with one of my friends to go on a tour of Europe. I really need a holiday and I hate spending my birthday in London, so I'm hoping this happens.

Ellen hosting the Oscars was beyond amazing.

I have to share this interview. I don't think London was ready for Kevin Hart!


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