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' I'm on my Worst Behaviour'

One word. Drake. He is amazing!! I wasn't expecting him to be amazing but he was bloody amazing!! Wasn't really looking forward to him but OMG he can shut it down. His energy on stage, from beginning to end and I swear he sang every song he has ever done.  It felt like the best party you would ever go to. I don't even fancy Drake but when he brought a girl on stage from the audience, I felt very possessive of him. Chelsea looked like she was going to explode. It was so hilarious.  I actually don't know what I would do if I was called on to the stage. I don't get embarrassed easily but for Drake.....
Jhene Aiko came out and she sang very well, was a shame Rihanna didn't come out. Wanted my 3 for 1 ticket. Our seats were amaze balls. Chelsea did good.
There were 3 boys a few rows in front of us. They looked so young maybe 17 ish and they were drinking like crazy. This song comes on, maybe it was Big Sean and there's a lot of the N word. One of the boys starts rapping it and his friend punches him and shouts 'You can't say that word.' Then that new Katy Perry song comes on, the one with the hip-hop beat 'Dark Horse' and they knew all the words. It was hilarious! So Drake comes on with all of his fire and one of the boys throws up on the lady in front of him. Security came to take them away and as they walk past me and I see it before it happens, the boys starts swaying and DROPS down the stairs. They must of spent between £60-£90 on those seats and they only heard Drake for 10 minutes. He performed for over 2 hours.

Tried to get a Wireless ticket for Drake - there was one for £100. Told Chelsea and she brought me back down to earth. £100 for crappy Finsbury Park? Yh I decided against it.

20/20 Experience wasn't much of a 20/20 Experience. Justin Timberlake is flawless, he sounds exactly how he does on a CD but I spent aagggess learning the words to all of the album (Ever since my first concert when I was about 17 seeing Kanye West, I didn't know a lot of words and I felt so dumb so I have to know words) Justin didn't do a lot of his new album. And he kept rapping a lot with this Jay Z flow, I just thought JT you're from the South honey. What killed it was when he said 'I'm a mutha f**kin monster! London turn up!' Melissa and I had to look at each other and laugh. Clearly he's been around the New Yorkers for too long. The way this guy moves and his swag is on another level. He truly is an artist.

I was offered 2 amazing seats for JT but had no money to pay for it. It broke my heart.

Co-Star Arts did their first competition the other day and were fab!!!!! We came 3rd in groups and 1st in duos, 2nd in solos and 3rd in duos. I was so proud of them. There were so many last min changes cause people dropped out a few days before, so for them to pull it together, they did a great job. Even I got a trophy, I guess for being fab. Some of those kids though can perform on another level. I saw a 5 year old strut.

It's pretty quiet on the writing side at the moment. I've been editing the 2nd book manuscript and writing the 3rd. I feel a bit pressured with the 3rd book. There's so many things I want to write, I just need to make it clearer to myself which direction to take the book in. But my Emily fan page on Facebook is officially over 10,000 likes!!!!!!! wooooooooo hooooooooo. I'm so happy. I wanted to treat myself to a new dress or something, then remembered I haven't been paid yet so epic fail. Really want this book deal before my birthday. I know everything happens in it's own time but I'm impatient.

Went to see my godson in Great Ormand Street Hospital. I was very surprised, how easy it was to walk into the ward. No-one asked who I was, ID - nothing. That's crazy.  I could have been crazy. My other godson, climbed onto my lap and hugged me, which was sweet, until I realised it was just so he can take my phone out of my hand.

Feels so good to be able to rest for a few days, my schedule is getting more hectic next week. I'm actually going to have to start waking up early to get all the work done, which is awful. I'm excited for the workload because I want to be this world wide bestselling author and that's going to be ALOT so I'm taking this as training. Guess I have to get used to being sleep deprived.

Did an Easter contract for the council and was so ill. I thought it's Monday morning and it's raining, they'll be no kids. There were too many kids. It was the worst day. One of the volunteers kept opening the door and it was freezing. I politely told her that I was ill so to shut the door. Her defence was the kids won't know dance is on. First of all, that's the whole point. Second of all, the kids were next door and knew we were there. I think she got confused and thought she was our boss so we just shut the door and locked her out.

R.I.P Sue Townsend, Author of the amazing diaries of Adrian Mole


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