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I'm Back In The Game People!

We lost another great person. Maya Angelou. Her words will forever live on and continue to inspire people. It's going to be so awesome seeing who God raises up to be the greats of this generation.

Ever feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions? That's where I am right now but it's a good place to be in as long as I can manage it better. I was reading over my past blogs and it's so interesting to see how far I've come. I started this blog as a way to gain confidence in my writing before I released a book and I'm so glad I carried it on as I can see my growth. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blogs.

So I have had the most epic idea for Emily. See right now I'm waiting on the phone call that tells me I have a publishing deal and the first book is already out in the world, so I've been thinking about what can I do in the mean time to still engage with my readers, write but not have to self-publish a book. I am no good at doing nothing. Then the idea hit me. I've shared it with a few people and they said it was great. So watch out for another blog called Emily Knight Warriors, coming out in a few months. Trust me you will want to read this!

I'm going to a Media party in a few weeks for Literally PR. They have been so good to me and I am so excited to meet journalists and other authors and talk to them about my brand new concept. I have changed my potential outfit about 3 times, I know such a girl. I've been working out hard too. I want to look good at this party, you never know ;) I don't mean guys by the way, I mean potential press!!

Been talking to a fellow Author and PR. It's so great how when you feel lost, out of no-where people come around you and inspire and encourage you. I'm back in the game people!

Been trying to book a holiday for my birthday. What happened to the days when I went away every year? I know what happened. My ears. I get excruciating pain sometimes in my ears when I fly. It all depends on the cabin pressure of the flight. Sometimes I don't feel a thing, sometimes I feel it a bit but then I'm good but other times - my goodness! Since New York, my ears haven't been the same. I went to an ear doctor and they said I have a dysfunctional something. They did give me something to try but I am yet to buy it. So I have this weird fear about flying so I wanted to go somewhere where I can take the Eurostar. Then I realised I haven't really seen Europe so it's a great idea. So Melissa and I planned to go to Amsterdam but then Google said it's rainy and I thought screw that I already live in London. Then Melissa said Barcelona, but I've already been. Then someone recommended a cruise! Found a great deal to Santander (Spain) but the dates are a bit longer than we wanted, plus the bedroom situation. Let's just say it resembles a prison cell. I found another deal to Calais but got to see what there is to do there.
So we are back to square one.

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Us writers got to stick together.

R.I.P  x


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