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Let's just say the boos were true!

I wrote and posted a blog and something must have gone wrong because it says it doesn't exist! Oh dear

Had the best time at the Literally PR Media Party in Chelsea. I was so nervous because I had to give a speech but it amazingly came out good! Met some fab people and made great contacts. All night I was looking out for Bloomsbury Publishing and when I was talking to this journalist, Aleta was talking to Bloomsbury! During the 2nd round of speeches, Aleta was waving around this piece of paper, giggling like a loon and giving me these mysterious looks. I thought she was just drunk! Turns out Bloomsbury came to my table and asked for more details and she got an email address for the senior editor! Slam dunk!!!

It's so interesting that I keep bumping into HarperCollins and Bloomsbury Publishing, it feels like I get so close and yet not quite there but I have good feeling about this. Something fab is going to happen soon. During my speech, I mentioned 'Rose' and everyone loved the concept.
Check out my interview about Rose with Fashion Abecedaire 
and my interview about publishing with WES BLOG

Wireless Festival was amazing!! Pharrell was brilliant and so bloody cool. Why is he so cool? Iggy Azalea was better than last year, she really shone and the main man Kanye West...well let's just say the boos were true! He went on a 20 min rant about the fashion industry and racism and the how bad social media is (even though his wife is the Queen of social media). What he said was great but it's a festival! Ain't no-one got time for that. Plus it started to rain. When he was rapping, he was amazing. Don't know about that weird mask though.

It was my friend Kara's birthday and we went to a Cabaret night at PROUD, 1920's theme. It was so sick!! When you go in, you feel like you are in the Moulin Rouge. The female staff are walking around in corsets and underwear, which was a shock to see at first look but the entertainment was great. There was an acrobat, the host was a fab singer and hilarious and this girl did a strip tease with nipple tassells! One fell of as well. The food was great and we  were seated right next to the stage, it was such an experience. Loved it.

Rose part 1 is launching on Monday!!! I am so excited. Make sure you follow the blog, so you don't miss part 1 as it is only there for 1 week - ROSE
I am doing a giveaway on Facebook to celebrate Rose and my birthday!! Aren't I lovely? So you can enter here and win a signed copy of Emily Knight I AM - Giveaway  it ends on August 29th
If you haven't read Emily Knight I AM by now - what is up with that?? Here's one review I got recently , 5* people :D

Wow! This is one of the best Fantasy I've read this year. This attention-grabbing book is truly fun. This page turner displays well-crafted characters. Indeed each chapter has its own fascinating twists and turns making me curious about what would happen. Certainly this was such a fast read and an entertaining one. Indeed this story is utterly amazing! Just wonderful! This is a must have!

Amen to that! Off to Amsterdam next week for bday, that should be a fab blog!
Here's some pics from PROUD, she was our waitress below!


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