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Growth Is A Beautiful Thing

        This is a different type of blog guys and I wanted to write this because I see so many people that I know that are just stuck in life, taking mediocre over amazing. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's fear or that their vision isn't big enough, I'm not sure but I really wanted to write an encouraging post if you are someone that is stuck.

I have always been a big dreamer. I mean I dream BIG and as I continue to get older, I am surrounded by like minded people and I love it. There is nothing better than being surrounded by big visions. It just pushes you to levels you can't even imagine. I honestly don't understand people who are so limited in their dreams cause it's free to dream! I think my biggest fear in life is that I won't achieve my dreams and that's why I work so hard, so that it never happens.

The way social media is right now is that people are constantly talking about what they're doing, where they're going even what they're eating and sometimes when I see certain posts I think, who are you trying to prove a point too? There are so many videos of people at the gym working out and I'm sure it may encourage someone but I just feel why do you need to show everyone how hard you're working? Are you trying to impress or encourage? Is there value in the amount of hearts you get on Instagram?

It's no secret that I hated my university. I thought it was the biggest waste of time but looking back at it, if I didn't go uni, would I have published a book at 23? I don't know. At uni, every week they would make me stand up and read my stories aloud to the class and I was petrified because I had spent years just writing for myself. I wanted to be a published writer but the fear of not being good enough was a big problem for me and so I never really shared my stories much but at uni is where I found my voice as a writer as well as my confidence.

People complain so much about how tired they are and blah blah. How else do you expect to achieve greatness by not working? If you find a way, let me know.

A dancer called James Painting passed away recently. I didn't know James but I have seen the affect that his death has made on others. At Dancers Delight last night, we did a one minute of applause to honour him, rather than a minute of silence. I was so disgusted by the disrespect people were showing whilst others were trying to honour him. I don't know what they were talking about that they felt that was more important than honouring one of their own. It should not have taken anyone to get mad for them to shut up. Kenrick Sandy said a great reminder - you have talent, use it. Don't sit on your gold expecting to get more treasure.

We moan so much (including me) of what we don't have or what we desire but we are alive and that is the greatest celebration of all.

I am not where I want to be in life but if I had achieved everything I wanted, what use would I be? I realised the other day, everything I have set my mind to so far I have achieved. I may not be the number one Author around town but it's not a question of if because it will happen. Being scared to live your dreams is pointless. Do it afraid! Fake it till you make it. Whether you're blessed with one talent or five, make it count.


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P.S - I didn't make it to the top 10 of Nivea Bring it 30 but how cool that I was considered??


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