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2014 - Gosh where to start?

So we've come to the end of another year. It seems to be flying by right? This year has been some amazing highs and low lows. I've had some great opportunities and a lot of situations and people, that are not positive, have gone out of my life and I couldn't be happier. I have never really experienced death before but my Granddad dying was a hard one for the family and then a family friend died as well. Then on top of that a lot of talented people that I looked up to died - Sue Townsend (author), Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers. I actually had a goal that I would be interviewed by Joan on Fashion Police to play 'Bitch Stole My Look.'
I have had a lot of close calls with publishers. Unfortunately I haven't got the deal yet but it seems a lot of people in the industry are starting to know me which is amazing. I even had a publisher come to a reading and say she came just to see me! Also a publisher is interested in Emily as a trilogy. Let's see if I can fit all my crazy ideas into three books. I have dealt with unprofessional's hiring me for dance. I battled a fox that tried to make a den in my garden and of course my crazy Fergie! But a lot of very cool stuff has happened. Here are my 2014 highlights!

 - Walking out of the bar on Jan 1st 2014!
 - Making contacts at Harper Collins and Bloomsbury Publishing
 - Debbie Moore's (founder of Pineapple Dance)  all expense paid meal
 - Beyonce Mrs Carter Tour
 - Drake Nothing Was The Same Tour
 - Justin 20/20 Experience Tour
 - Wireless 2014, that was up the road from me! Iggy, Pharrell, Kanye's rant
 - Reunited with a love
 - Literally PR Summer Party, so many great opportunities for me
 - For Books Sake Birthday Party, a boat party on the Thames and being told by a publisher that they came just for me!
 - Reviews and interviews
 - Emily Knight Warriors: Rose - my first ever pop up book was successful. Defo going to do another
 - My surprise birthday at Thorpe Park and Brazilian BBQ with the Samba dancers, all paid for & Amsterdam and exploring the Anne Frank Museum and Red Light District. One of my best bdays
 - Taking my first ever cruise
 - Finishing Emily Knight 2 and starting on book 3 and a brand new fiction YA book
 - Over 11K likes on FB
 - The epic rise of Twitter followers after Rose release
 - Promotions at work
 - Kara's surprise Cabaret
 - New Car
 - Nivea comp
 - Being accepted onto a great scheme (will go into more detail soon)

It's been a great year and even though there have been a lot of challenges, I have been made stronger because of it and wiser. I am so excited for 2015! I have two big ideas for writers and I can't wait to make it a reality. My number one hope is still a publishing deal so I am believing for an amazing one. I hope you all have an amazing New Year. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me this year. I appreciate it so much. See you next year! xx


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