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I think Kanye West has a crush on Beyonce

First blog of 2015!!
Hope everyone has had a great start to the year and over the January blues. The weather was so awful so glad it's warming up a bit. Got lots to tell you lot!

One of my new years resolutions was to do less dance and more writing. I really want to get to a point where the publishing community see my name so much they are sick of it! So I have two brand new ideas that's all to help YOU amazing story tellers
The first one is called The Author School, which is for three different types of people.
1 - dream of writing a book but  have no idea how to even start their story.
2 - people who have written their book and now their thinking should I self publish? Get an agent? How do I do either of those?
3 - the published authors but what to do once the book is out? There's still so much to do once you're published
That's why me and my PR Helen Lewis, want to educate everyone. I'm soooo excited!!! And the best thing is you're getting a truck load of information and it's affordable! Holla!!
The second one is The Lil' Author Skool which is!! Aimed at schools or community centres, it's about getting kids to experience the process of becoming a published author and at the end of it they get their own published book that they wrote!
I literally can't wait to launch all this stuff!! The links for both are at the bottom of blog if interested

I'm halfway through my new book. It's a YA novel based on dance! I get asked all the time, 'Why don't you write about the dance world?" and people that haven't read Emily always ask, "Is it about dance?" Why she would be dancing in the air with a fireball? I have no idea. At first I found it hard to get into the groove of just writing fiction but now I'm really liking it and hoping others do too.

I'm obsessed with Jackie Collins at the moment! I went on an Amazon spree and just brought up the ones I couldn't find in the library. I'm obsessed with the Santangelos. If you know about Jackie, then you'll know. So now I'm stalking her on Twitter lool.
I got my first review of Emily Knight this year from blogger Sarah Smiles, so have a read here Sarah Smiles review
Speaking of Emily, I'm currently writing book 3 and I'm trying to make it a trilogy but I think book 3 is going to be the thickest one yet. There's something about writing Emily that comes so easily to me, so it makes me kind of sad to think this is the last one. But then it could just be the end of the I AM Saga.

I'm officially a gym bunny. I think I can call myself that after going for months now. I went to a body conditioning class and the man was literally psychotic. I thought he was going to throw something at me! Anytime I stopped, just to breath by the way, he would shout "What are you doing? Get your legs up! You don't look like you have a problem getting your legs up in the bedroom!" Honestly, I would have laughed or been offended if I wasn't so damn tired. I was in pain for a week after that class.

But I've now moved to Pure Gym. It's this new 24 hour, high tech gym but the building kind of looks like it should be a house or offices. It's great because it's half the price I was paying at Better but when I questioned about this 24 hour thing, one of the workers said the staff and security go home at 10pm. So I said, "What if I'm on the treadmill and some weirdo throws a weight at me?" He kind of looked bemused and then said, "Yeah I mean that's pretty much your responsibility but there's cleaners around." Guess I'm not going past 10pm.
It was a bit intimidating because there were so many people. I'm so silly. I forgot gyms are busy after 6pm but I hadn't been gym for 2 weeks because of being ill and wanted to get back into it. Anyway with Pure Gym they send you this pin that you need to get around everywhere and of course I left the locker room with my pin in the locker! Luckily an old work colleague of mine works there and was able to help me get it. Once I was on the treadmill I was fine but there was a weird guy next to me running in a ski mask! I just have no words and he was sprinting like he was being chased. Very odd. I might just stick to going in the afternoon.

I went to this really cool place called Steam and Rye for Ebru's birthday. It reminded me of 4th of July, the way it was decorated but I had this drink and I am obsessed with it! Can you believe that this is a cocktail! Amazing

My room flooded a few weeks ago. You know those heaters that you have to drain the water out with a key. Well my Mum left me the key to go to her aunts surprise birthday party. I've never done it before but I remember that a bit of water comes out. My heater hasn't been working properly and it's been horrible cause it was so cold, so I turned this key. And it hisses then I close it. So I'm thinking where's the water? I do it again and a bit of water comes out, so I turn again and this gush of water sprays out so violently. I literally couldn't even get the key back in to twist it, that's how bad it was. If my curtain wasn't there, the water would have hit the TV. My brother bless him on his birthday (felt so bad) came to help me, with buckets and towels. Then my sister says the water is leaking in another room and then all the electricity went out. I had to call up an emergency repair, who said they were on the way. I asked the hard way man next door to help and he comes upstairs and says a ball shot out of it and that's what stops the water but seeing as there is not light, we can't find this little ball! I called my neighbour who thankfully got the lights back on. It was so bad, that I tried to call another emergency repairs who claims he is 24 hours but said he wouldn't come out because he had his son! I said, "Bring him too," he says "No he don't want to go." Then tells me none of his repair men will come out because they want to be with their families!!! THEY SAID THEIR 24 HOURS!!
In the end my Dad came round to help but the water has literally spread halfway to my room and then my Dad says call 999. I thought they would laugh at me when I said I needed the fire brigade but  they came literally five minutes later and spent ten minutes asking me where the bloody ball went! Then Fergie is trying to attack them!! It took 3 for them to sort it out and the stupid emergency repair came by 11.30pm, when it was all done. I called them at 6.30pm. In the end I had to sleep with my window open to get rid of the damp smell, wash everything the water touched and after all that my heating still wasn't working. Ironic right?

Was at Virgin HQ last week. I'll tell you all about that later!

Whitney bio on Lifetime, is pretty good. Worth a watch.

I think Kanye West has a crush on Beyonce. This endless rants of 'she deserves to win.' Why does he care so much?

My Wireless Festival tradition is stopping this year. The ticket prices went up again! It's about £80 something with not a lot of supporting acts I want to see. I just figured I could play Drake in my room and imagine I'm there.

I don't know what it is about the hairdressers, where you meet the most colourful people. One lady was a super fan of the Kardashians. Like she was arguing with me passionately as if she was part of the team, if I cussed Kim for basically being ratchet. And then another lady was 2 weeks overdue to give birth and when I asked if she should be in hospital, she replied, "Yeah but I need to do my hair first!" Hilarious

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