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Do you remember that idea I said in my last blog about launching a business for writers? Well Helen and I are officially launching The Author School at this years London Book Fair! How cool is that? And we have our first session booked for Saturday June 6th, time to be confirmed but will be in the afternoon so if you need help with getting your book or book idea to the next level then send me an email at and I will get more info to you. Literally, a few weeks ago Helen and I met up at Southbank at 2.30pm and we stayed till about 8pm (no joke) just to plan and work on my funding, so I'm praying that it's approved cause that was practically a whole day of my life gone.

Speaking of LBF, I am back there this year. The last time I went was I think in 2012 and I was still waiting to hear back if I had definitely got an agent. Look how much has happened since then. I just remember finding the whole experience at LBF daunting cause there was so much going on and the unimpressed looks you would get if you didn't have an agent. I'm just thankful that this year I am in a much better position. So catch me talking about The Author School on stand A413 so holla at me!

I finished my dance story!!! I feel so gooooood. I'm now editing it and thankfully I like it. I do want to write a part 2 but I'm debating whether to have part 2 as part of the same book or a separate one. Hoping people aren't put off by dance after reading the book loool but I'm just preaching the truth.

I went to this amazing conference at my church a few week ago called Encounter. I have never seen miracles happen in front of my eyes before, I had only heard about it but oh my gosh, it was jaw dropping. Seeing a prophet in real life and he just knew stuff about people without knowing them before hand and was confirming stuff that they had prayed for AND he called me out! I had a feeling he would but it's still like woah when it happens. He asked about people who write books and then he said 'ringing.' I thought ringing? And he just kept saying it. A girl then started talking about poems she was writing so I thought oh it's not me and then he said, “no it's ringing like a bell.” There's me to Aleta like “Bell? I ain't got a bell” lool how embarrassing and all I can hear is people shouting “Bello.” I literally didn't even see the connection until Sheila turned around, pointed at me and said, “Bello” and then I was like 'oh that's me!' He said a lot of great stuff to me about my career and mentioned schools and being in big demand and it really confirmed what I already knew but had only shared with close friends and it linked with what I was planning with the Lil' Author Skool and just visits in general. It made me realise that all this work I do is so worth it and everything that I believe that will happen in my career will happen. So that was pretty awesome!

I literally am becoming obsessed with Ariana Grande's music. I don't know how this even happened. I think it's because the kids I teach want to do their solo stuff to her music so I had to find it and then I started listening to it and I was thinking, all right Ari. Melissa asked me months ago to go with her to her concert and I said no with so much disgust lool and now I'm like we need to go to her concert! I know the words!!

I had the oddest day on Friday. First, I had these women in my class arguing over £2. Don't ask. Then after my class, I was really craving meat so I went to this cafe that I always pass by and they were selling burgers, chips and salad for only £4.50, which is great. So I ordered it, sat down with my magazine and it was empty so was looking forward to just chilling before going to teach these kids. The waitress was a really big Russian lady and she went into great detail to tell me that getting pregnant made her big and her daughter is fat. So I obviously didn't know what to say to that and at the same time I'm wondering, why can't she see that I'm blatantly reading something? They she says, “My daughter is mixed-raced.” Again, I don't know what to say. She asks me what job I'm doing and I tell her I'm going to teach street dance. They she says, “Is it only black kids in your class?” Confused I said “No,” and she looks so surprised and goes “Really?” I find out she only likes black man, dislikes white men. Looked disgusted when she thought I said my boyfriend was white and then was asking me if I like Fufu and I said, “No.” She looked outraged and shouts, “But you're African! Isn't that what you eat?” Again, I said, “No.” I explain in my family we eat a lot of rice and she says, “No, that can't be right. Only the Chinese eat rice.” Honestly there is nothing more annoying than a racist that has no idea that they're racist. It was like she wanted me to applaud her on black culture. I was so confused. On the plus side, the burger meal was crazy good but I can never go back unfortunately.

Then, I went to teach at a school and the kids had moustaches drawn on their faces. So I asked, “Why?” And they said because it's red nose day, so I asked, “What has that got to do with anything?” And of course they had no answer because they are five years old. Then one Oriental boy goes to me, “Where's your moustache?” And I said, “I don't have one because I'm a girl” and he said, “Yes and because you're black.” WHAT??!! So trying hard not to cuss him I ask, “What has that got to do with anything?” and he said...wait for it... “Because it wouldn't show up on your skin.”
The moustache was in black marker by the way not brown. I mean I know he is five years old but still it's a dumb thing to say, especially since there were black kids in the class who had moustaches that could be seen.

I don't know what is wrong with people.

Even the other day, I was eating dinner with Aleta and we were seated next to these Irish travellers, who I personally thought were so fun but each to their own. They were obviously hyped cause it was St Patricks Day and being really loud and crazy. At one point, I took a phone call and apparently in my absence, the kids were jumping on the chairs and tables! Of course they got told to leave as soon as they finished their meal and maybe because I looked disappointed, one of them said, “They're being racist.” Really, the travellers were being disruptive but it made me think a lot about their culture and I really want to understand it more, like do they think we are the weird ones? I'm kind of obsessed on the idea.

Amber Rose and the Kardashian Twitter war was one of the best things I have seen on Twitter. Ever.

I read this story the other day about Chris Brown making a fan cry because she posted on his Instagram saying to stop acting like an idiot and he literally cussed her out, called her a d***head and then blocked her! She was 13 years old.

The sun is coming out in London town! Loving it


  1. (whoops! And now you have to look up the word Oriental and see if that's racist!)


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