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...yet the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is trending!!

This is my 50th blog!! Who would have guessed I would have so much to say?

I went to The London Book Fair 2015. Now, I haven't been to LBF for I think 2 years so I wasn't really looking forward to it because the last time I went I just found everyone so rude but this year was amazing!! I had the best time.The first thing I saw was Harper Collins taking over half the fair. I had such a strong desire to go over there and ask them why no-one has said yes or no to my book, but somehow I was able to control myself. Next, I saw The Mad Hatters Tea Party. Who could not be happy after seeing all this cake?

I was trying to give out flyers about The Author School on the sly but I kept getting caught. There was this area called Author HQ where all the speakers were but when they started to speak about PR it was packed out. Which is frustrating because The Author School can help them with that and I couldn't give them a bloody flyer! The great news is when I did speak to publishers, editors and literary agents about the school, they loved it and actually said to me that I can refer any great manuscripts to them. Do you know how epic that is? I spoke to some really cool people about The Lil' Author Skool and now I have the perfect publishers to help me print these books.
But the best part was....I was offered a publishing deal!!!! I know right. After how long? Jumping around like a loon! I haven't shut down social media with this news yet because I need to see a contract but it is still something I am excited about. Well, technically I was offered two but one was for adult fiction and I said that's just not me. It is the craziest story but all will be revealed soon.
I've also got another company looking at Emily. I was told that there was a new publishing company looking for my age group but when I went down to their stand, they had left so I just left a message. Then the next day, they asked if I was at LBF and I wasn't but Val was there and was able to give them my book. Holla! I needed this to happen especially because I was turned down by Hot Keys who said they loved my book (they were the ones that were interested in it as a trilogy) but they had something too similar on their books. The question is - isn't every book kind of similar to something else?
I met reps from Trafford and was talking to them about Emily. Then the guy went on about agents and how hard it is to get one and no-one has one and his face when I said, “I do.”
I wish I took a picture.
The food in LBF is so expensive but I had the best lunch, a bit of salmon, coleslaw, potatoes. When I tell you it was so good. Damn! And then I found a poetry area. To be honest, I only sat down because I was tired and they had the comfiest chairs and I wanted some free wine but it was cool poetry and I hate poetry. All in all, LBF done me proud. 

Originally I was just going to send my dance story to a few friends to get some feedback and on impulse I sent it to Val, so I am praying that she doesn't think it's crap. It took me a while to get into but I like it now. It's definitely not Emily but it was nice writing a different genre, although fantasy is the way forward for me.

I have had about 2 weeks of full out good luck. You know when everything just seems to be working in your favour? I became manager of The Movement Factory, I got a pay rise in one of my dance jobs, I got offered a publishing deal. Shouldn't life always be this good?

I have 99% of the funding. When it is 100% I will let you know who it is but I am so excited for it to come so I can work on The Author School and The Lil' Author Skool and really give it a push. I can't believe I have been working on this funding since October. Thank God it was all worth it!

I went to this entrepreneurship conference and my manager was on the panel in posh Mayfair and I met a boy genius. No joke. He is 17 years old and he started coding at that grand age of 7 years old! Dropped out of secondary school, I think in Yr 9 and oh he has just worked with Microsoft and has had breakfast with Richard Branson and has his own company. I literally was so fascinated by this kid. I just need to give birth to a child like that.

The drama I have had trying to find a gardener. You would think that people who are self employed would be happy when someone is offering them regular work but working as a dance teacher and managing them, I have realised that is not always the case. Apparently in gardening it is the same thing. My garden looks like a jungle. My cat loves it obviously cause he can pounce on unsuspecting butterflies and birds but it is a nightmare to walk through. I have contacted so many gardeners. They either won't travel to me or they are trying to charge me a bomb like £90 for 1 hour and a half! Or they don't respond to the job. So I found a company based in North London. They look respectable. A bit pricier than what I intended but beggars can't be choosers. Then the receptionist asks me if there is free parking. I said yes after 1.30 on a Saturday but if Arsenal play at home, then it's after 4.30. I had booked them to come at 4. So she asked me if I would reimburse their parking and of course I said no, come at 4.30. Wait for it. She says that's too late to come! I think she thinks I'm stupid. So I said, if they want to drive here and Arsenal are playing, between two gardeners I am sure they can sort out their parking for 30 minutes. I go and teach and I don't get paid more for travel so why do they think they should? Absolutely mad.

Was looking into getting fencing for my garden that were these rolls that go on top of the fence, so my cat couldn't go into other peoples gardens and maybe it would stop the fighting between him and next doors cat. How can these people come to my house, measure my garden and casually tell me it will cost three grand?

It was my Dad's birthday yesterday, which I only remembered about in the morning. He honestly is one of the funniest people that I know. He asked me where his present was so I just gave him a hug.

Can we just take a second for the devastating things that have happened in Nepal and yet the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is trending!! This world makes no sense to me. Just want to send prayers and love to Nepal. I have a lot of Emily fans out there and I just pray they don't lose their hope.
On a side note, why is it now fab to have big lips based on a girl who paid for hers? That's not weird at all. I have big lips and as a kid, I used to hate them so it's just interesting now how certain assets become popular. But is it only popular because certain celebrities have said so?

I'm not really a race kind of girl but the whole thing in America with policemen shooting black kids is just out of control. I watched this Scandal episode based on that and to know that for some people, this is their reality is so upsetting. A friend said to me that she feels a lot of people these days are taking on 'black culture' but when it comes to these type of issues, they have nothing to say. Also, characteristics that 'make' black people, such as the big lips, the big bum are now popular but is it because of white people who are trying to embrace that?

Been a tough week for me this week and have had some great people cheering me up. Met up with Chelsea and we went to Ed's Diner which was nice, apart form the waitress who gave me this rude look when I asked if she had a phone charger. We decided to go cinema and watch Avengers but when we went to Vue, they said the tickets was £16.95! There's me thinking, oh that's for two people and they said that is one ticket!!! Our faces lool. Especially considering on a Tuesday, we could see the movie for £6. There's another cinema up the road. It reminds me of those weird creepy movie theatres that are in horror films and they usually only show cult films but they were showing Avengers. I was a little afraid to go inside. Their tickets was £14 and again we said no. At this point it starts to rain but we don't want to go home. So we try another cinema, this time Odean and tickets were £11! The film is amazing. You must see it. I kind of have this weird obsession with Hulk. Don't ask.

Fast and Furious 7 is the best cheese.

Obsessed with Big Seans album. He has that kind of voice you would like to hear everyday.

Empire. If you don't know you need to know.

I sometimes wonder what people think I do all day. Honestly, the amount of time wasters. I was teaching at this youth club and the kids didn't want to dance, they just wanted to play. I was getting so pissed off because I had been up since 8am working, it was now 5pm and boiling hot. Also, I had rushed to get there. They honestly think I have the time for it? So I walked out of the job and I am never going back. Should have done it ages ago if I am honest.

The Bruce Jenner interview. Not going to lie I was very confused. I still am. 


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