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"Well you start with I'm Abiola and I'm amazing."

So I have been teasing you all about my news that I want to share......

I got funding from Virgin StartUP!!!!!!!
This is Sir Richard Branson's scheme for young entrepreneurs to start up a business and I got the funding! I couldn't believe it. I was feeling so low when I applied for it and I didn't even think that I would be considered to be honest, so when I kept getting through the rounds, I thought 'oh ok I can get this.'
It was a very long process and at times I thought, is this really going to happen but it did and The Author School is officially funded!

The Author School is definitely getting out there. The Bookseller seems to like us and they can be hard to please! We are doing our launch party on July 14th in Chelsea, so if you want to RSVP go to  there aren't many tickets left but it will be a great chance to talk to myself and Helen directly.

Helen went to The Book Expo in New York last week and she represented Emily over there. She made some great contacts with publishers, a handful seemed interested but there was one in particular so I have emailed them my book and waiting to see what they say. It's getting to the point now where I need a 100% yes. Getting so close to something you want and then always having these obstacles in the way, is draining and I am trying not to lose my hope but it is tough some times.
I read this interview on JK Rowling and she said exactly how I am feeling now and it seems she felt the same way when she was waiting on Harry to get published. I really respect her as I know her journey has been hard and I know if things can move for her, it can happen for me but my gosh I feel I am due some great publishing news.

I did a fab interview with Out Of The Box a few days ago and I can't wait to read it so keep an eye out!

Because Rose was such a success last year, when I launched the Emily Knight Warriors pop up blog, I am bringing it back this summer. I wasn't sure who's story to tell but I think I have picked a good one. I love writing these short stories because it pushes me to think more about their background and what led the character to get to that place. Also, I got this amazing illustrator named Kat Glidewell, who designed this great 'face' for the blog. At first, I wanted each blog to have its own cover art but that's long and it makes sense to just have one picture. This is what she designed and I love it! It was based around this awesome picture I have of Trunks from Dragon Ball Z (which funnily enough inspired the character of Lox Knight)

Emily Knight is finally on Instagram! Follow us @emilyknightiam

So I'm on Instagram and I see this screen shot of Google maps that someone has typed in Niggas House and the address that came up was The White House. Now this account is very jokey so I just thought it wasn't true. Even the comments below it seemed to be having a laugh but I decided to type it in anyway and can you imagine that it was true! I was so disgusted. At first I was just going to leave it but then I thought no! People should not be allowed to do things like that and this is why stuff like this exists because people don't do anything about it. I spent so long trying to find an email address for Google and when I finally tracked it down, I sent a message to them and the next day I got a response apologising and they had changed it. The uproar that would have happened in America especially if that had been picked up by the news or something. How people get away with such blatant racist behaviour is beyond me.

I thought my Wireless tradition was over because of the increase in ticket prices and then Jesus smiled at me. They are doing a 10th birthday celebration and Drake is headlining!! Big Sean will be there (drooling) and a few weeks ago, they were selling 100 tickets at the prices they sold them every year at Wireless. Tickets were available from 6pm and when I tell you, I got home so quick from teaching my class. I don't think I have ever in my life got home that quick but there seemed to be no cars on the road and then my phone started playing up. I logged on to my comp and now its about 6.10pm and I got tickets at 2006 prices for £37! Say whaaaat!! I felt like such a G!

Can we just take a second for the lady who says she is black but she is actually white. I haven't really sat down and read the article on her properly but what is going on here? My brother made a point and said if people can change their gender, why can't they change their race? This is true but it's still bizarre to me.

I read the story of Kalif Browder and watched that video of the Texas policeman who sat on that girl at the pool party. My gosh. It's all so disgusting. I want to know what is really being done in the police department? Come on Obama!

Scandal. I need you back.

Honestly this made my day today. This guy I know said, “I just checked your Twitter. Wow, I didn't know you were a writer that is so great. Why didn't you say anything?”
I said, “I don't really know how to bring it up in conversation” and he said, “Well you start with I'm Abiola and I'm amazing.” Love it!

Speaking of amazing, this girl right here is fab! I went to Chelsea's showing of her new collection at LCM. OMG it was amazing. It was like the tribal Garden of Eden. And the models!! I swear one was like the male Pocahontas. One winked at me and I almost died. I've included a picture so you can drool. Check out her stuff -


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The Author School Day was incredible! It's such a weird process because Helen and I are always stressed out and then the day runs smoothly. The speakers were fantastic! The authors were chatty and asked loads of questions. I finally got to meet Katherine Webber author of Wing Jones. She gave me such a great quote for my Emily book and is so sweet in person. We saw each other and was like 'Selfie!'  Honestly, I just love The Author School and now we are planning our London Book Fair one and tickets are already on sale. Now we are doing a different ticketing scheme from tickets selling from £50 all the way to £70, so if you book quick you can get some really cheap tickets but if you leave it to the last minute, you will grab an expensive one. So chuffed that Lit agent Clare Wallace will be back to do a full class and do one-to-ones!! Book

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So this is my second to last post of the year. I know guys, sad times but I think my 2018 posts are going to be even better than this year. God willing great and hilarious things continue to happen that I can share with you all.

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2017 - WE MADE IT!!

Well we made it to another year! Thank God! The amount of natural disasters, terror attacks, we really need to be thankful that we made it.
This has been an awesome year. I truly feel like 2017 set the foundations for my life. Existing things were brought up to another level and for 2018, it's just going to flourish. I have the best feeling about next year. I can't explain it but I know it's going to be one to remember (in a good way)
It's so funny because at the beginning of the year I said I wanted to be single and I have dated more guys this year than I ever have! A lot of frogs (no surprise) but I did meet a special American who has set the bar moving forward. I couldn't even go back to these waste boys even if I tried. So for 2018, ladies don't drop your crown especially for no frog.

Here's my highlights of this year

 - My favourite authors following or commenting on my posts on social media. Jodi Picoult, CL Taylor, Jennifer Niven, Malorie Blackman. …