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I can't even remember how I got home.

Emily Knight 2 has officially been sent off to the editors. The ball is rolling people! I feel excited but nervous. There is something about putting a book out there that is so daunting. I think the story is good and hopefully the editor doesn't come back with 'this is crap' kind of notes.
I am defo going to re-publish Emily Knight I AM and I am now in talks with a cover designer to re-brand the books. I am still always amazed that I actually released a book at 23. Talk about some balls.
I am still in two minds about who I will publish the books with. I have a company in mind but let's just say that it will be an investment. A pretty big one, that could work out to be life changing but I'm still debating.
My other issue was the title. Initially I wanted to stick with the I AM theme but I didn't like any of the other I AM titles so that went out of the window. I have got a name that I think is cool and makes sense to the book but all will be revealed very soon!

The YEMA awards that I am nominated for got postponed, so now it's at the end of the month and fingers crossed that I win.

I have spent so much time planning The Author School class for November 27th, that I was neglecting The Lil' Author Skool and now I have got a featured story comp running and also for 2016 The Author School and The Lil' Author Skool will run a book competition. Can't wait for that. If you want to attend The Author School class, message me to get 10% discount.

We found an amazing new venue for The Author School. The last one we had was good but some of the facilities wasn't amazing and the space was a bit blah. This new one at CitizenM has so much personality and the meeting rooms are out of this world. One wall is a blackboard and the other is a white board and I know it may not sound exciting but when you see it, you will be like 'oh my gosh, this is so cool!'

It was my mum's bday and I am on such a budget now because of the books, so I decided to find her presses on eBay. How great is this? I got her brand new Mac lipstick for under £2!!! Straight from Asia. Only problem was that it took over a month to come!

Fergie is officially a cat model. I know I can't believe it lool I literally entered him for fun just to see if he would get any offers and he did. He is gorgeous but his temperamental. I can barely get him to the vet, so a casting? Not sure if it's worth the scratches. Although, he did high five me the other day, which I think is a pretty cool skill. I told him he is a model and he hit my hand, so I'm not sure how he feels about his new job.

I had another speaking event at my church for Relentess, which is when the young people take over the service and it was pretty good. I am definitely getting more confident at sharing my journey. Plus, I spoke to this 16 year old girl from Paris who has written short stories online and has hundreds of thousands of views. Incredible.

I am definitely learning that I need to be more selective about what I say yes to, whether it be dance or anything book related. I naturally want to help people but I seem to be more busy these days and also the appreciation isn't recognised so I'm definitely going to be slower to respond in future.

Isn't Hot Line Bling the best video ever??

If you haven't watched Power, get on it. It got me forgetting about Empire and Scandal. Waiting on season 3 impatiently.

H&M X Balmain. I logged onto the site at 9am. Didn't get in till 3pm. Was only offered a boob tube. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. All I wanted was a hat! Now I'm forced to get dirty and bid for it on eBay.

The other day, I went out to eat at this Caribbean place called Turtle Bay for a meeting. Oh my gosh, 4 rounds of really strong drinks, endless starters and a main course. I can't even remember how I got home. I vaguely remember telling Zarah, I'm going to nap for 45 minutes. 3 hours later I woke up.

It's weird how Halloween has become such a big thing now in the UK but let's just take a second for Heidi Klum's costume. No words.


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