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2015 - Double the blessings!

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this year has been flipping awesome! I was writing down all of the cool things that have happened and I was so surprised that it was literally double the blessings from last year. 2015, I went into it with big dreams and less fear and it worked. God has been amazing and I have had so many fun and new opportunities. I feel that I have grown a lot and I feel more zen, which is a great feeling. I cannot wait for 2016! I'll be releasing my second book! Can you believe it?? And my aim is to have at least three books out by the time I am thirty. Here are my highlights for the year

 - Launching The Author School with Helen, the launch party at Beaufort House, the first session with the amazing speakers
 - Launching The Lil' Author Skool
 - Finishing my dance story, hopefully to be released by 2017
 - Finishing the second book in the Emily Knight series
 - Funding from Virgin StartUp and going to Virgin HQ
 - The London Book Fair 2015 and being offered a publishing deal (not the right one but still very cool)
 - New York Book Expo
 - Speaking events and realising that I am pretty good at it! Hope to do more next year
 - Lox - Emily Knight Warriors pop-up blog - success!
 - Keeping up the Wireless tradition with my girls. Went to their 10th birthday party with Drake headlining AND got them for thirty something quid instead of eighty. Holla!
 - Being in The Bookseller, The Mirror and Love Sunday Magazine
 - Getting Janet Jackson tickets for Melissa bday for 2016
 - Getting AMAZING tickets for my brothers bday (can't say what incase he reads this but it's dope)
 - Having the best Bear Birthday month - Harry Potter studios, Matilda the musical, Benihana
 - Spoken to by Prophets about my future
 - Actor, Taye Diggs following The Author School twitter (OMG)
 - Discovering the amazingness that is Bubbletea. You haven't lived unless you have it in Belgium. Yum
 - Bournemouth Beach
 - Belgium with my sissy
 - Growth in all the dancers that I teach and creating some of my best dance pieces
 - Free books. I legit have no space on my bookshelf anymore
 - Costume party as Cruella De Ville
 - Getting the best cover art in life for Emily 2
 - Winter Wonderland
 - Fergie becoming a cat model. You go Fergz

Even just looking at these highlights gives me goosebumps. Jackie Collins passing away was so heartbreaking as she is one of my fav authors but what a legacy she has left and I can only pray that I can achieve what she did.  I now go into 2016 with an open mind, gigantic dreams and faith. Let's do this!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and to everyone that is supported me and my book in anyway. Thank you. Even if not everything you wanted didn't happen in 2015, go into 2016 with your mind set and don't let fear block you. Remember, some people didn't make it to the end of the year and you did!
Lastly, WISHING ALL MY BEAUTS A HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2016 xxx


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