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"You Ain't Got The Answer, Sway!"

Hey all! First blog of 2016. Holla!!

Let's start of by saying it is a brand new year guys! We made it!!! So let this year be the best one EVER. I have met so many Scrooges already this year and I'm like don't kill my vibe. I am on going to the next level and it's fine if no-one else wants too, just don't rain on my parade because the parade is nice.

Sooooo I have started a vlog! Yay! Basically my friends were like, you should start one. They're so popular and you do blogs so just do the same thing on video. I was a bit unsure because I associate vlogs with beauty, hair and fitness. I was thinking what can I talk about out but tbh I'll talk about whatever! I mean, that's what I do here and I get hits, so I guess people like my random crap. My first one is about self & traditionally published books. Of course Fergie had to get involved and tried to kick me on camera lool. Have a look and subscribe and like on link below. I filmed on my mac because I ain't got no money to be buying camera's (not yet anyway) I did a trial run with natural light a few days before I filmed and it looked really good but the day I actually did the filming, day light wasn't that great so I had to re-film with lamps.

Abiola VLOG

The Author School April 11th class is selling so well. I am so happy about this. Lowering the price and having a free networking event was a brilliant idea. This new venue is so sick and we have already sold a quarter of the tickets. Ahhhhhh!!

I won a Byron Burger ticket. So every Thursday, I can get a burger and another free. It's only for this month. I have already gone once and should be going this week and next week too. I'll do an extra workout, I promise.

I went to this legs, bums and tums class at my gym. Oh gosh. I literally couldn't move. I mean at the time, I was fine but when I got home, my stomach and my bum was in agony. I couldn't even laugh because my muscles were hurting and I stupidly did it before I was going to teach. I couldn't even bend down. Was a hot mess.

New Years Eve, I always go to church so I was ready to get turnt a few days later. Aleta said, "Let's go to this club called Visions in Dalston." Now, I don't hang around Dalston like that. I go Dalston to buy hair and hair scrunchies and that's it. But apparently it's super cheap and really good 90's music. The day we were going to go, they posted on their Instagram that they were closed, which was annoying. So we went the next day. We went to this restaurant on Upper Street, called Mez and Laz or something like that, that Keisha took me too. Now, I knew this restaurant was big but my goodness it was huge! It reminded me of when I went Paris for my bday with Naomi and Chelsea and we found this restaurant that looked alright from the outside but once you went in, it was grand, with chandeliers and just plain gorgeous. That's what it was like here (less grand though, I mean it ain't Paris). I told them to order the chicken wings meal cause that's what I had with Keisha and they loved it. They seriously have no faith in me. I told them that it was great, I just happened to forget where it was for a few minutes. Funnily enough, when I left, Keisha was there also eating chicken wings lool.
Then we went to Visions. It was closed. So we went for a walk and then this random guy starts walking with us and is like, "Where are you going? How old are you lot?"  It was all very odd until he said that he thought I was 23 and then I was cool with him. Then we walked past this club and the security said,  "Come inside, get a stamp, it's free." And it was a club called Birthdays.
It was empty when we went in but the music was banging. I was having a ball. Then Alisha had some free drink passes, so I was having a great time. Of course, the ratchet Dalston crew come through and these boys would not back up. One even tried to rap to me, the most inappropriate lyrics. Then those silly girls wearing the over tight dresses start grinding on you because they're in your personal space and when you try to tell them, they have an attitude. It got so packed that Aleta walked about six steps to the bar, got a drink, it spilt because one big ass girl was backing it up. I was like it's time to go. Good night though.

When kids say they don't know who Missy Elliot is *shakes head*

The Oscars. The fact Straight Outta Compton was ignored and no Black or Asian people were nominated. I think is disgusting.

At least Taraji got a Golden Globe for playing Cookie. Her speech and Leo Dicaprio's was amazing.

I watched the best Kanye West Interview with Sway. Oh Kanye. He is the most hilarious person. You need to watch it because there were so many amazing moments of things that he said, that can't be replicated. Such as
1. No-one knows your clothing label
2. You ain't got the answer, Sway!
3. I haven't changed since I was zero years old
4. I am Shakespeare and Warhol.
I mean it's just brilliant. He did say some very intelligent things but these one liners were too much for me.

There is an ethnic literary festival starting up called Bare. The thing is I don't really like when things are separate. I would rather there was a lit festival for all races but what I have come to realise is alot of people don't want that. It's so sad that racism is so active and people just can't open their minds and get it together. I never thought the publishing industry was like that but as you can see, it is. As much as I don't like to be in a box, with this author life, people do try too keep you in one and it's irritating. I have submitted to some lit festivals. There is one in my area and I'm thinking, why am I not part of this?  I am not playing this year. No-one is putting me in a box. My mouth is way too big lool

Celebrity Big Brother with the David mix up. If you don't know, you need to know. It was too funny for words. Tiffany is TV gold.

R.I.P David Bowie and Alan Rickman

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