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It's like they thought Beyonce turned black today

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good 2016 so far.

I am literally at the last stages of my book. I am doing a final read through, changing little things here and there. I find it really hard to edit on a computer, I have to print things off to see the mistakes better. After this stage, I will get a proof read and the book journey will roll on. I did want to sign the contracts this month, but I was waiting on two publishing contracts, which unfortunately weren't the right fit in the end, so I am defo going to sign in March and I can't wait. I was hoping to have books published in June but guess what happened? J.K. Rowling happened lool. She is releasing the screenplay of the Harry Potter theatre production as a book in July! Now, Mama didn't raise no fool and I ain't taking that bullet, so I don't mind waiting lool. I'm thinking to release them in September instead, when the Harry Potter train slows down.

SOOOOO BEYONCE! Can we take a second for the epicness of this lady? I'm not going to lie, when I first saw Formation, I loved the video, but the actual song, I wasn't too sure, but it's one of those songs you need to listen too alot to really understand the connotations and now I am in love. I love how she addresses all of the issues and rumours people have said about her and still with a banging beat! I think she was so brave to do a song, video and that Superbowl performance celebrating her blackness and then she drops a WORLD TOUR! Her PR team are on point! I always wondered why celebrities don't use their platform to openly express serious matters like the black lives matter movement, but now I understand that it takes a certain amount of courage because racism is so real and people's careers can get ruined for speaking their truth. I think she is a bad ass and alot of people have said really nasty stuff about her, even from black people! What gets me is the ignorance. I mean come on comparing the Black Panthers to KKK? Get real. The Saturday Night Live Spoof is hilarious. People really didn't think she was black. It's like they thought Beyonce turned black today. And then they wanted to protest her!! Seriously? The song isn't anti-police, it's a song about facts. It's like saying all of the police are anti-black, which we know isn't true. Sometimes hearing the truth is hard.

It's weird because I watched Formation straight after I wanted 12 years A Slave for the first time. It was such a hard film to watch. I was in floods of tears. I can't even imagine being born into that period and suffering the way that they did. It's a courage that many will never understand. And then I was reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. That's the part 2 to To Kill A Mockingbird and that's all about racism. Kendrick Lamar's jaw dropping perfromance at the Grammys. So I feel very educated.

Amber Rose is too much. If you saw the tweet you will understand!

I asked my mum to get me Beyonce tickets, you know to support our sista lool and she said no! I wasn't expecting that, so I didn't know what to say.

This vlog life is very interesting. It's so weird seeing these videos of myself talking. I need to do another book one this week. It's funny because I dread doing it, but once I start talking, I'm totally fine. Have a look at what I have done so far. I have vlogs on books and dance, and if you like SUBSCRIBE please  ABIOLA BELLO

Anyone else think Kanye West is slightly cuckoo?

Went to Leanne's book party. I am so proud of her. It is so hard to put out a book, especially a personal one. She had a great turn out and I think the support she has received so far is fab. I ate so much! There was sweet potato, calamari, chicken, fish fritters and truffles– and I ate loads of it! Downed with wine. My gosh, the next day I was just a mess!

Saw Simbi at the O2 Islington Academy the other day. I really can't believe this little 8 year old girl is now in her 20's, on a world tour and just killing it. Was super cool to see her do her thing. You go Little Simz!

Reading the Divergent series before Allegiant comes out. Can't wait! Very surprised that Insurgent is nothing like the book. So confused why!

Went on a mini Amazon spree. Me and books are a deadly combination.

I'm having really bad issues with Apple. I don't understand why we have to pay so much for their products yet the quality isn't fab. My iPod that I've had for 6 months, has stopped working. This is the third iPod I have had and this is the third time this has happened. Then they said I may have to pay to get it repaired....say what now? I am going in tomorrow and I expect to get a free replacement. It's not my fault that their product isn't great.

Then my mac laptop charger stopped working, so I went to Apple and they said because I was out of warranty, I had to pay £65!!! WHAT??!! I ordered one over eBay for £13, then I missed the delivery by one minute, so I got an Uber to go to the post depot, absolutely fuming. The Uber driver asks me what's up and I explain what happened, then he said the delivery won't be there until this evening. He takes me back home and says he will make sure that they don't charge me too much because we only went up the road. THEY CHARGED ME £8. I went to teach and I ended up leaving late because everyone wanted to talk to me and I'm thinking I need to get there before they close. Then I can't find the depot and my phone starts flickering and turns green! So I couldn't use it. I finally find the depot, which is down this really creepy alley way. The post people try to tell me it wasn't there and by this point I am over it. I said, you need to check because I need it for work. I refused to leave and there was this massive cue behind me but I was just like someone needs to give me this charger, or I am going to lose it. They eventually found it and then I get the wrong bus home and ended up in TOTTENHAM. God give me strength. I was meant to go to the gym, but I thought, I don't trust what might happen, so I went straight home to a freezing cold house, desperate for a shower, with no hot water. I can honestly say that it was a shit day.

I met up with Aleta in Waterloo, spontaneously a few weeks ago and I passed a Lola's cupcakes, so I thought it would be nice to get us both some red velvet cupcakes. I had to get to Covent Garden so we walked through the freezing cold and horrible rainy weather and went to Apple (this was to sort out my charger issue). We ended up going to one of my fav restaurants Joe's Kitchen. Now, we had these massive cupcake boxes and I'm thinking that they're not going to let us eat them, so I told the waitress it was my birthday and could we eat the cupcakes. She was really sweet and allowed us too. So we're halfway though our food and all I hear is 'Happy Birthday' and she comes out with these other waiters and brings me this Oreo ice cream cake. My mouth literally dropped. I was in genuine shock. Aleta is all singing along like it's really my birthday lool but the cake was AMAZING! OMG!

Still a few tickets left for The Author School full day of classes and networking event. I am so proud of how well it has sold. If you need help with writing or publishing a book, look no further!

Does anyone understand what Rihanna is saying in Work? I mean....

R.I.P Harper Lee. One of the boldest authors ever.

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