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...the man had to do the walk of shame and he looked so normal. Only in Hackney.

I've finished writing my third book!!! I am so excited, I just need to get it edited and proofread and then I can give it to Val. I am so on just getting these books out once a year. I feel like something pops up when my books are due to come out. They're never bad but then they don't create the result I want,  I'm the one who ends up being frustrated so no more road blocks!! My goal is to do more books than Jacqueline Wilson, so I've got a long way to go.

Congratulations to Ellie and Macy Lewis for their story The Magic Horse for The little BIG Book Competition. These girls are 5 and 7 years old! And their story is so good. Read it at and we are running another competition that ends 29th August. Theme is Superpowers and the first entry is FREE!! All the winners stories are going to be published and get a goody bag, so if you are aged 5-21, get involved! Send your free story to

Went to see Into The Hoods Remix and it was really good and funny. I took some kids from church that I teach dance too and they loved it. They were really inspired and it made me realise that they need to see more shows like this, so they can really see what they can achieve if they push themselves.

No joke, I had just finished teaching my Wednesday class in this old school church and the kids have gone home and suddenly Andrew and I hear this bang. So he goes to investigate and he comes back looking shocked, then I hear a lady say, “Just give us five minutes.” I'm asking him what's wrong and you know when someone says something so crazy, that you have to ask again? Basically a hooker was having sex with a customer in the church!! It was so mad. I didn't get to see her face but I mean she was dressed like a hooker but what was shocking was that the man had to do the walk of shame and he looked so normal, why would he need to pay for it? I said this to Andrew and he scoffed and said, “Well he's a man.” Only in Hackney.

X-Men Apocalypse was great but Civil War was AMAZING!!!!!

Was meant to go to an interview in Watford the other day but I cancelled because I felt like the company were asking for way too much stuff for the teaching position. The plan was after the interview, Zarah was going to meet me and we were going to to Top Golf. We still decided to go even though I cancelled the interview, so halfway to Watford I realised that I hadn't eaten properly all day and you know when the day just seems a bit long. At the last minute, we got of at Wemberly and went to TGI's. Ended up staying there for hours and had the best time, as you can see below :) So mature

Everyone has been banging on at me to watch Game of Thrones. I wasn't really on it but now Empire and Scandal have finished, I've got some free time before Power starts up in July. I go downstairs with my headphones and Showbox is acting up and I can't watch any series apart from 6! Now I really want to watch it and can't find a free link online.

There's this new gym class that I'm obsessed with called Body Combat. It's like Martial Arts based and I swear down, kicking and punching the air is the best feeling. There's also a really hot instructor that teaches the next class after mine and you know when you're trying to go hard to impress someone but then the instructor of the Body Combat was telling us to do a thousand sit ups in 2 minutes and I couldn't do it, not even to impress him! So i just laid on the floor like a star fish.

Angelina Jolie is a guest lecturer at LSEU! She is my all time favourite actress so I'm thinking about enrolling in whatever she is teaching. Makes sense to me.

The Author School was featured on Virgin StartUps website - have a look here
Also we are running a book marketing workshop on July 29th from 11-4pm, check out our website for more info
We also are launching are online course in July. Say what!! And we have something else brewing but all will be explained soon. I will say it's very scary. It's actually something I thought I would do when I was around 40 but I guess 27 will do!

Why are 12 year olds stressing out about getting fake nails and their eyebrows threaded? I can't deal!!!!!

I went to Halifax Stoke Newington to put in a cheque and it was written out to Abiola Bello but because Abiola isn't my first name, they flagged it up the day before it was going to clear. So I call Halifax and they tell me to go into a branch with my ID to get it sorted. One of their workers was so rude to me about it, like I was some idiot, when the joke is I used to get paid by cheques for years and it was written to Abiola Bello and it was never flagged up. They got so deep that they thought I was committing fraud on my own account! He was so rude that I wanted to switch banks. Then to top it all off there was a homeless person in the bank, going around to everyone, asking them if they were okay and if the manager sorted out their banking issues! It was so bizarre that I started to laugh but the staff didn't even ask him to leave. I think the main problem is you get these road boys and because they are in a suit, they think they are professional. I took my complaint against that idiot all the way to the head office and Halifax gave me £50 for the trouble so cheers for that. I'm still going to write a letter of complaint just so he knows not to try that shit again.

Talking of Stoke Newington, Helen and I spoke to The Stoke Newington Literary Festival about being part of their programme. We were going back and forth and was told we would be getting a decision. This morning on the table is a programme of this years festival! Seriously taking the piss. What gets me about Hackney is they don't support their own at all and it really frustrates me. Only this year have I got more teaching jobs in Hackney even though I have made myself available to teach dance in the area. How can they do a literary festival practically on my road and they won't feature The Author School? I'm defo going to dig deeper into this issue. They have the cheek to do a Love Hackney campaign!! It's not on.

Isn't Ellen the best? Going to be on her show one day.

I don't know if you have heard of The Simpsons Tapped Out game but I have been playing for ages now and I reached level 60 and apparently that's the end of the game! Heartbroken right now

Trying to sort out my birthday in August and I honestly can't think of anything to do. I'm usually turnt up for the whole week but I don't even have a day lool. I feel like I've done everything I want to do. I wanted to see the Harry Potter play but that's sold out till MAY 2017. I've got dinner all booked but still got to work out what else to do. Sigh

We are currently in a situation where they are deciding whether the UK should stay in the EU. I am definitely for stay. I do think we need better control on immigration but I don't understand what happens to the British people who retire in Spain. Would they have to come back? I'm moving to France in a few years so I'm not really in the mood for it being difficult for me - just saying.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do an Emily Knight Warriors pop up blog in August. I want too but I don't know who I want to write about plus all my energy is going into getting these books out, I just feel a bit stretched. Ahhhh I need to figure it out.

Getting new cover art for Emily Knight I AM in summer - can't wait!

Launched EK X Artists with Zetman92 and look at the amazingness that he created! This is his interpretation of Michella Kinkle and I am so in love. I can't wait to get Emily, Wesley and Jason.

R.I.P Muhammad Ali. What an amazing man with such big dreams. Inspiration.


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This has been an awesome year. I truly feel like 2017 set the foundations for my life. Existing things were brought up to another level and for 2018, it's just going to flourish. I have the best feeling about next year. I can't explain it but I know it's going to be one to remember (in a good way)
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