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Isn't the power of influence crazy?

Summer is finally here!! Literally, it's only just come now lool and it is amazing. I think there was a Tuesday that was 31 degrees. The worst thing is teaching dance in the weather, cause I legit have nothing to wear. I also had a taster session on Tuesday for this new teaching job and this kid comes up to me and says, “Are you the dance teacher?” I said, “Yes,” and then he goes, “Well I bet I'm a better football player and dancer than you.” You know when it's just too hot and no-one has time for silly people? So I just stared at him for ages until he got so uncomfortable. In my head I was thinking, is he okay? He kind of backed away from me, I'm not sure why and I called him over. He grabbed the nearest boy to come over to me with him – like I was going to swing for him or something looool and then I told him what a rude little fool he was. I think because I said it in one tone, it freaked him out. Then he ran away. I told one of the teachers who said, “Good! I can't stand that idiot.” Ha!

I've had concert fever. If you read my blogs, you will understand. I saw Brandy in Birmingham. A road trip I did with Zarah and it was fab. We stayed at Tara's house and this guy we met had a spare ticket so Tara got in for free too. We were on the guest list so FREENESS. We got into Brum at 5.30, the show started at 6.30. Got to see Shakka who opened up for her and he was so good. Brandy did all my tunes and I was loving it. When she sang 'The boy is mine' I almost died! Got to Tara's about 1am and was up at 6am and at church for 9.30am. Like a boss.

Then I had the Beyonce Formation concert in Wembley Stadium. I have never been Wembley before but it is very dirty! I thought the standard would be much better and I was so confused as to how the lights would be coming on, until I realised that it was an open stadium. Beyonce was AMAZING!! This is my third time seeing her and I think this was her best concert ever. Her Mrs Carter tour,  thought she didn't have much energy, but this one-WOW!! And I love this new album as well. Her opening act was a shame. I thought it was DJ Khalid because he had done her US leg, but it was some random DJ, that would be playing tunes, then randomly play 'Wonderwall' then it was showing clips of the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, but it was so odd because they obvs weren't in the stadium. I tried to eat beforehand but I got too hungry and then had to lie to the food people that I had a kid, so I could get the kids menu. They didn't believe me but who cares, it was the best chips and fish fingers I've had in ages.

Isn't the Kim K, Taylor Swift, Chloe Mortez and Khloe K argument hilarious? I just think, don't you guys have each others numbers? Rather than baiting each other out and disrespecting each other. I would say it's shocking...but it's not really.

Just did the Relentless conferee at church. It was aimed at young and young adults and it went really well. Me and my dancers performed and thank God, each set looked really good. I put a clip of the kids dance to 'No' onto my Instagram and tagged Meghan Trainor. Can you believe Meghan Trainor liked the video!! Then the views on the clip was going crazy! I think it go over 800 views, last time I looked. Isn't the power of influence crazy? Because one famous person liked my video, all of her fans watched it and then followed me.
I told my dance crew, if Beyonce likes our other video (we danced to her song 'Forward') then we can retire - unfortunately she didn't but I know she viewed it. Go have a watch @abiolabello

Can you believe we are out of the EU??!! No-one thought we would leave. It's just so messed up and there was a petition going around that London should leave the UK and re-join the EU. I signed that petition.

I mentioned on my last blog, that The Author School had something brewing. Well •drum roll• we are launching a publishing house. I know!! It's mental but so very cool. We have been doing so much research and it's almost ready to go. We do have the logo though but that will be revealed soon. I honestly can't believe how much The Author School has grown, I am just so proud of us. We have our online course launching in a few weeks, we are starting The Author School Hour from tomorrow 8-9pm and every Monday on Twitter, where people can tweet us questions and we have amazing speakers for our September 26th class, including top agent Madeleine Milburn and authors can pitch to her AND have one to ones! It's so sick! Limited tickets available via

I feel so blessed. I have so much summer work (usually I have none) and from September, I have lots of new contracts and I'm really excited. I'm going to be working like a beast though but everything is in place and it's going to be great.

People have been asking me what's happening with Emily?  I have to laugh because it's all on track. But it's all sorted it and my cover art for book 1 will be getting done in a few weeks. It took me ages to think of another cover art because my original cover is my dream. The idea is that book 1 and 2 will get released together.

I was in two minds about doing another Emily Knight Warriors this summer but I changed my mind and I love the story. This one is called ROBERTA and launches at midnight! It's based on the only female in the Five Warriors, Roberta Taniana and I'm glad I done it because it pushes me to think more about the character. Plus, the Giveaway is going to be fab! It won't be a signed book this time, but something equally cool. Remember, the story will be released in 4 parts and each part is up for 7 days 

Can't believe it's going to be my birthday on Saturday!!! That came round quick. I've upgraded to celebrating all month looool so dig deep in your pockets peeps.

Fergie brought a robin into the kitchen. A dead robin. I screamed and ran out

Another Emily Knight X Zetman92. Just gets better and better


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