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Guess who I saw walking down Covent Garden?? Only Ben flipping Affleck!

Birthday month is coming to an end *crying* although I still have one last present on Monday. Yay!
I had the best birthday and it was full of so many surprises. I saw Finding Dory, which gave me sad and happy tears. One minute I was busting up and the next I'm breaking down and crying,'Where's her family???' I got free drinks at Byron, free cake at Brew Box, then dinner at Absurd Bird. It's the best food I've ever had in London. The next day, I had a party and got a surprise cake and gifts and it was just so overwhelming.  Had lunch at Blue's Kitchen, went Bournemouth Beach (and caught loads of Pokemon OMG). We played volleyball and we were pretty awful. Like really awful but it was a gorgeous day, got a crazy tan and put my big toe in the water.

I've had a blast of a birthday and have been surrounded by the best people.

Roberta has officially ended. This is my third pop up story and I'm so proud that I wrote it. It's funny because I was looking at the views for the stories and Lox is still the most popular one. I guess the Knight's will always come out on top. 
I've been writing book 3, which so far is going well and I have been talking to a publishers about book 2. I should be getting a publication time line sent to me today and hopefully it all goes well with them, so book 2 can actually come out! Get in! They sent me a book of the size they want the Emily Knight to be and I love it. I actually hate the book size of Emily Knight I AM with a passion. I remember when I first saw it, I called Frances in tears and went to her house and said, 'It looks like a text book!' looool, so getting a new book size is my dream. 
I'm getting book 1 cover art sorted out, I think next week and book 2 proofreading in a few weeks so we are back on track people! I also have a Birthday Giveaway ending tomorrow. You can enter HERE and you can possibly win an awesome prize.

Speaking of prizes, the little Big Book Competition went so well. I have had loads of entries from young people aged 5 all the way to 16! I love that there are young writers out there, sharing their gifts with me. Excited to sit down and read through them.

I've surprised myself but I have an idea for an adult book! I know! Who would have thought it. This now takes my book ideas up to five and I want at least two books out before I turn 30. 

Guess who I saw walking down Covent Garden?? Only Ben flipping Affleck! We came out of teaching in Pineapple Dance Studios and I saw this guy, walking with a little blonde girl. I said to Zarah, 'Isn't that Ben Affleck?'
Zarah: 'What? Where? No! Wait...maybe, I don't know.'
Me: 'Swear down that's Ben Affleck. Omg follow him.'
So we followed him and then he stopped to look at something and I'm pushing Zarah towards him. 
Me: 'Talk to him.'
Zarah: 'nkdtde2p4kwfm'
Me *rolls eyes*
I go up to him and I ask if he is Ben Affleck and he says yes. Duh! We have a chat with his daughter who looks just like Jennifer Garner. Then we get a picture and it was weird because he had zero security around. I don't think anyone had even noticed him. Anneliese and Anna are all trying not to be in the picture. 
Me: 'Come on. You're not going to see him tomorrow!'
We waved them off and then we saw them being stopped further up the road and this girl was sprinting with her mobile phone towards them. Oops. The oddest thing was that I put the pic on my Instagram and I know Ben Affleck is a proper A lister but I didn't realise there were Instagram sites dedicated to him and I was being tagged and thanked in so many posts. I was like wtf!

Helen and I launched our online course!!! I honestly can't believe that we have done it, I mean the work isn't over yet by a long shot but the fact we have a course out there is such an achievement. And we have our first ever summer sale, so our full day of courses which is usually £65 is now £35. I swear down we spoil these authors. I wish something like The Author School was around, when I was doing Emily. It would have saved me a lot of money and mistakes. The sale ends TOMORROW so have a look and I'm sure there will be something that you will want  - SUMMER SALE

Watched the VMAS. Did you hear Kanye say he is his own role model?? Lool I can't with him.

Drakes speech to Rihanna. So cute.

Can't believe I'm starting up my Saturday school Co-Star Arts again. I've had so many requests to bring it back. Round two here we go! 

Got my battle cards done!! All ready for the Triskele Lit festival in a few weeks. I am in love with them and I am selling them for £1 via

I'm having Game of Thrones withdrawal. That's normal right?

Went to Notting Hill Carnival with my sister and we had a great time. The floats were so amazing! There was one and the lady was at the very top, fully naked and painted in the colours of some flag. Brave is the word. 


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