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"Did you know what the mannequin challenge was before you did it?"

October 13th will be a day that goes down in history. Hashtag Press launched at the same time we found out that we were FINALISTS for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards because of The Author School. I literally felt like I was dreaming! To launch something that has been one of my dreams for years and then to get shortlisted for an award, I had no idea that we even had a shot at was such an incredible feeling. The awards was yesterday and in the end Helen and I didn't go cause the tickets were too expensive, even with the discounts and we needed the money to book our room for March. I was stalking Twitter like a crazy person and unfortunately we didn't win the Micro business category. I am really not a good loser lool and I was so annoyed! I spent 3 hours the night before updating our website as well. I have no idea what you even win–bragging rights? At least we can always say we were finalists, that's still a massive achievement.

On a positive note, my cover art for Emily Knight I AM looks so good! I am seriously in love with it and don't get me started on how sick the branding is. I can't wait to re-release this book!

I'm not going to lie, this past month has been crazy busy, like I have no time to think busy. I feel like my head is in a million different things and because it's coming up to Christmas, everything is coming to a head. I am legit counting down the days till the 22nd December, when I am taking my Christmas break. I just need to do nothing for at least a week except eat and sleep, and maybe leave the house at least once. Okay and maybe go gym...once. It's funny because a friend asked me the other day what I was up too and you know, when you're just so exhausted and thinking about it makes you exhausted? I couldn't even respond to her! I think I grunted or something. Then another friend wanted to know how I do everything and my response was, "Don't do what I do! I'm insane and I don't even know why I'm doing this to myself. Live your life." I think it's fair to say, I didn't give her much hope. 

I have wanted to go to Fright Night for years and every year I never seem to have money to go but this year, I got it together and it was not scary! I thought people would be jumping out at me all day. I thought I would be screaming and looking over my shoulder. No. It was just a normal day at Thorpe Park, except it was dark and the park closed later. Plus, it got so busy because everyone was waiting for it to get dark, so by the time we tried to go on the Halloween rides, the cues were about 2 hours long! The Saw maze was pretty scary, but we cued for almost 2 hours and it only took maybe five minutes. It was a fun day but not scary, which was kind of the point. The highlight was Anna (in the black coat) honestly her screaming on the rides was so funny. I didn't even have a chance to be scared on the roller coasters because it was just a constant scream from her.

President Trump. No-one will ever get used to that. Ever. 

They were hosting the fireworks at Clissold Park this year. I remember last year, it sold out and I didn't even know about the fireworks until the day off, so this year, I was determined to get tickets. In the end, I was given two free tickets and me and Lola went. It was absolutely freezing, but it was very cool. The fireworks were amazing and it was all done to Disney songs and Roar by Katy Perry. 

Seeing as my brother couldn't get me Harry tickets, I asked for tickets to see In The Heights and I took Anneliese. OMG! First of all, our seats were in the middle of the first row and the acting, rapping, dancing and singing was so good, I can't even explain it. It was one of the best musicals I have seen and it was in an old train platform. I got a new car, with a built in sat nav and you know when you get a new car, you just want to take it everywhere, even if it's not convenient,  so my bright self thought, let's drive to the theatre. That's all fine, but it was in Kings Cross and I couldn't find any parking loool. Took me ages and then I couldn't remember where the theatre was from where I had parked. Then after the show, I couldn't remember which direction my car was. Bloody mess.

Do we really need another Wolverine film? WE GET IT! HE WAS AN EXPERIMENT! Why can't they focus on Storm or Jean?

I was walking to work and turned the corner and this huge dog, of it's lead runs into me and I scream and drop my brand new S7 on the floor, where it cracks on the side. Now I never crack my screens, ever, so can you imagine, this happened to my week old phone. I look up and the owner is a tramp and mumbles a, "Sorry love," and carries on with his day. After I finished teaching, I went to my combat class and then there was a phone shop, near by. I go in and tell the man what happened. 
He says, "What phone is it?"
Me: "S7"
Every single man in the phone shop: "S7? Oh no, ah man I'm so sorry that happened to you."
Like someone died! Then he quotes me £170 to fix it! And I tell him that I need that money to live life, so he puts on a protective screen to stop it cracking any further and tells me to claim on insurance. How did I forget that I had phone insurance? And thank God! Then I had to get another sim because my old S5 phone sim is bigger. I go to EE and I wait for an hour! Why? Because there is one worker in the shop and there are eight people waiting and then the cheek is when I finally get home and look through the S7 box, there's a spare sim in there. My life sometimes is too much. 

I have a £10 fine from the library because I keep forgetting the date to bring the books back. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have forgotten to bring the books back so many times, it's beyond a joke. And they are lying in a mess all over my bedroom floor, so you would think I would want to bring them back!

We did the mannequin challenge at church as we were running through the dance for the Christmas play and Jordan, one of the kids I teach dance to, says to me, "Oh I saw you lot did the mannequin challenge."
Me: "Yes, it looked good."
Jordan looked at me suspiciously: "Did you know what the mannequin challenge was before you did it?"
Cheeky cow! 
Me: "Yes, I did actually. I'm not sixty years old." 
Jordan: "Well you didn't know the other stuff, did you?"
Me: "What stuff? Do you mean the dance challenges?"
Jordan: "Yes, you didn't know those."
Me: "Because they were stupid."
Jordan scoffs: "Oh and the mannequin challenge isn't?"
Me: "No, it's fun."
Jordan to another girl in what she thinks is a whisper. "I bet she didn't know what it was."
I wanted to hit her. Then we go downstairs and this other kid says that church are going to do a massive mannequin challenge in an hour.
Jordan looking unimpressed: "I'm shocked they even know what that is."
Check my church's one out - it's really good so in your face Jordan! MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE

Check out my interview I did with the fabulous Eden at Graveyard Sisters

I found tickets for Drake's concert and was asking some of my friends, should I buy it and if they wanted to come. The universal response was, "Err... do you want to think about that price?"


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