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I start eating the pizza cause I feel like I lost weight walking them twenty minutes

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year. I'm part of the team that is not having the best start. You know when the year starts and you're pumped up with good vibes, and you have this new year, new me attitude? I tried guys, but it's been testing so far.
I just feel exhausted. I think last term was way too much. I took on loads of work and I was done with life. Christmas break needed to be at least three months, it went way too quick and I am still not ready to get back on the grind.

First week in the new year and some of my contracts came back telling me, “We're not sure if we can re-start the session.” Great bloody start to the year. I decided not to freak out and just let God do what he does best. Thankfully, it worked out and I feel more balanced with the work load, but the hustle of being self employed is so real. I really didn't pick an easy life.

On the plus side, I officially have cover art for the re-branding of Emily Knight I AM and it looks so sick. I am so in love! Here's a little sneak peak, illustrated by the boss Alexandra Artigas

I didn't get to throw my dance lot a xmas party because we just didn't have enough time, so I told myself in the new year, I would do one for them. I made sure the lights were there, we had a loud speaker that you could hear for three floors–I had it all planned.
A group of us went to get food for the party and then one of the kids tells me to go to Dominos as they have a two large pizza deal. So me and one of the kids Pauline go walking towards Domino's. Now I have never seen Domino's in Golders Green, and I assumed it was just a bit further up the road. Pauline and I walked for TWENTY MINUTES. These times, I'm stopping to check my map because I'm so confused why we are still walking and why I didn't drive us down. We finally get to Domino's and the guy at the till says one second. This man, goes to clean some trays for ages and me and Pauline are looking at each other like wtf.
Pauline then starts coughing and the man is just ignoring us. Eventually he comes over to tell us that the deal we had walked TWENTY MINUTES for was not valid in their branch. My life. We ended up buying an extra large pizza, which is obviously not enough for 20+ dancers. My phone is going off cause everyone wants to eat and party. I start eating the pizza cause I feel like I lost weight walking them twenty minutes. The party in the end was amazing, but by the time I actually finished eating, I'm being told we've got to round up the party cause the church service is going to start!

Jodi Picoult commented on my Intsagram post about her book 'Small Great Things.' Fan girl moment!!

Watched Blak, Whyte, Gray - The Boy Blue show at Barbican. What's so funny is me and Alisha are chilllin in McDonalds for time and then we had to practically run to the show, to make it on time. The show was good. The stamina of the dancers was insane. After that, we went to my mate Sarah's bday in Shoreditch. Sarah was already in her own party bubble. A group of us go upstairs to get drinks and these two drunken girls come and push in. Then it went off! My friend pulled this girl's hair, hit her and grabbed a bottle! I'm there trying to calm her down and praying that it doesn't turn into a full blown fight cause then I would have to get involved and I was tired. Alisha is there, just sipping on her drink lool
The bouncer comes out and takes my friend out of the club. I'm like wtf just happened here? Then the bouncer says to me if I can get her coat. I go downstairs and before it was empty, suddenly it's rammed with people, I don't know what coat she brought, so I'm just grabbing random coats. I go outside and everyone's like that's not her coat.
Sarah (still in her party bubble) says, “You can just give her my coat, I don't need a coat.”
It's 3 degrees outside.
They eventually let my friend come in to get her coat. I then can't find my bag because I thought Alisha had it, but she had given it to me and I couldn't remember where it was, but it turned out to be with the coats. The longness of it all!
Alisha turns to me and says, “I'm going to go.”
I reply, “Run.”

Shout out to the winners of The little BIG Book Competition, 7 year old Ava Garnett from Kent and 15 year old, Will Shahene from Sheffield. Their stories were fantastic and I am blown away by how talented they are. The little BIG Book Comp is now OPEN!! Till March 24th

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy boxing match. I think they will both lose.

Helen and I are doing a new series of evening classes called Getting Ahead of The Publishing Game as part of The Author School. I am really excited about these classes because it's a great and cheap loool opportunity for us to talk frankly to writers and really help them to understand this book life. Our next one is 20th Feb and it's pitching to literary agents. After listening to Madeleine Milburn at our last class, we have alot of info! Book here

So I haven't been to the gym for about two weeks cause of a cold. I felt better and I wanted to take a step class. Now with my gym you can book classes, but experience has showed me that people don't turn up when they book, so I just went to the gym. I'm waiting outside the studio, please tell me how it went from four people waiting to forty ladies in the space of five minutes. Then one of the workers comes out with a clipboard and tells everyone to tick their name off. Obvs my name isn't there because I didn't book! So I add it onto the second page full of names and I'm thinking how the hell am I getting in this class? I end up talking to this woman and I ask, “Who runs this class?”
She says the mans name and I realise who he is, so I tell her the story of when I did his spin class and he was making us do 80 star jumps then cycle like a loon before doing press ups. Everyone is listening and starts laughing, but I promise you it wasn't funny and he has scarred me from doing spin again.
When we eventually go in, there wasn't enough steps for the women that booked and me and the ones who hadn't booked are looking at each other all sheepish. Then we're told we can't do the class. I'm so confused cause I have never seen the gym this packed, so I say that to the worker and he says, “It's Jan, they'll fall off the wagon by Feb!”
I think it was a sign from above to stay away from the crazy instructor. I ended up on the cross trainer which kicked my arse and I'm still sore from it.

President Trump. Still don't get it. All I do know is I am thankful to have seen the Obama's reign. Running the world and staying cool with it - how can you not love them?


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