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I'm from Hackney, it takes a lot to intimidate me

Can you believe we are in March? Usually, I would think where is the time gone, but I actually feel like I have done a million things and it's only March! Counting down the days till August, when I am far away from London Town.

I do love setting up a publishing house, but goodness there is so much to it that I didn't even think about and everything seems to take forever! Do you know what it is? I think it's cause I don't like relying on people for things, I just like to get things done so when Royal Mail turns around and says it will take over a week to sort out a PO Box, it just makes me so irritated! I want to get this ball moving asap.

I had a great convo with Stoke Newington Lit Festival and I am officially booked in for a day in May with....200 kids! Lord have mercy! I have a rough idea of what I want to do and have been quizzing kids off different ages to see if it's fun lool. I think once it's more planned, it will go down really well. This is literally a dream. I have wanted to be part of this festival for four years and now it's happening. EEK!

This means that I need the second edition of Emily Knight I AM out latest beginning of May. Hence why I am getting frustrated when people are moving slow and I am on a deadline. Deep breath. I even had a three day argument with the a broadcaster over a quote they said about me, that I wanted to use. I feel like they were trying to intimidate me sending the big dogs to message me. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm from Hackney, it takes a lot to intimidate me.

Love these I AM posters!

Did you see Beyonce at The Grammys? She looked fantastic but when she went back on the chair, I did think this girl is crazy.

I started teaching for a new company and one job I have taken is all the way in Bromley. I was ready to call it a day after the first drive there but the kids are amazing dancers and so nice! There is one kid, who is seven or eight and she has just got it. Whatever it is, she has it!

Bruno Mars. Love him.

I had a surprise last week, when I opened my mail and saw a final demand for payment from HMRC. I started stressing thinking has my accountant not submitted my tax? Turns out they have changed they way N.I is paid so it is all in one go by the end of Jan. It's so silly. Who really has money in Jan? Turns out I was three weeks over a deadline I had no idea about.

The Author School X London Lit Lab  - learn more about our new partnership HERE

The London Book Fair is coming up the week of the 13th. I have to make time to book in some meetings. I feel like I barely have time to sleep these days. I have The Author School Day on the 13th (almost sold out!) and then LBF the next day. I got my edited third story back and is currently with my agent so fingers crossed.

Just started an Instagram for The Lil' Author Skool and Hashtag Press, so be lovely and follow @thelilauthorskool @hashtag_press

So good to see the Oscars diverse this year. Wasn't that hard, was it?

Brought Zarah tickets to see J Cole for her bday. I really didn't want to tell her till the last second but I was scared someone would tell her or get the same prez. I tagged her in a pic of him on Instagram and said SURPRISE! I wish I could share her voice note. The best ever. Just lots of screaming and talking gibberish

Stormzy's album makes me feel like a Bad Boy (if you know the album, you'll get it lool)

I did this post yesterday for World Book Day and all of the authors liked and retweeted it! AAHHHH! I was so excited  - can't you tell?

R.I.P Michelle. You beautiful soul. I will miss you x


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