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"It's you. You don't produce s***.” Nicest thing I have heard this year.

Spring is officially here and it is sunny days in London! Hopefully it lasts because it is London

I have officially released my book covers for I am and I am Awakened!! Illustration by Alexandra Artigas and cover design by Jem Butcher - aren't they gorgeous?? I am (second edition) will be released June 1st and I am Awakened September 28th AND I am doing a pre-order deal only via my website so you can get both books for £12!! SAY WHAT!!!
I am excited but I am also nervous. I forgot how much work it is releasing a book, which is kind of stupid seeing as I run The Author School and we tell authors how to publish a book. I was telling Ebru before we went to see Logan and I was saying, 'What if people think it's s***?'
She said the best line I have heard this year and I now say to myself everyday. She said, "It's you. You don't produce s***.” Nicest thing I have heard this year.

The London Book Fair was amazing this year. First of all they had Pizza Express in there and massage chairs  - you can't go wrong! Usborne by far had the most creative stand ever. I wish I had spent more days there rather than the one but next year, I'm hoping we will have a stand. I met with an editor from Pushkin, who wanted to talk to me about Emily and I had to pitch to her on the spot (no pressure) What's so funny is every time I go to release book 2 a book deal or a potential book deal comes along. This has happened since 2013! In the end, it didn't work out but I got great feedback from her and she liked me so maybe in the future. I also met with a film company, who were giving me great tips on how to submit Emily to get made into a TV series - very cool.
Harry's Bar sounded great but the one drink that was advertised like a potion came in a small plastic cup and cost £8. Ooh and I saw author Rachel Abbot which was cool

Hashtag Press is officially up and running and we have some awesome authors being published this year. Finally it's all coming together. This amazing story is being published September 12th and trust me, it will make you cry. It's a memoir by Stephanie Nimmo and it's just inspiring, heartbreaking, funny and everything in-between. Pre-order it 

The Paris episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Wow. That was crazy and it makes it even more disturbing that people were mocking Kim for it. 

The Author School London Book Fair class was fab! Thank God because we almost didn't have a venue seeing as the one we had booked didn't book us in, the second venue cancelled our booking three days before the class because of building work and praise God a venue called The Last Jesus Centre, gave us a room and a discount. I told Helen, this is Jesus helping some sisters out. 

My little mini's did a mothers day dance and we were in such a rush that their posters that read I LOVE YOU MUM were in the wrong order! Then the mothers did Rhythm Nation and were epic!!

Taught at the Common wealth games HQ. It's always funny going somewhere posh when you're going to teach. I was giving a talk so I could wear a skirt but I did see the looks when we were walking cause other teachers were in their baggy clothes and backpacks. All I can say is the staff can throw down some moves! My mum was really nervous about me going because it's close to Westminster which is where the shooting happened, the day before, so there was bare police everywhere. It felt a little weird because you could see that everyone was on edge but like these posters pretty much sums up how I feel AND I had a tea and hot chocolate 

Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert. Really Pepsi?

I have an idea for the Stoke Newington Lit Festival but now I'm worried that it will be too long for one hour...and also the 200 kids lool 

Logan was AMAZING!!!!! I couldn't believe how raw and aggressive it was. I loved every second of it. 

Everyone is trying to make me see that new film Get Out. It just looks too weird but I have heard it's good and now I have agreed to see it with my cousin. I hope I enjoy it. 

I went to this ab class at my gym. It was only 30 minutes and the instructor is really hot, so I thought why not? It was so intense and the instructor was watching me alot so I felt like I couldn't quit. At one point he came and just stood over me and I said, "Hey." and he said, "Hi," then raised his eyebrows at me when I legit took a five second breather. I only stopped when he was on the other side of the room. Anyway I was good all day and then just before midnight, my stomach was in agony. I couldn't move, it was like sharp pains shooting through. I had to sleep with a hot water bottle and I couldn't dance the next day. It was crazy. Turns out I pulled a muscle in my stomach!! Hot or not I ain't going back to his class.

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