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I just really want Cersei to die. I want the dragons to light her ass up

It's my birthday next week! 29 years old. Seriously how did this happen? I think I blinked and it's my birthday again. One kid said to me, “I feel like you just turned 25.” I'll be on holiday so I can party away my sorrows. I'm only half-joking. I'm running a birthday giveaway on Instagram from the 1st August to win a signed copy of my second book and some battle cards.

Speaking off holidays, Zarah and I went to book and we had fraud done! As we went to book our holiday, someone used the money to book themselves a holiday! The bloody cheek. We got the money back but they tried to book twice. The the original deal we found was gone. Typical.

Emily Knight I am...Awakened is officially with the typesetters! All glory to God because after I did book 1 I was like how am I going to do this again? It is so stressful! But this time round seems a lot more calm and I just can't wait to hold it. I got a book review for I am yesterday from Pop the butterfly. She said ' I really loved the novel and I feel that this would be a perfect novel for any kid that fell in love with the Harry Potter series. And that includes any kid at heart.' 
I swear with my author journey all roads seem to lead to Harry. It's funny cause I always get compared to Harry and I think it's the school element but the joke is I based it on Xavier's School for Mutants from X-Men! It's strange that anything based in a school is compared to HP. I'm not mad, cause that road is paved in gold and diamonds.
How gorgeous is this pic??
Currently a quarter of the way through the last book of the Emily Knight series! Trying to decide who to kill off. Got some amazing reviews for my book cover for I am...Awakened and Katherine Webber gave me a quote! I read her book Wing Jones and so chuffed that she took the time to read my book and give me such a nice quote to use.

I had a meeting with Treehouse Digital the other day. They went to the Children's Media Conference to pitch Emily to broadcasters and the feedback they got was AMAZING!!!!!!! There are two VERY BIG broadcasters who seem like the front runners, so fingers crossed. I am beyond excited about all this. It's just such a different world and I can't wait to be involved with it and see this beaut come to life on screen.

How good is Game of Thrones? I just really want Cersei to die. I want it more than anything. I think Jamie or Sansa will kill her or maybe Arya will because she is on her list but I want the dragons to light her ass up.

I'm really wishing that social media wasn't as powerful or important as it is. I can't stand the over-sexual images on Instagram. It's just too much! There was this post of this really cute girl and she had done this amazing artwork. So I was curious to see more of her stuff, so I go on her page and there is a few more art pieces but the rest is just her butt, boobs, stomach, bare selfies and I was so confused!! When you have that much talent, why would you even resort to that? It got to the point where I was like who is this? Is she even an artist? I don't know when it became okay and perfectly normal for people to post these half naked pictures of themselves on an app. For what? Likes and followers? At the end of the day, Instagram is just an app that can disappear tomorrow. Why do people take it so seriously? Even with sharing their friends posts to support them. I found this with my book, that some people were almost afraid to put it on their Insta because of their 'image' but the people that actually have a legit brand, posted it with no worries. Just very very bizarre. I just don't think Instagram or any app should be taken that seriously. 

I really wanted to watch the 2Pac film but the reviews looked brutal. I asked my brother if he wanted to see Spiderman Homecoming and he asked about the 2Pac film. I explained about the reviews and we are both huge 2Pac fans so if it's rubbish, I know we would be annoyed. Then my mum chips in and says, “That's not nice. You should go and support him.”
Me: Who?
Mum: Tupac
Me: You know he's not my friend, right?
Mum: You should go and watch his movie.
Me: Again, he is not my friend. You know he's dead, right?
I swear my family are the weirdest.

Rob and Chyna. I mean that had me glued to my phone, ain't gonna lie about it lool

Our speakers for The Author School in November is actually sick. We have authors Patrice Lawrence, Katherine Webber, Ross Armstrong. Treehouse Digital discussing how to pitch your book to production companies, editor Karen Ball and David Daley is back to talk about book contracts and deals AND we still have more speakers. I can't wait for this one. Book here and tickets are already selling.

Thank you Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press for the book prizes! The little BIG Book Comp re-opens July 31st. The theme is MAGIC because we are celebrating 20 yrs of Harry! for entry guidelines 

BET Awards. Bruno Mars is everything great in the world.

I went to the Literally PR Summer party. I honestly think it was the best one yet. The venue was really cool although they served the worst calamari ever. I had to give a speech in front of the journalists (no pressure) and as usual spoke to some amazing potential authors. Finally got my hands on Steph's book and it looks bloody gorgeous!! Proud isn't even the word (obvs that's not my hand)
Was This In the Plan? is out Sept 12th but on pre-order via Amazon, Waterstones etc. This book is AMAZING!!! I then drank about 7 mixed drinks, on a pretty much empty stomach and well let's just say I don't remember getting home.

Power season 4 episode 5. Best episode ever.  

Believe my battle cards got lost in America! About 200 of them were being shipped to Spearcraft Book Box and they tell me weeks after it was posted, that they haven't arrived. I couldn't trace them because they weren't tracked. I wanted to cry. Royal Mail couldn't even tell me if they had even reached the States. Luckily the next day, they came all safe and in good condition. I don't know what I would have done if some lucky bugger got their hands on them.

This is my cat Fergie. You've probably seen his name crop up in my blogs. So my brother saw him in some gated area just chilling and my brother was trying to call him. Fergie was looking a bit like should I go to him or run home? Anyway he slowly starts walking over and then freezes cause now everyone on the street is looking at him and saying how pretty he is. So do you know what he does? He struts through the gates, rolls on the floor and puts on a show! 


  1. Highlight of my life. Love your blogs. You should do a LIVE blog ... video content. No need to thank me :-)
    PS - I think I've seen those Fergie pics before!!

    1. Ha! Fergie is actually mental. Trust my life to end up with him. Ooh this blog in vlog form - I will think about it :)


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