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I spent an hour explaining to my mum about Gangsta Rap

My book is out in on Thursday!! Can you believe it? The book tour has officially begun so I've been seeing the book pop up all over the place and the review copies have gone out. I'm anxiously waiting that I get good reviews. I can't lie, my book looks AMAZING! Like seriously gorgeous and so thick (who knew I could write that many words?) And the cover doesn't look dark!

Went to Waterstones to double check the space for the launch and believe the man who was my contact there had left and Waterstones are looking at me like are you sure you're at this branch? Took forever for them to figure it out cause they thought maybe I was launching at Piccadilly! Thankfully all was in hand and it's going to be a great night. Nervous for Thursday though.

It's so cool seeing the gamer box from SpearCraft Book Box. I've been getting loads of Instagram tags of people getting the battle cards and really liking it. It is so weird hearing people sound so excited over something you've created. Someone tagged me and said, “Oh my gosh I got a Wesley card.” I was like thank you for being excited!

Treehouse Digital sent me the pitch they are sending to broadcasters. Guys when I tell you it looks so sick like I legit was getting so hyped. I couldn't believe this was mine! They had broken it down into episodes and it looks wild. I was reading it like damn I'll take it. I literally can't wait to hear what the broadcasters think.

Dance Moms came back and no-one told me! Can't believe Laurieann Gibson is choreographing them and Abby is in jail.

One thing I have really been trying to do more is have better boundaries. I take on way too much and try to be there for everyone and I don't know if I'm just getting old but I can't do it anymore. Learning to put myself first more and it's crazy cause I feel guilty for doing that. Why do I feel guilty? I swear I wished I stayed in Paris with Zarah, it was such a relief to just be away from everything and not work. Someone said to me how I must jump out of bed because of all the cool stuff that happens. If you've followed my blog you will see how far I've come and the joke is I hesitated before I answered. Let's be clear, I'm very grateful and feel so blessed but it is so much work. Like non-stop that I don't think people really realise. Sometimes you just don't want to do anything but my to do pile is so high there is no way at this stage I can stop especially because it seems to be paying off.

My books sold out on pre-orders on Amazon. Get in!!

I've been offered a job! I'm the new Events Manager for Literally PR. I'm so excited! I basically get to organise and attend book launches and I'm really happy that I get to do more within the publishing industry. Gosh, I remember years ago just trying to get my foot in and now look. I'm bloody in.

I spent an hour explaining to my mum about Gangsta Rap. It may sound crazy but I was watching Tyler Henry, you know the medium and he was talking to Lil' Kim who of course was trying to connect with Biggie. I legit thought Tyler was going to solve the case and throw out some names for who murdered him. He didn't. I was telling my mum and then we got on to Tupac and who shot him. So I was explaining the theory of Suge Knight was actually the target and not Tupac. Then I had to explain who Suge Knight was, then it lead to N.W.A and Eazy E and the whole aids stuff.
Mum: So Suge Knight is the small one?
Me: No Eazy E is the small one. Suge is huge like a football player
Mum: So he killed the small one?
Me: I mean that's the theory
Mum: So where is Suge Knight now?
Me: I don't know. I think in jail
Mum: He murdered someone AGAIN?!

Can we take a second for how dope Rihanna is? She dropped Fenty, knocked everyone out of the game and now Kylie has to leak that she's pregnant to get back that attention. Watch her start naming lip kits baby girl, sweet face, little Kylie. You know them hints there.

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Was on the train and this kid wanted a drink of water, so his dad went to give him some and the whole bottle just splashed on the kid. It was so funny. Everyone was trying so hard not to laugh and the dad just burst out laughing. The kid was about 3 and was completely distressed. He kept asking his dad why did he do that?

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