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One of the Mac girls comes over to ask if I'm okay and I'm like this is awkward but I want Fenty

September 28th.
One of the best days of my life. I launched my second book in bloody Waterstones! It was such an amazing night. It was packed, the vibes were great, the food was on point, the homemade bubble tea was actually good, press was there. I was so nervous all day but I felt really pampered because I got my nails, hair and make up done. My outfit turned out really nice, even though my stupid Uber tried to drive me some next way, I got there in time for set up and I honestly could not have asked for a better launch party. It's so strange how different this one was from my first one back in 2012 and I realised the difference is I feel like an author. I'm owning it like I know this is where I'm meant to be. These kids were asking when the third book was out and I said, “Err...” They were not happy! I don't think book 3 will be ready till 2019 - hopefully.
I have never been given so many flowers in my life lol and I swear I was buzzing.  Even when my family came an hour late. You know Nigerians innit. What was even better was when Waterstones said they would keep the rest of the stock. I mean, I couldn't ask for anything else. Seeing my books on massive displays in Waterstones - I will never forget it.

The support for the books have been out of this world. I am so so grateful for everyone who has been cheering me on. This Hackney girl has come far. Honestly I have never been so excited in my career. I genuinely know it's all going to work out really good.

Then the next eve, I went to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Part 2. I almost missed it because again a stupid Uber decided to drive past me, then call me to say he is doing a u-turn and then the driver cancelled the trip! These times I've missed 4 buses to the station and there is 30 min until the show starts. I'm debating whether to get another Uber at the same time tweeting at Uber and telling them how much they suck and praise the Lord a bus come, there is zero traffic and I make it to my seat with literally a minute before it starts. It was such a good show. Sooooo good! I need a theatre show for Emily hands down.

What is so crazy is after these two days of awesomeness, I had THREE days of shit and you know when you just feel like someone is trying real hard to burst your bubble. The behaviour of people was literally mind blowing and I'm sitting here thinking why is this happening to me?? Of course one of them involved a guy cause we know it's the rise of the fuck boy and just because we are coming to our thirties or in our thirties, the behaviour has not improved. The thing with me is I'm not a ride or die kind of girl, I'm more of a block and go kind of girl. I can't tolerate bad character no matter how hot, smart, rich you maybe, if your core is not good, you're just ugly and I think those three days, I dealt with a lot of people with really bad character. Thankfully I overcame all the shit that went down and I'm still here on the way to my millions and being happy :) You're probably wondering what the hell happened over three days? One day I will share.

Not going to lie though, after those three days I got so anxious. It was Leanne's birthday the following Wed and the day before I'm praying to God and letting him know that I cannot take any more of this crap, I just want to get her present. Me and Zarah decided to get her something from Fenty. I'm hoping that Zarah can go and sort it cause I'm so worried that something else is going to happen and of course she can't go. So I go down in the evening and I see this line outside Harvey Nichols. I just walk on by and all these girls are just staring at me. I'm bursting for the toilet so I go and then walk to Fenty. This security stops me and says I have to join the line. I see a mini line so I go to join, then he says the line is outside. My mouth drops.
“That's the line for Fenty?”
He nods then says, “But it closed at 5pm.” It's 7.30pm. That's how long people cue for Fenty.
I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to do, so I go to Mac and looking at their stuff but I want to get her Fenty! One of the Mac girls comes over to ask if I'm okay and I'm like this is awkward but I want Fenty and I can't get it. She then suggests I get a gift card which is genius. I go to get one and to cut a long story short, the gift card people had Fenty behind a cupboard, had the same skin tone as Leanne, sold it to me and wrapped the hell out of that gift. Slam dunk!

Scandal is back!!!!!!!! Sometimes I don't know whether to cheer or cuss out Olivia Pope.

The Author School Day is almost here. November 4th with one of the strongest lines up ever. Books  ticket here at and use the code LITLAB10 to get 10% off. You're welcome  ;)

I did my first launch party as an Events Director and it went really well. Ebru picked me up after. I hadn't ate all day and was starving. We went to Bubba Gump, this shrimp place. Please tell me why everything on the menu was £25? The starters were £8. Oh we left swiftly and across the road to TGI's. They had the friendliest waitress I have ever met in my entire life. She was so nice! We were like are you new? She wasn't but she was on point. My ribs were dry, she got me new ribs that were juicy and bigger. She thought I was 22. I was likes yassssss you get a tip!

Follow me  @abiolabello and if you have read Emily Knight, please leave a review on Amazon. A nice one :)


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