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'Wait they stole the pancake and the plate?!'

Happy New Year All!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year. I was re-reading my old posts and this time last year, your girl was going through it! All my contracts were drying up and I was trying to stay chirpy but it was an epic fail. Thankfully my start to the year has been pretty good. My first press is........ Cosmopolitan!! I'm still pinching myself. Such a cool way to start the year. Here's some screen shots of my interview but read more at the link below.

New Years Eve was fun! Church this year was at 4pm so we were done from about half 6 and all of us didn't know what to do. All the boring people decided to just go to bed lol. Me and Ebru went to VQ in Tottenham Court Road and celebrated with of course food. She was late meeting me and I had to be seated next to a table with all these guys who thought I had been stood up! We asked the manager if they do a count down and she said, 'No, never.' She was painfully shy and I kept telling her just start counting down and everyone will join in but she said she couldn't. I'm thinking you're the bloody manager of a 24hr restaurant in Central London! You must have some balls. I think some old lady actually did the countdown....
After we went to a friends house, where an argument happened at 3am about some bizarre topics and memories! I was getting so tired, I didn't know what was going on! So I figured my year isn't starting on this note. Then there was a stabbing in Old Street so Ebru couldn't go home! What a start to the year, right?

It took a while to get back into work mode. I was just so tired. I was staying up till 3am re-watching Game of Thrones. One night, I was watching GOT, it's about 3.30am. I go to grab my slippers and bang my foot on my mirror. I look down and there is blood everywhere because my baby toe nail had split in half! I was just sooooo tired and couldn't walk! I stumbled to my bed and held a tissue to stem the flow. Called my sister who thankfully picked up the phone and begged her to get me some plasters. I couldn't walk properly for about a week.

Then I had to go to the dentist. I HATE THE DENTIST! I only went because the back of my gum was hurting all through Christmas and I wasn't sure if a tooth was growing. They then tell me I have two cavities and the cheek is they said you may or may not have a tooth growing, we don't know. Seriously! I dragged my mum with me to the appointment, sat in the chair and literally cried my eyes out. I just knew that drill was coming. Let's just say it was 30 minutes of torture and I vowed to not have suger again. Clearly I have forgotten this as I have had chocolate, hot chocolate, french toast smothered in maple syrup today BUT I am more aware. I even ordered an electric toothbrush which feels so weird and I really don't like it but I'm trying guys. It's so weird how the dentist is on NHS yet you have to pay so much. No wonder no-one goes.

I do love Instagram but not so much when the young boys try to holla and then get offended when you politely say no. I had a 21 year old message me and then invite himself to my house! Then got super offended when I said, 'Err no mate.' He then blocked me! Ha! (Now writing this he has unblocked me, but I think I might block him just to be petty)

Chicago West...still better than North I think

Almost ready to print The Originals book!!! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

The Author School The London Book Fair Edition is almost here as well! March 19th and of course we have the best speakers AND you can meet 2 agents and pitch your book! Grab an early bird ticket at 

Went to Creams and they were doing a sale on crepes and pancakes so I ordered myself a pancake. The first one came and had a hair on it. They went to make another one when a group of boys ran in creating a scene. I saw them grab something and throw some contents up into the air before being chased out by the staff. Then one of the waitresses comes over and says, “I'm so sorry, they stole your pancake.”
Me: Huh?
Waitress: And the plate too
Me: Wait they stole the pancake and the plate?!
Now I'm trying not too laugh.
Waitress: I know it's terrible isn't it?
Me: What did they throw?
Waitress: The sprinkles
The thing is there were like 9 boys and the pancake wasn't big PLUS there was a sale so it was only £2 for the pancake!

Only for the month of January! And if you still haven't followed me - what is going on guys? I'm on Twitter @emilyknightiam and Instagram @abiolabello and @emilyknightiam


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