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I have my African attire and I am ready to go and speak in fluent Yoruba

January is over!!! Feels like we were in it for years right? Whoever decided that self employed people should pay tax and NI on 31st Jan clearly isn't self employed. I hate January. It's cold, dark, no one has any money and there are so many birthdays (I still owe my brother his one) At least Feb brings Valentines Day, Black Panther and warmer weather—well I do live in London so maybe forget the warmer part.

Do you know what I spent the whole of January doing? Finding Wireless tickets. As you may have seen, they released their line up and it sold out 24 hours later. Now I have been to Wirelesss for years and took a few years off as the line up was rubbish. It has never sold out like that. EVER.  So I'm thinking I'll book in May and obvs that's out of the question. But whoever works at Wireless and  thought it was a good idea to post the line up BEFORE pay day is an idiot.  No joke, the day it sold out, I was thinking should I buy my tickets? How I wish I did. So I have spent the whole month trying to find tickets. Wireless released a few more and I got an email about it at 8am. I didn't check my email till 9.30am and all the damn tickets were gone!
I got Saturday ones but I still wanted Sunday. DJ Khaled and friends—I'm thinking everyone he ever collaborated with is going to show up but do you know what I realised? There are so many selfish people. How are you selling a ticket for £500? Are you actually okay? So many scammers and weirdos and I encountered at least 20 of them until I found a normal girl, selling tickets and now I have Sunday tickets. If you are trying to get a ticket from someone, ask them to send you a pic of them holding your name with the Wireless tickets. If they start asking stupid questions about it or their computer is 'updating' they ain't got no tickets mate.

The Originals is almost here! 1st March is the release date and I am excited!!!!! Head over to the @thelilauthorskool on Instagram and you can see some extracts from these dope stories.

I'm all booked up for World Book Day. Can't wait to go and visit some schools and share my warrior world with them.

Wild Thoughts. Live at The Grammys. Oh dear. I just have no words. Even Bryson Tiller looked dry. If this is what DJ Khaled and friends is going to be at Wireless, I can stay home. Childish Gambino was AMAZING! When that kid came on and started singing my jaw dropped. Apparently he plays young Simba in live Lion King. I can't wait to watch it.

Black Panther is coming. This is huge! An all black Marvel film. Who would have ever thought it? I have my African attire and I am ready to go and speak in fluent Yoruba. Do you know Chadwick Boseman who plays Black Panther is 41 years old?!! Damn he looks good.

Okay so Kim Kardashian. What is seriously going on? I watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians—mainly now for Kris who I think is hilarious (how is she trying to get her ashes turned into a diamond?! lol) Kim comes across pretty level headed, kind of insecure but a cool person. Now them pictures show how insecure she is. You are rich and have 100 million followers. You actually have legit businesses to promote and you can't help but share these poor pics for attention. Why though? I defo don't want to see porn on social media and the fact that social media are allowing her to post these bizarre pics and saying it doesn't breach their guidelines because her nipple is blurred is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Yet when Rihanna has done that, Amber Rose etc they take their pics down. What change is the Kardashians throwing at them? I really don't want to see an almost 40 year old women, married mother of three, naked. That really isn't my vibe. Then it makes me question - why is your man okay with that? I don't know no man that would be. Do you?

Kylie Jenner pregnancy video. Actually the cutest thing I have seen. Just goes to show when you want to keep things private, you can.

I pranked my mum and told her I was pregnant. Her reaction! The elation was on another level. I thought she was going to cry with joy.
Me: Are you okay? You don't even know who the dad is
Mum: It doesn't matter
Me: Mum! You should care if I'm pregnant from some random. I'm not by the way
Mums smile slips: You're not pregnant?
Me: No!
Mum: Why not?
Oh gosh

A kid licked my arm during dance. Again I have no words.

If you haven't booked your ticket for The Author School. What are you waiting for?  We have already sold out of £50/£55 tickets so grab a £60 one before it goes up to £70

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Here's my highlights of this year

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