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... when I said the horse was a unicorn, the four year olds went, “Nooooooo.”

So I was ill for pretty much the whole of March. I went from having a cold to a sinus infection to an ear infection. Then dragged myself to the docs, where I saw a new and nervous doctor who tried to tell me to ride it out! I very nicely said, “If you think I am leaving here without any antibiotics you have no idea what kind of person I am.” So I am mentally telling myself if this lady tries to not prescribe me anything, I am going to request to see someone else. I think my vibe was very strong as she excused herself to go and ask my family doctor who told her to of course give me antibiotics! I can't swallow pills. Don't ask me why, I just think I will choke so the pharmacist was like, “Err Abiola is all this syrup for you?”

I had an amazing school tour for World Book Day and sold so many books. It was also the launch of The Originals book and I read one of the stories to the reception kids. I read one story called 'The Magic Horse' and when I said the horse was a unicorn, the four year olds went, “Nooooooo.” It was so funny! I did a battle game with one of the Yr 5's and it was boys vs girls. The boys got so emotional when they lost that some of them started to cry. I was so confused. Then one was pretty much shouting at me and saying, “No! The girls lost! You're favouring them.” One thing I cannot take is when a child attempts to be rude to me, so I said, “Who do you think you're shouting at? Are you okay?” That shut him up real quick. The worst thing was that week it decided to snow again and I got so ill. So by my last school I was pretty much just a hot mess and I can't even remember what my last school visit was like.

But honestly the snow was a mad one and I really don't like snow. When I was coming home from one school these college kids were having a snow fight and I made it very clear to them if a snowball touches me we are going to have a problem. They lovingly crossed the road.

I'm so late to the party but How To Get Away With Murder is AMAZING!!!! The only benefits of being sick is binge watching that and Narcos. Although now Pablo is dead it's gone a bit dry.

Check out my fun interview with Brizzlelassbooks

I swear winning this Trailblazer Award has been awesome. I am going to be on a panel at The London Book Fair! How cool!!! Catch me and the Trailblazer winners on Wednesday
And I was asked to be a mentor for The Society of Young Publishers. When I got the email I was like Me?! You sure? So excited!!

The Author School was so good! Apart from the fact I was so ill and was pushing through. We had a a sold out class and the speakers were fantastic. If you haven't heard Gillian McAllister's testimony of her publishing journey, you need to! If you missed it I'll be giving some more author pointers with Charlene Shaw at Behind The Box Author's Workshop on  April 19th in Shoreditch. Grab a ticket here while you can

Check out my interview with Publishing Training Centre where I talk about books and diversity

Love the Freaky Friday video with Chris Brown and Lil' Dicky. We need more creative videos! Not everyday twerking.

Watched Ebru perform at Jazz Cafe last night. The way I drove down because I thought I was going to be late. I drove like a maniac, missed my turning, parked on some random street and power walked up. Then I got to the door and I couldn't bring my water. I was sweating! I drank the whole thing down in one go. Ebz was opening up for The London Community Gospel Choir. It was such a good show. This is only the start of a beautiful journey for her. LCGC are on some next level. When that guy sang Purple Rain. Legit chills.

I went to Move It a few weeks back to watch Melissa perform. First of all love is leaving the house recovering from being ill and in the snow to be at a dance show for a whole day. So glad I went cause it was so sick. I think the last time I went to Move It was in my teens when I performed there with Boy Blue but it defo is a show for dance schools. The talent was crazy! I do love the buzz of being at a dance show. On the way to the show, this girl was coughing like crazy on the platform. So when we got on the train I sat all the way on the opposite side. Why this girl walks across an empty train to ask to sit next to me is beyond me. Now I did feel rude for this but I just got up and walked away *covers face* She looked so offended and I felt terrible but guys I cannot keep being sick. Even when I was teaching these kids, we were holding hands in a circle and one of the kids sneezed on my hand. I just lost it and shouted, “This is why I get sick!” Needless to say I was signed off for the week from work.

Speaking of dance, I am halfway through my last edit with my new YA story Beats, Love and high top trainers. It hasn't been an easy one to write! But I think this is the book to secure me a new banging agent.

I walked out of a dance job the other day. I don't know what it is about the ladies that work in a school office that go on a power trip but I have noticed that when you look younger than what you are they try and talk to you like you are dumb. Now the thing with me is I can be really calm and will always try and resolve a situation but as soon as you start putting some base in your voice, it's game over.

Wasn't March for our lives so inspiring? That girl Emma Gonzalez speech was so powerful. She is incredible.

The Hashtag Press party and launch of The Originals is THIS THURSDAY! Grab a free ticket here

As I'm getting the kids ready to perform one of the 6 year olds asked me, “Why are we the only brown people in the room?”
Me, looking around the room and noticing it for the first time. “Err because we're awesome.”
6 year old: “WE'RE AWESOME!”

My obsession with Michael B Jordan is getting out of hand.


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