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Woo hoo! We are in summer summer summer time!
I just hope this warm weather is consistent. No rain or knowing London, no snow! In less than 2 months I will be 30 years old. I don't know how to feel about it. On one side I'm excited to see what this new decade holds for me but on the flip side I feel like I've been in my 20's forever and it's going to be so weird not being in my 20's anymore. It's so funny, I found this diary that I wrote when I was 23 as I was clearing out my room. I only had entries from January to June and my life really sucked! I was working like a beast yet not getting paid on time so I had to get a bar job which I hated. I was in a  relationship, if you can even call it that, with this dancer on and off for years and this is when I was starting to get bored of him. I was in a dance crew and had issues with the choreographer. My book had come out and I was trying to figure out how to push it and it's also when I met Helen! Thank God for growth man. It was like reading about a completely different person. My 20's may have started out rocky but it defo won't end that way.

One thing I'm learning is regardless of age people can be so passive aggressive and I hate passive aggressive people. Speak with your chest and say what you have to say. I've witnessed people being shady with birthday's, weddings and I'm sitting here like whatever your issue is clearly one sided as
my brain has zero space for your nonsense. I'm such an honest person, so if I have a problem I will just say it. Let's be clear I don't like a few people but I don't have no grudge against anyone. I say what I've got to say and keep it moving. Why can't everyone just do that?

I'm doing a new pop up blog! This one is called The Knights and it's basically the short story I did for a magazine last year. Was so frustrating as I was working on it as I was doing 2 books. You know me thinking I can do it all. Anyway it gets to basically the last stage, where it's been edited and then they say, “Oh I don't know...” Err what? So I was like forget this. I defo did not need that extra stress.
Back to The Knights - so it's based on Emily and Lox and it's a time where the world doesn't want heroes anymore. As usual will launch it in 4 parts, for 1 week each in the month of August. So excited for this one! Stay up to date via the gram @emilyknightiam or

Speaking of Emily, I'm working on book 3. Can't believe it's the last one! I don't know how to feel. I have so many ideas. I just want to end it with a bang! Maybe I should just kill everyone?

I'm so happy that agents have been requesting my new book Beats, Love and high top trainers AND I have had an offer from an agent. Very cool. I have a good feeling about Beats - I think the world is ready for some sassy dancers in print.

Side note - how gorgeous are these flowers? I was working in Sloane Square during the Chelsea Flower Show and all the stores were getting involved.

Did you know train drivers can make up to 56 grand? Isn't that insane? I'm in the wrong job for sure. Here's me running a publishing house and I can be chilling on a train. I've been running Hashtag by myself for over a week as Helen is away. Everything that can go wrong went wrong. Such fun. On the plus side I did sign a fab new author whose book we are publishing in Jan 2019!

Went to Pages of Hackney bookstore and was looking for a book and then I see my book!! They asked me to sign all the copies. Was so cool and then this lady came in looking for a book for a 7 year old who liked Harry Potter and I wanted to say get Emily but I thought that would be a bit much.

Season 2 13 Reasons Why. Well let's just say it ain't like season 1. There's a scene in the last episode in a bathroom. Lord knows I wish I never saw THAT scene. Was an amazing season but just alot.

I decided to be extra and get a cleaner. I made sure I had all the cleaning products and everything was there for her. Do you think she even turned up? The company is (don't use them) and there is no number for the company so I tweet them where is my cleaner? They finally call me to tell me...they don't know. Can you imagine? So I ended up cleaning myself. Seriously what is the point?

I miss New Workout Plan Kanye.

I follow this account called The Shade Room on Instagram, they posted a picture of this girl, I don't know who she was, but she had the 'Instagram body.' You know the small waist, big bum, thighs and boobs. What was so interesting is in the comments all the guys were asking why all the girls have the same body and how sick of it they are of seeing it. Most of the comments were from guys, which I was so surprised at. Also these girls post these pics to get attention from guys. Then Shade Room posted a pic a few days letter of this girl working out (she had the same 'Instagram body') and all the girls were commenting on her fake body. The girl wrote back in the comments and said I have to work out to keep all the work done to my body! Finally someone is owning it. I don't like the fact these girls try and portray that this is their natural body. Not everyone is an hour glass and that's fine. That's what makes us unique but when they act like hour glass is the only acceptable body that really isn't right.

Legally Blonde 3!!! Ahhhh!

Everyone is getting on the guy whose fridge blew up that created the fire at Grenfell but I want to know who made the fridge! To even blame this guy is so stupid. Don't cut costs over people's lives.

Have you booked your place to An afternoon with The Author School? And checked out 7 Questions with Gillian McAllister? And signed up to Book Girls? There's a lot going on at HQ  -

This is America.

I went to a meeting at BookTrust this week. I love being in environments with like minded people discussing how to make positive changes. We were discussing children's books and Knights Of, Little Tiger, Nosy Crow etc was there and it was awesome. I love just hearing people's thoughts and obvs love getting to express my thoughts, plus I get to meet new people in the industry. I swear I meet Charlie from Little Tiger all the time these days lol. She's such a sweetie and gave me books for the last round of The little BIG Book Comp. By the way this round ends in a few weeks!

Teaching the 4 year olds.
Girl: You're the best person in the whole universe
Me: Who? Me?
Girl: Yes!
Me: I know (sips drink)

Beyonce next week!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! I am going by myself though so I hope I don't feel too much like weirdo. If you're going to the concert holla at me!

I watched IT. What is up with that clown? And why is his forehead so damn big?

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Emily Knight I am...Awakened is OUT NOW!!


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