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England were not ready for that level of sass.

In less than a month I will be 30 years old. Oh gosh.  On the plus side I am having a Wakanda themed bash so that should be fun. My only worry is my outfit is being made for me and have been working out more so I'm just hoping the fit is still okay. I am trying to be more positive about turning 30. I think I ain't done too bad in life and it can only get better right? Still waiting for my McMansion but hopefully that comes as soon as 7am strikes on the 6th August. Hey if you don't ask, you don't get!

Loving this beautiful weather! I'm sitting in my garden writing this blog and thinking why have I not done that before? I ordered some garden furniture of eBay and then an extra chair from Ikea. Then eBay tells me that the seller that I brought the garden furniture from may or may not be legit. What?! But the latest delivery is 10th July so I have to wait to see if it comes. So now I'm sitting outside with my 1 Ikea chair minus the table and umbrella. I just can't deal.

Went to On The Run 2 Tour at the London Stadium which used to be called the Olympic Stadium (sounded way cooler). I went to the concert by myself. Yes you heard that right, all on my own. Tbh it was only awkward walking there (took an hour from station to get to my seat) and everyone was in their groups and at one point I had a drink in a cup and had to pee which was annoying. I thought the show was standing only and when I get in there were bare seats. How?! I didn't even see the seat option. My standing ticket was pretty close to the stage but I wasn't blessed with height so I couldn't see shit. Then this guy comes with I think his mum and he is just on one. Starting fights with all the girls, pushing past people too get to the front and my guy is tall. I was telling God don't let him come to me with his nonsense cause I won't take it. I ended up making some friends who couldn't believe I was alone and were nice enough to hold my £3 cup of water whilst I went to the toilet. On then way back I was thinking I really need a seat. I can admit I can get boujee and standing at a concert is not my idea of a vibe. So I looked at all the young guys who were security and targeted the one who I thought would say yes to me.
Me: I'm by myself and really want to sit down. Is there a spare seat anywhere?
Boy: Yeah man just ask (lets call her Blue, you never know who reads this)
So I go to find Blue and she says yes of course, take any seat.
Just like that.
The stand was bare empty but as it got closer, it got so busy then Blue disappeared and some next person took over checking tickets. I had to hide my wrist band cause mine was a standing one. I thought I was in the clear and then these girls came just as the lights go down to say I'm in their seats. Damn! There were empty seats on the other side of the stand so I went there and I legit had half a row to myself to dance and sing at the top of my lungs.
Was such a good concert especially when she did 'Everybody Mad' and 'Suck on my balls' basically the best parts of Coachella. When I heard it coming I swear I screamed! You can just hear me in the video yelling, “I think I'm getting too much money...everybody mad.” But I think I prefer them separate. Once you're getting into Jay Z's music, it then switches to Beyonce which got a bit long and she was performing more on the left side of the stadium and I was on the right. Had a blast though!
Then they drop an album. I swear Beyonce is literally goals.

Started back on Emily Knight 3. So happy my brain is now thinking of ideas. I have spent too many days sitting at my computer screen and waiting for something  - anything! Now it's all coming together. I think I'm putting way too much pressure on myself because I want it to be so good but i just need to chill out and just write the best story that I can write and God will take care of the rest. Speaking of books and God, a friend of mine recommend me to a charity running a Future Leaders event for teenage girls and they brought 80 books of I am to give to the girls! How exciting. Then on Instagram I've been seeing a lot of US bloggers taking pics of my books and giving them strong reviews. So awesome.

The Knights are coming! I love how hood Lox looks lol. Launches August 2018, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out.  Illustration by Dimasyulii

I so hate the term BAME and now I'm seeing POC. Took me ages to work out it meant People of Colour. Call me crazy but what happened to just calling people Black or Asian?

Chris Pratt's speech at the MTV Movie Awards was EVERYTHING! Talking about praying and God and the grace of God. I fell in love guys.

I need more inspiration! I'm at this weird place in my life guys and I don't think it's just a 'turning 30' thing. I need to be around more people that are just really excelling in the arts way more than me. You know this pic of the Met Gala and all the Insta stories, I was so jealous! I never get jealous but it was the fact that these young black people had gotten to a point in their career that they were being recognised at this global event. That's exactly what I want. And also jealous Cynthia is holding John Boyega's hand!

I am fully involved in this World Cup. Those Colombians were giving me too much jokes with their thug like behaviour. England were not ready for that level of sass. Then my mum said, “ If Colombia don't win they'll die.” WHAT??!! Then I researched and saw a footballer Andre Escober was murdered in Colombia after one World Cup because he scored an own goal and players on the team now have been receiving death threats. Colombia really need to loose this Pablo behaviour. I'm fully backing Brazil and France. I think England are doing well but I dunno man England aren't the best at sports. Mum doesn't understand how I can't support the country I was born it. To be honest I kinda support who has the best kit, the best hair etc. Can we take a second for the Chris Hemsworth lookalike goal keeper for Brazil and Fellaini from Belgium's hair is #hairgoals.

Rounding up the end of term, so not much dancing for me over the summer. Was at a school last week and this little kid said to a teacher: Your tummy looks like a trampoline. The teacher was fat. Then the receptionist who signs my attendance sheet was asking me why I need her signature. Guys, this lady has signed her signature on my attendance sheet ALL term.
Me (confused): Err what?
Lady: Because you've not filled it in so I don't know what I'm signing.
Me looking at the sheet and then her: It's the same as what you've signed all term.
Lady (sounding like a fool): Well how do I know that? What if you're using my signature for something else.
Me (looking at her like she is a fool): Why would you think you're signature is that important that I would need it for anything else?

I've noticed people are doing this thing where they act like they don't know what I do for work, even though they follow me on all my platforms AND like stuff. Then I realised they do that so they can start talking about what they do! You can talk about whatever you're doing with your life without trying to make me feel a way about what I've done, which makes no sense cause I've done alot! It's not a competition. Ah so over humans.

Then Fergie went missing for a day and a half and I cried literally the whole time. Turns out he was stuck in a garden not far from ours because they have really high walls. We couldn't figure out if he fell or what. Then the owners were trying to get him and he was being all Fergie to them. Luring them in with his pretty face, then trying to attack them. In the end they just left him food. I was just about to go out again to ironically put missing posters through that road's letterboxes and the owner of the house called me. Thank God he was okay! I was a hot mess.

I saw this great Instagram post the other day. It was based on Beyonce and Jay Z's surprise album and it was talking about quality over followers and not letting numbers measure your success. Focus more on the impact you're making and the only numbers we should be focusing on is our bank account. Damn straight!

Of course Drake has a song on his new album called In My Feelings and funnily enough it's now my fav song.

I didn't even talk about Megan and Harry's wedding!! So late in the game but it was the best royal wedding I have seen and Megan's mum is so gorgeous.

We have ONE place for An afternoon with The Author School! Grab it while you can

See all the OTR 2 videos on my Summer Vibes highlights on Instagram @abiolabello


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