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My book cover is now out! Isn't she pretty?

Sooo how are we all doing? I legit don't even know what week of lockdown this is, I just know that I am over it. I didn't even realise that I just miss working in different environments that is not my house. I'm pretty good at self-motivating myself but for the past few days I've just had this what is the point attitude. The problem is I run quite a few companies so as much as I want to live in lazy town I can't!

The good news is the Government have issued a small companies loan that we should be able to get. That will be a massive help seeing as bookshops are still closed. I feel so bad for those who have books that had to be pushed back or published via ebook first. It's not ideal but I love when people still push on ahead. And we've come out of the peak! Hopefully everyone can be that little bit more patient so we don't get a second peak.

My book cover is now out! Isn't she pretty? I just wanted pure fire and I got it! Ale Artigas is my amazing illustrator did such an amazing job and in September I will have book 3 out. Madness! I also have a book trailer created by Luisa Martinez Negret and Andrew Coleman and I love it. You can watch it here in all of it's glory  Make sure you use the hashtag #EK3

Now what you guys can do is pre-order the book! And hopefully you will love it as much as I do.

The Author School online course is now live! We have video, pdf's to download and one-to-ones with Helen and I. There's three tiers from £5, £10 and £20 that you pay monthly or you can cancel (hopefully not). Have a look and see if we have something here for you! And it's super affordable for all writers! The Author School 

I haven't watched as much Netflix as I thought I would. Why am I more busy than before is a mystery? 

I started a book review blog! I did my first review on And The Stars Were Burning Brightly by Danielle Jawando and you can read my review here. You may be wondering err why are you doing a blog? Well I have books from summer that I haven't read and I figured if I do a blog because I need content I will read quicker. Fingers crossed!

I did a story time a few weeks ago over on my Facebook author page. I read from the Prologue to Chapter 2 of Emily Knight I am...Awakened and guys I hit over 5,000 views! I said to myself before I started I hope 100 people watch it. Why do I do myself like that? I need to start having more confidence in what I bring to the homeschooling parents!

I went to Tesco today and it was raining so there was no cue. This man literally stood right next to me. So I said, “Can you move back?”
He started yelling, “Why do I need to move back. I got tested yesterday and I'm fine.” Then he started singing very loudly, “Everyone stay from me!” 
I very lovingly said, “Can you just shut up?”

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  1. wait wait what happened next??

    I went to Tesco today and it was raining so there was no cue. This man literally stood right next to me. So I said, “Can you move back?”
    He started yelling, “Why do I need to move back. I got tested yesterday and I'm fine.” Then he started singing very loudly, “Everyone stay from me!”
    I very lovingly said, “Can you just shut up?”


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