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The Birthday Blog: Long Live The King

No one saw it coming. I woke up and it was the first thing I saw. I just kept saying, “What? What?” It took me a while to process it. I have nothing but respect for Chadwick Boseman. His grace and class especially with what he was going through. It's just amazing. I remember when Black Panther came out and just the excitement. We were getting a Marvel movie for the culture. Do you know how deep that is? Like I never thought I would see it. I took myself to the cinema because everyone was being long and the guy at the cinema upgraded my ticket for free and gave me free snacks. I remember he said, “Sis, you're gonna love it.” And I did. It was everything I wanted and more. Then the fact it's one of the top 10 highest  grossing movies EVER. We all wanted it to win an Oscar. On some level we knew it wouldn't  - come on we know how the Oscar's role but it should have. My 30th birthday was a Black Panther theme and it was the best party. 

When the film came out, I read that Chadwick was 43! I couldn't believe it. I remember just being like wow this guy is something. What he created for us and the representation of African culture was beautiful.  Everyone needs to see themselves reflected. I know that hence why I wrote Emily Knight but for a juggernaut like Marvel to do it was something else.


I mean what a legacy to leave behind. I re-watched Civil War, Black Panther, Infinity War and Endgame. I cannot believe he had cancer the whole time. Truly a King in every word. I sat and prayed for his family and I just felt that he was at peace and was home. Only later that evening did I find out he was a man of faith. That explains why he had the strength to go as hard as he did. RIP Chadwick Boseman. 

It made me think a lot about legacy and what impact we're making on the world. People are too caught up in the 'now' culture, being an influencer and all that stuff. At the end of the day you need to think, what do you want to be remembered for? The outpouring of love for Chadwick Boseman across the world - you can see the impact he made. My goal in life is to leave a legacy and an empire for my family. What's you goal? 

After months and months I got to see my friends on my birthday. I swear in that moment when I was seated with them, talking and eating and just bussing jokes I realised how much these ladies mean to me. I'm so lucky to know such awesome people. Funnily enough it was one of my best birthdays. I just wanted something super chilled and somewhere where everyone can feel safe. I met with Zarah near my house and we went for lunch up the road. She had made me the most gorgeous baked goods and my cake—girl! That cake was everything. Then Ebru picked me up and we went to Ping Pong St Katherine's Dock where the rest of my friends were for my birthday dinner. It was a beautiful evening and especially, in this movie for a year, to make it to another birthday is truly a blessing. 

Emily Knight I am...Becoming has gone to print! Only a few weeks till it's out. I'm nervous but so excited. I got an amazing endorsement for the front cover from Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs and my online book launch party is happening on the 17th from 7-8pm. Book here 

I stayed up till 3am a few times last week and till half 3 last night to finish the edits for my forth book. I looked at my laptop and said, “God I want to get this done.” That energy must have come from him because as soon as I closed my laptop I could barely stand up. 

Black is King. I say it all the time but Beyonce for me is just something else. Not only does she look so beautiful in the movie but the visuals are stunning. Between her and Chadwick Boseman's work ethic I literally have no excuse to be lazy. 

Greenleaf on Netflix finale had me in tears. I loved that it was about a Black family of faith. When they would preach you would feel it in your spirit. I wish there were more shows like this. A must watch. 

A lot of really cool things have happened and I kind of wish I had blogged earlier this month because my mind is so consumed with the legend that is Chadwick Boseman that I can't even get everything out. I'll share in my next blog. Stay safe everyone x

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