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Going into overdrive to get an agent. I've finished my kids picture book and I'm currently writing a young adults book. Figured it's best not to limit myself and be open to write as many different things as I can, just to see where my strength lies. It's funny to think that all I need is someone to sign me and then BAM I can get published. Come on agents!!!! Holla at me.
They say JK Rowling is the worlds RICHEST writer. She's almost worth $1 billion. I admit she has set the bar high but honestly, nothings better than a challenge.

I've seen some amazing talent for my mates in the last two weeks. Ebru performing at Yoyo's and mashed up the stage. Then I hear her on Kiss FM with her song 'Prisoner.' I screamed and Fergie ran out the room. Then Kloe and Jared's solo piece's at Breakout which were amazing. For some reason my address on my ticket said Hackney, London, Afghanistan. Clearly I won't be receiving any mail from that theatre. It's so great to see people's growth. Never felt more grateful for the talent that surrounds me. Fiona and Natalie were at Yoyo's. I haven't seen the twins in forever so it was good catching up. Fiona told me she reads my blogs and likes it! I never think about the fact that people are gonna like it!! That made me v happy, thanks Fi xxx

Got  my tattoo redone. Oh my - the pain. I was breathing like I was giving birth. It felt like someone was slowly slicing my hand with a knife and they just wouldn't stop.I got told off by the tattoo dude. Apparently a tattoo is not a souvenir. He just doesn't understand. I got my tat done in Falarakii, Greece. DO NOT EVER GO THERE! Greece, I think of Athens, Greek mythology, gorgeous food. None of that here. It was the worst holiday ever. My fault for wanting a lazy beach holiday when I hate beach holidays. I love to explore and learn the history cause come on what do I really need a tan for? I got an ear infection from my ears popping violently on the plane so I lived on soup for a week. We were in the ultra tourist section so no Greek food anywhere. Got stalked by a stray dog twice and then one chased Naomi around the beach. So when I got a henna tattoo done and the guy said, “Hey, why don't you get a real one?” I thought why not. It only cost like 20 euros. It was one of the rare great things that happened on that holiday, apart from smashing plates and doing Greek dancing in the octopus restaurant. So damn straight it was a souvenir. Obviously not a great one, when I have to get it re done 2 years later. It does look very pretty.

My kids are looking sooooo much better. The set is getting there but I couldn't believe it when one of the 12yr olds were insecure about wearing a shirt with leggings!! I mean what's to be insecure about?? She's a skinny little thing. There's still work to be done but there performing at the LSO on weds for 7pm so time is kind of up. I swear they do this on purpose to stress me out. Last time they performed there, their tech was rubbish. When we went back to practice it was rubbish. On stage. Absolutely amazing.

We fear my aunt and cousins are caught in the earthquake in Japan so please pray for their safety.

I know I've said this before but it bares repeating. Who the hell voted these Tories into power???? Next time people vote better or just vote period!!


  1. The entries are getting better and better everytime! i love how your humour is so evident in ur writing lool! witty read! xx


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