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You're not Vogue, You're a Children's Mag!!! ATTENTION:Preview of my fantasy book!! Aaah

OK so I've been sending off emails to any magazine that sounds interesting to do work experience or freelance work that I found in my Writers Handbook. It's the only thing you'll ever need in your writing life. It has contacts for all agents, promoters, magazines, newspapers, courses and tells you about festivals and prizes. It's the best book basically for me right now. Anyway I contacted one girls magazine more aimed at 7-12 year olds asking for work experience. I wrote a little paragraph and sent my cover letter to them. The next evening when I got home from rehearsal (bare in mind at this point I'm tired and kinda irritated from dance) I decide to check my email. I had a response from the magazine (I won't bait there name cause they may help me in the future) and all it said was
Hi Abiola, When you ask for work experience is really important to check your grammar. Love (name of the magazine) xxx
It was one of those moments where I had to blink alot and read it again. Who the hell was this person??? And what kind of response was that? I re read my email. There was no stupid grammar problems. Yeah I had misspelled TWO WORDS but come on. I had to calm myself down loads because I was in full cussing mode. I sent an email back.
OK apologies for the grammar but do you have any work experience available?
Do you think they responded to me. So this girl was quick to respond about 'grammer issues' but she couldn't answer my question. So I waited for a response. Still nothing. I called the editor and got the voicemail. Left her a message with my number stated clearly and asked for her to call me back. Still nothing. So I tell Chelsea, Keila and my brother about it and they all react the same and say this person was rude so I think right you are not going to just ignore me. You're not Vogue who can act like that because they're Vogue, you're a Children's mag that I hadn't even heard off. I sent them an email saying
Hi there. I really didn't appreciate the response i received from (name of mag). My questions weren't answered and I received a short quite bitchy response. I also called the editor for a response and I didn't receive anything. I just think this was handled unprofessionally and the comment wasn't necessary. I expected this kind of response from Vogue not a kids magazine. Abiola
Within TEN minutes I received an email from them saying they had forwarded my email to their editor and they appreciate my patience and the editor will contact me if something becomes available.
So a lesson to everyone. If someone tries to talk to you like an idiot you better damn well challenge that!

I sent of my manuscript as far as New York now, which is very exciting. Here's a taster of my fantasy book.

The Rogues

“Lox! Lox! Lox!” the crowd chanted, throwing their fists in the air and waving posters and banners.
            Lox Knight was kneeling over, with his hands on his knees, breathing hard. He coughed violently, a tight feeling in his chest. His opponent was slowly stirring from the ground. It wasn’t long before he would have to attack again. Lox wiped the sweat and dirt from his forehead. Something sticky trickled down his cheek. Lox wiped it off on the sleeve of his Dojo kit and looked at it. His blood shone vividly against the white linen.
            “Come on, Son,” a deep voice hollered behind him.
            Lox stared into the, dark eyes of his father, who was seated in the first row. He was dressed casually today, in jeans and a striped shirt with his trademark sunglasses. His ‘disguise’ he called it, even though everyone knew who he was. Lox thought it was a pathetic attempt at blending it and told his father so, many times.
            Lox’s opponent was slowly rising. His orange training kit was streaked with dirt, blood and sweat. It was torn at his torso, where Lox’s fireball had hit. He was called Zeus, apparently after the Greek God because he truly did believe he was the best. This self-assurance and his huge power energy was the reason why Zeus was the three year running champion of the annual Warrior Tournament.
            “Only a minute left to go. Can Lox Knight go the distance?”
            The commentator’s announcements were drowned out by the cries of Lox’s loyal fans, chanting his name and blowing their horns.
            “Lox! Lox! Lox!”
            Here we go, Lox thought.
            Lox closed his eyes. He could sense that Zeus’s power energy had dropped significantly. Lox looked up at the clock below the commentator’s box. Thirty seconds left.
            He cupped his hands. His palms faced his opponent, who was shaky as he got up.
            “Himyara, Himyara,” Lox chanted. He could feel the last of his energy draining out of his body, forming into a blue fireball, growing rapidly in capacity and power. The audience were cheering, his father was shouting, but Lox was completely focused on Zeus.
            Zeus was still shaky as he stood up to his enormous height. His head was spinning and his vision was blurred. He looked down at the little boy in front of him, focusing until his sight cleared.
            “Who - who do you think are?” Zeus said slowly as Lox smirked at him.
            Dazed yet determined. Zeus charged full speed towards Lox with his heavy fist raised.
            Lox smiled, he loved this part. He watched as Zeus came closer.
            “Now, Lox!” his father screamed.
            But Lox waited. Only when Zeus’s shadow hung over his small frame, did Lox holler “HIMYARA” and shoot his fireball with the last of his energy, hitting Zeus in the pit of his stomach. Zeus’s eyes widened and his mouth formed a giant ’O’ as the fireball threw him across the stadium, dropping him hard on the concrete floor, knocking him out. Some members of the audience buried their heads in their neighbours’ chest while others cheered with glee.
            The referee raised the red flag and Lox punched the air in victory. The crowd hugged and applauded loudly and the paparazzi were pushing each other to get to Lox first. They were flashing lights and thrusting microphones into Lox’s face. Strong hands squeezed Lox’s tired shoulders affectionately and he looked around to find his father was standing next to him, his brown eyes shining brightly as he looked at Lox. Lox tried to shake him off but couldn’t.
            “Tell me Lox, how does it feel to be the new champion?” a pretty, blonde reporter asked, shoving the microphone in to his face.
            “It feels good,” Lox said.
            “And being Thomas Knight’s son must make it even more significant?”
            “I don’t see why it -”
            “Thomas, Thomas how does it feel that your son is the new champion? Clearly inheriting your breathtaking skills that rid the world of Neci…”
            It was happening again. Lox didn’t know why they bothered. They only spoke to him to speak to his father. The press adored Thomas Knight. It wasn’t because he, Lox had won because he was skillful and had trained up to the early hours of the morning, until his body ached and his Mum begged him to stop. No. They all thought it was because he was Thomas’s son. Lox stepped backwards from Thomas. Thomas’s hands slid off and he waved at his fans, who cheered and waved banners for him. The paparazzi closed in, circling Thomas until Lox could no longer see him.

Trust me when I tell you my heart was thumping sharing that! So please share your thoughts.

My kids class the Lil' Rascals had their show at the London Symphony Orchestra. I don't know what happened it just didn't have that spark they usually have. I think cause their tech was v good they got a bit too relaxed. Overall it was OK. They got loads of compliments but it's gotta be stronger for their next show on the 28th. All of the parents want them to become a professional dance group but I'm just not sure. Anita's on it - she's my co-choreographer but it's just sooo much work to run a group and I already did one called Kurupt. Should there really be a Baby Kurupt?

Watched The Simpsons. I love The Simpsons, I think I've actually watched every episode going. This one was episode S21 EP16 called Postcards from the Wedge. Had to rewind it because a character definitely said 'I have an unwanted boner.' Almost as bad as Happy Feet with all the sex positions.

Is it really out of order to wake up my cat from his peaceful sleep and carry him into the cold kitchen because I wanted some company as I made a snack?

My phone the Galaxy S has been voted Number 1 best phone. Better than your rubbish iPhone and Black Berrys. It's all about the Galaxy baby and when you do a smiley face you get a smiling alien. I bet your phone doesn't do that!

MTV News said two that got my attention.
1 - Nate Dogg died of a stroke. V upset because I was a big fan
2 - JLS are making a 3D movie called JLS for June. Aston's six pack in 3D is something I believe is worth every penny.

Had a dream Angelina Jolie died and Tinchy Stryder moved to me at a party. I know random. I also read that men are attracted to woman with large bum's because they it means they have a high fertility level. I guess mine are off the charts.

Keep an eye out for MYSELF OPEN CLASS COMING ON APRIL 4TH.....


  1. I liked it Bear and you really get a real picture of everything in your mind as you read it i wanted to read on :) Nice xx


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