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It's all a sign girls

Sorry for neglecting you guys I've been so busy with rehearsals but it's worth the wait. Just to be clear in case any dudes are reading this. This blog is not a boy bashing blog. I'm just not feeling the male species at the moment.
I've had two guys I've dated. One looked like Marques Houston and the other like Bobby Brown. Which is weird because I'm not attracted to them and now I remember I wasn't physically attracted to the dudes I was with either. (Trust me boys banter will get you far.) So for arguments sake in case someone reads this and says "Hey you're talking about so and so. I can say no I'm talking about Marques and Bobby." But this one is about Bobby.
Bobby is this dude I met at a dance open class and we got along really well and he texted me alot. You know he was going for it and we developed a friendship but then he said he liked me more than that. My brain is crazy so in my head Bobby was a serious hottie so you can imagine my face when I went to a dance show and saw him. I remember saying to Naomi, 'Oh dear.' So Bobby is really trying with me and I start to like him even though I don't think his hot. I dunno why, maybe it's the attention or cause I'm really quick witted and he had good banter. God knows but we develop a relationship and start dating. I find out that, Bobby has a girlfriend. Even though I asked two mutual friends if Bobby was in a relationship and they said no because boys are crap like that. So here I was - the other woman.
To cut a long story short, but very interesting story short which I must put in a book. I try to end it with him, he promises to end with his girl but of course he doesn't. It gets out and she contacts me and because she's a GIRL she doesn't blame the boy she blames me!!!!! What the hell???
Me and Bobby go on to have a very complicated love/ hate relationship for about 2 years and some really horrible stuff went down including the fact that I was kinda dating Bobby again and he had a girlfriend again, who guess what. Blamed me.
Why do girls do this? If your man cheats on you. It's your man cheating on you. Why do they never do anything to the guy? Why do these guys seek me when there already taken? And then I start to think, why did I attract Bobby and Marques?
I'm not the type of girls that seeks out guys and likes to cause trouble. I have alot of male friends and I'm not as sensitive and needy as most girls. I am very strong, confident and fun and boys warm to me alot. BUT when I knock down the thorn covered walls, the first thing Bobby and Marques tried to do is knock my confidence. It didn't really work, it just pissed me off and they get annoyed that I don't fall head over heels in love and dedicate my Facebook status too them.
I haven't seen or spoken to Bobby in some months, which is great. I saw a pic of him a couple of weeks back and thought how did that give me grief? I'm genuinely surprised at a dance show he comes up to me and makes a complete scene in front of everybody making it very clear to everyone that we had dated. He had no shame. He had his arm around a girl the whole night in the rehearsal room and his girl was in the audience You know when you just want the ground to swallow you up because there's a big arrow pointing at you saying 'This is the girl who dated this psycho. No seriously. It's her right here.' I'm mortified.

All I know is Ciara did Like A Boy. Beyonce, If I were a Boy and Jessie J, Do it Like A dude. It's all a sign girls. Apparently bitchy girls keep the guy cause there uncaring attitude intrigues them.

MYSELF did get asked to do Collabo after all that waiting and we did the first ever 3 way collaboration with Alias and Innovate. I'm not gonna lie, it was a very fun time. It was so cool working with two groups and we all had so much chemistry and we done it all in ........2 weeks!!! Stefan, who is the choreographer for Innovate and I are a bit too similar. He claimed to save my life when a car was coming towards me. I saw the car and it was driving to the right of me so there was no life saving. I stand by that I think he just wanted to touch me. We performed 3 nights at Collabo which was Amazingly fun. Ashley from Diversity came. Luckily he came on the night when a crew who was mocking Diversity wasn't on. And that guy in Street Dance the movie who was in the good crew but then went to Flawless. Also Ricky or Fat Boy from EastEnders hosted as he does every year.

MYSELF'S next show is B Supreme. A show just for girls. Yay!!! Apparently me, Naomi and Jess are on the promotional flyers for the show. Hmmmm no one asked my permission.

My manager told me how his friends with a music journalist. This guy was writing a piece on Kanye West and went with him to the VMA's. Kanye doesn't drink and this guy encouraged him too and he got really drunk. It's maybe just a coincidence that he got on stage and cussed out Taylor Swift?

Realised alot of people who claim to support my writing and dancing really don't. I can count on one hand and I don't even need all my fingers the people who come to my shows. Read and follow this blog. Which is a shame because I make such an effort to support people. If you can't read a 5 min blog, how are you going to read a 400 page novel? Please.

I am proud to say I have almost finished my 2nd fiction novel and have a great idea for the 3rd so I am very excited.


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